Bigg Boss 14: Karanvir Bohra defends Rubina's outburst says, 'love Salman but his humour can be condescending'

9 months ago  |  13.8M
Bigg Boss 14: Karanvir Bohra defends Rubina's outburst says, 'love Salman but his humour can be condescending'

Rubina Dilaik, who is currently inside the Bigg Boss 14 house, yesterday stirred a different conversation on social media with her emotional outburst. The actress expressed her disappointment and hurt to Bigg Boss over a comment passed by Salman Khan wherein he implied Abhinav Shukla as Rubina's personal 'samaan'. Though said in jest, Rubina felt it was disrespectful and mentioned that "Salman Khan doesn't know us personally to make a personal remark." While many supported her, others mentioned that was just Salman's 'sense of humour'.

A few Twitterati even mentioned how Salman would pull Karanvir Bohra's leg in his season and that one must be able to take this all when you are a part of a show. Karanvir has now reacted to it on social media saying that while he took it sportingly, he completely understands Rubina's sentiments. He also mentioned that while he loves Salman immensely, his humour can sometimes be condescending. 

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His tweets read, "With all due respect to Salman bhai's stature as an actor/host (#BiggBoss2020) I'd like to say that, however silly a mistake you make, you don't like to be laughed at or made mockery out of in public... I love, like I really love, Salim Khan saab, Salma Aunty and Helen Aunty...we have known them for years. I have the highest respect for them, which is why I took everything sportingly in the show (#BiggBoss). It's in my culture not to speak back to elders, I've been raised that way... but my wife wasn't wrong when she wrote the open letter."

Defending Rubina, he wrote, "She felt, what any wife would feel for their husband, if @RubiDilaik 's sentiments are hurt, it's valid.. I'm not watching the show at all but I like Salman Bhai as the host of the show. It's only sometimes I find his humour a little condescending. #BiggBoss14."


Anonymous : He ruined ppl careers who spoke against him
REPLY 0 6 months ago
Anonymous : Salman khan lack moral scruples towards ppl he deem less than
REPLY 0 6 months ago
Anonymous : Boycott him and all his shows
REPLY 1 9 months ago
Anonymous : Salman is a gunda...what do you expect from these kind of people ...they wl always misuse their power to demean everyone
REPLY 1 9 months ago
Anonymous : Salman had no right to talk like this if he is host let him otherwise people will throw the same thing on him he himself thinks that he is Don my foot Salman should respect the family relationships he should mind his word
REPLY 3 9 months ago
Anonymous : I suppor Rubina in this. Had she not taken the step, Abhinav wld remain a saman for ever.
REPLY 1 9 months ago
Anonymous : I am proud of Rubina who took a stand. I am sorry to say Big Boss was unnecessarily taking salman's side If Rubina had not reacted, then what salman said about Abhinav would have remained. But since she took a stand which no one expected, Big Boss conveniently changes that comment as a joke. The matter has not ended here. Rubina has entered Salman's bad books now.
REPLY 5 9 months ago
Anonymous : Salman shouldn't hurt the sentiment of any individual..... He must keep himself or an family member in their place before passing any rude remarks. He hosts the show so well..... but due to this... people may lose interest.
REPLY 2 9 months ago
Anonymous : It's high time that someone should teach salman a lesson. He is rude and arrogant. Should be replaced soon. Don't know for how long these oldies will be on bored watching them.
REPLY 14 9 months ago
Anonymous : Just because he is hosting the show doesn't mean that he can demean anyone. He had no right to call Abhinav a saman. If he wants to joke, let him not cross the line. Will he take such things in his stride if someone jokes about his family?
REPLY 7 9 months ago
Anonymous : Trueeee
REPLY 0 9 months ago
Anonymous : Salman has no right to make fun of others as he himself can't take it in the right spirit if someone else pulls his leg. Remember Arijit Singh case!
REPLY 15 9 months ago
Anonymous : I support Rubina n Abhishek
REPLY 13 9 months ago
Anonymous : By d way it's Abhinav
REPLY 1 9 months ago
Anonymous : Salman is a goon.
REPLY 23 9 months ago
Anonymous : The world would be a tad batter if Salman Khan wasn’t in it. With all his money, can’t he just go to Mars or the moon?!
REPLY 24 9 months ago
Anonymous : Better*
REPLY 5 9 months ago
Anonymous : In that case poor people who bank on him will be left high & dry if Salman take all the money with him to other planets.
REPLY 0 9 months ago
Anonymous : If you watch Rubina in that show , you will understand she is an idiot . I mean literally mand- buddhi. When Salman called her husband her samaan what is wrong in that. Aren’t we as husbands and wives each other ‘s personal properties.? Don’t we literally belong to each other.? Then this term is often spoken out in jest of husband and wives. But this woman has a habit of making mountain out of molehill . Not out of spite mind you but because she is quick to slight even where there is none. Such people hardly have good relations with anyone even their spouses.
REPLY 20 9 months ago
Anonymous : No one is another persons property. What a weird statement to make. Maybe go find time machine and set it to medieval era. Post PV
REPLY 43 9 months ago
Anonymous : No we are nt someone's personal property doesn't matter wht relationship u share
REPLY 9 9 months ago
Anonymous : Ridiculous! Do you even hear yourself? Human beings are not properties! We don’t belong to anyone, not even our parents, leave alone spouse.....
REPLY 8 9 months ago
Anonymous : Salman Khan has jumped the shark with this show and should have been replaced ages ago. He stands there looking down his nose at people, talking down to them and champions bullies. He is condescending and rude. Post PV
REPLY 45 9 months ago
Anonymous : Good to see women standing up against these so called superstars. People and fans put them on pedestals and make themfeel like Gods. Surely Salman will be defending his stand it’s time to see how Rubina takes her stand.
REPLY 51 9 months ago
Anonymous : Rubina and Salman both are doing this show for money so if Salman insults Rubina she has the right to give him back exactly the same way.. somebody needs to show this old man a mirror he is so full of himself acts as if he ain't taking any money for the show ..
REPLY 60 9 months ago
Anonymous : An unmarried person Will not know the value of husband n wife...
REPLY 18 9 months ago