Bigg Boss 14: Kamya Punjabi is 'shocked' as Eijaz allegedly makes Nikki wash his undergarment; Calls him crazy

Updated on Nov 03, 2020 05:44 PM IST  |  1.4M
Bigg Boss 14: Kamya Punjabi is 'shocked' as Eijaz allegedly makes Nikki wash his undergarment; Calls him crazy

Bigg Boss 14 is churning out some interesting episodes for the past few weeks. As the dynamics of the game are changing, so are the bonds among contestants. With all the high-end drama, some eye-opening moments creating controversies are bound to happen. In last night's episode of BB 14, amid the unexpected double elimination, one such incident took place that has got many tongues wagging. We're talking about a 'personal' talk between captain Eijaz Khan and Nikki Tamboli. 

It so happened that Eijaz appointed Nikki as his 'assistant' and assured her to give her 'one item' from the BB Mall for obeying his orders. As such, Nikki had to do all of Eijaz's duties. From making his protein shake to washing his utensils. Later, Nikki washes Eijaz's clothes, and the latter asks her if he has washed his 'underwears' too. While Nikki tells she has properly completed her task, Pavitra expresses her disapproval of Eijaz making a girl wash his undergarments, the actor hits back. 

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It is not clear if Eijaz was joking about it, but now Kamya Punjabi has expressed her 'shock and disgust' over Eijaz's unacceptable behaviour. She took to her Twitter handle and wrote, 'What? Did the captain make a girl wash his underwear? Did I hear the beeps correctly? I am shocked!' The actress further backed BFF Kavita Kaushik for not considering Eijaz as her friend, as he does not deserve it. Sharing the video clip from yesterday's BB 14 episode, Kamya expressed, 'Your anger and outburst were absolutely rightKavita Kaushik, this man is power crazy, now we know why you did not want to call him your friend!' 

Later, when former contestant Andy Kumar opposed Kamya and told her that Eijaz was merely poking fun at Nikki, Kamya gave him an explanation of how he went wrong on national TV. 'A joke ok, still underwear? A joke which was only between two people! This only defamed Nikki Tamboli in front of other housemates! Chalo dhulwaya nahi par shukwa toh diya! Andy, you forgot what had happened with you in our season because of a bra? 

Take a look at Kamya's tweets here: 

Meanwhile, Nishant Singh Malkhani and Kavita Kaushik were eliminated from the Bigg Boss 14 house yesterday in the double eviction. While Nishant was voted out by green zone members, Kavita received the least number of votes from the public. What are your thoughts about Eijaz and Nikki's incident? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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