Bigg Boss 14 Live Updates: October 26 Episode Latest News and Update: Nikki, Jaan and Rahul get nominated

From Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia digging old graves while moderating a task to bonds being put at risk for becoming the first captain of Bigg Boss 14; here's all that happened in Bigg Boss 14's Day 19 (October 22, 2020) episode. Read on to know the scoops of BB 14.
Bigg Boss 14 Live Updates: October 26 Episode Latest News and Update: Nikki, Jaan and Rahul get nominatedBigg Boss 14 Live Updates: October 26 Episode Latest News and Update: Nikki, Jaan and Rahul get nominated
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Bigg Boss 14 took an unexpected 'U-turn' yesterday as the seniors Hina Khan, Sidharth Shukla, and Gauahar Khan exited the house. As Sidharth's team lost, Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia were also asked to pack their bags and leave. But later, in another shocking twist, Eijaz, and Pavitra returned as 'red zone' contestants. Situations certainly changed as Bigg Boss introduced the first captaincy task, leaving contestants going all out against each other. After Nishant emerged as the first captain of the house, it is time to welcome the first wild card contestants of the house. 

11: 45 PM: House goes against Rahul over the topic of nepotism. Eijaz and Pavitra are given the opportunity to nominate one person in total whom they want to evict. Rahul, Nikki, Jaan are nominated for the week with Eijaz and Pavitra who are already nominated. Kavita has been given the opportunity to save one contestant from nomination. Kavita votes for Eijaz to save him from the nominations.

11:30 PM: Break

11:15 PM: The nomination task begins. Contestants have to nominate two people whom they want to see out of the house. Kavita is immuned because she is the captain. Eijaz and Pavitra too are immuned because they are already in the red zone. 

11:05 PM: Nikki and Jaan try to patch up while others speak about how Jaan is being naive. Nikki laughs about making fool of Jaan by telling him lies while speaking to Rahul. She tells Rahul that she is sure Jaan will tell all of this to his other friends. Rubina tells Kavita why Jaan will be left heartbroken. 

10:55 PM: It is another day in the BB house. Kavita guides Jaan to make up with Nikki. Nikki tells Jaan to play independently. Jasmin, Abhinav tell Kavita that Rahul wastes a lot of food. Rubina joins the conversation and tells Rahul that they are not here to serve people.

10:45 PM: Naina tells Jasmin about whatever is being told about her in the outside world. Rubina explains to Kavita that Nikki is trying to instigate people and nothing more. Nikki tells Pavitra the way she is going to disregard rules so Kavita loses her captaincy. Abhinav tried to explain it to Nikki why she shouldn’t poke him too much. Abhinav and Rubina lock horns with Nikki over bedroom duties. 

10:43 PM: Kavita schools Shardul for breaking rules. She later also raps Pavitra for breaking rules. Pavitra and Kavita get into a spat over the smoking room rule break. Kavita reads out the rules from the book for the smoking room for everyone and especially for Shardul and Pavitra. 

10:30 PM: Kavita speaks to Eijaz about his fight with Pavitra and the latter speaks to her about how he felt very bad about Pavitra nominating Eijaz during the nomination task. Kavita takes over the captaincy task and informs everyone of the duties. Shardul mocks Kavita in front of Eijaz and Pavitra. Nikki taunts Nishant over him being revoked from captaincy. The two have a spat over the same.

October 25: 

10: 30 PM: Naina teases Jaan with Nikki. Kavita tells Pavitra and Eijaz that they look hot together. In the bedroom, Nikki and Rahul discuss pulling up their socks in the game. Late in the night, Pavitra and Eijaz plan to make their place in the green zone again, as the game has now begun. 

10: 25 PM: Salman leaves after turning the tables, and the new freshers step into the BB 14 house. Kavita, Naina, and Shardul receive a warm welcome from the housemates. The housemates discuss the new changes and situations in the house. Nikki and Jaan talk about Nikki's behavioral changes. Pavitra gets emotional about meeting her good friend Shardul. Naina and Shardul decide their beds. Kavita tells Eijaz that it looked like he is trying to 'copy' Sidharth Shukla, but he denies. Kavita talks about Rubina's over-reaction and insecurity about Salman's joke on Abhinav (the samaan comment).

10: 20 PM: Salman gives the housemates the power to choose one new fresher (Kavita, Shardul, and Naina) to put in the red zone. Salman declares that both Naina and Shardul have got 'four' votes to the red zone. However, Salman says 'scene paltega' as Kavita gets only one vote from Rubina. 

10: 10 PM: Salman then tells that the contestants again messed up the game with the screen tag task. He talks about the task with them, and then introduces the wild card entries as the 'weekend panel.' Kavita, Naina, and Shardul then decide which contestant deserves which time tag. Eijaz and Pavitra get the 23 min tag, Rubina gets the 17-minute tag, Jasmin gets the 9-minute tag, Nikki gets the 5-minute tag, Jaan gets the 3-minute tag, while Rahul gets the 2-minute tag. Nishant gets 1. 5 minutes tag, while Abhinav gets  30 seconds tag. Salman then introduces Kavita, Naina, and Shardul as the 'new freshers.' Pavitra and Eijaz are super happy with the wild card entrants. 

10: 20 PM: Salman gives the housemates the power to choose one new fresher (Kavita, Shardul, and Naina) to put in the red zone. Salman declares that both Naina and Shardul have got 'four' votes to the red zone. However, Salman says 'scene paltega' as Kavita gets only one vote from Rubina. 

10: 00 PM: According to the game, the housemates have to rank themselves mutually deciding how much 'footage (screen time)' they give. Eijaz feels he deserves 23 minutes, but the housemates disagree. Next, Pavitra tells she deserves the 17 minutes tag, but she gets a 9-minute tag. Jaan demands the 9-minute tag, but he gets 3 minutes. Rahul says he should get the 9-minute tag, but the inmates disapprove. Nikki, then, shares why she deserves the 23 minutes tag, but there are differences. Later, Bigg Boss announces that the time to play is out, and asks contestants to wear whichever tag they feel is for them. Abhinav then snatches away most of the higher time limit tag. 

9: 50 PM: Salman then makes Shardul meet his 'good friend' Karan Patel and his wifey Ankita through a video call. Karan then reveals a catchphrase he taught Shardul - Hamam mein nange tamam,' which leaves Salman in splits. The duo then wishes both Shardul and Kavita all the best for the game. Salman then asks Shardul to join Kavita and Naina. The host then informs about a task given to the inmates. 

9: 40 PM: Salman then welcomes third wild card contestant RJ and host Shardul Pandit on stage. Shardul shares about his COVID-19 anxiety, his joblessness, journey, and career. He talks about how the lockdown made his financial situation difficult to survive. Salman then makes Shardul meet Naina and Kavita, calling them the 'new freshers.' Salman then plays the BBQ game with Shardul. He then flirts with Naina and recalls their past hosting experience together. Shardul is a big fan of Kavita and praises her. Kavita finds him entertaining, Naina takes offense at Shardul's words. Salman and Kavita then poke fun at them. 

9: 30 PM: Salman gets chatty with Kavita and Naina. Kavita talks about his father's journey and how it has inspired her. Salman tells Kavita that he is a 'big fan' of her, and she is the best lady cop onscreen. Naina talks about her love life, and shares that she does not find any boy appealing in the BB 14 house. Kavita feels that everyone is over-prepared. She talks about Eijaz and Pavitra and thought they were acting like Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz., and later though the duo would actually kiss. Salman then takes the two beauties BBQ test, and Naina wins the game. 

9: 20 PM: Nora and Guru then teach the housemates the hook step of 'Nach Meri Rani' to the inmates, and everybody dances to the tunes. Nora then challenges the boys to do the 'Garmi' hook step, leaving everyone in splits. Nora then recalls Salman doing the Garmi step in BB 13 and praises him. The duo then warns the housemates about an unexpected upcoming storm, leaving them shocked. Salman then finally reveals the truth bomb and welcomes two wild card contestants of the season - Kavita Kaushik and Naina Singh. Kavita makes a grand entry dancing to a peppy song, followed by Naina grooving to 'Babuji dheere chalo.' The two beauties then dance to 'Sara Zamana.'  

9: 10 PM: Salman reveals two wild card entries, but there's a twist. Special guests Nora Fatehi and Guru Randhawa who make a smashing entry with their last song 'Naach Meri Rani.' Salman welcomes Nora and Guru, he recalls Nora's stay in Bigg Boss 9 house. Nora meets the housemates, and then asks the boys 'who is the rani of their life.' Rahul takes Nikki's name, but she disagrees. Eijaz takes chance and flirts with Nora. Then, Salman pulls Pavitra's leg. Jaan takes Nikki's name, and Guru and Nora assume there's a 'love triangle.' Jaan, Rahul, and Guru then sing songs, Salman also joins them. 

9:00 PM: The Weekend Ka Vaar episode begins with Salman Khan entering the stage on 'Dhol Baje' and greeting everyone, and wishes fans a 'Happy Dussehra.' Salman again taps the topic of 'Buzzer kisne dabaya?' He pokes fun at Jasmin Bhasin aka Television's Katrina Kaif for doing regular duties while things go haywire in the house. He also questions Jasmin about not standing up for herself during the captaincy task. Salman asks Rubina where Jasmin falling weak in the game, but Jasmin herself shares her views. Rubina feels Jasmin will put her point of view when she has self-realization. 

October 24

10:48 PM: Nishant asks Jaan to be clear of his game regarding Nikki and he seems to be taking two stands. Later, Abhinav and Jasmin discusses Jaan's recent flip.

10:44 PM: Nishant says he sees loneliness and sadness in Rahul's eyes and the latter says he sees Nishant as a feeble person who just pretends to respect everyone. Later Jasmin and Abhinav ask Eijaz why has he created a barrier around him which is hiding his true personality. To this Eijaz replies that he is like that only.

10: 27 PM: The next pair is Jaan and Nikki. Jaan feels there is a lot of anger in Nikki's eyes along with a lot of attitudes, while Nikki feels all she sees is betrayal and lies

10:24 PM: Divya Khosla Kumar enters Bigg Boss house and comes up with a new task wherein the housemates will be divided into pairs and will have to gaze into each other's eyes. The first couple is Eijaz and Pavitra. Eijaz talks about he could see love and hatred both in Pavitra's eye. On the other hand, Pavitra feels she could see a cute child in Eijaz eyes who is always ready to fight

10:21 PM: Kavita Kaushik happens to be the caller of the week and asks Eijaz why is he being doubtful about his game. However, Eijaz feels that he is trying to give his best in the game.

10:15 PM: Jaan tries to explain his point to Nikki, but the latter is mighty disappointed and refuses to listen to him. Meanwhile, Pavitra asks Nikki to be aware of Rahul and not to trust him. On the other hand, Nikki claims that Jaan has managed to survive till the third week because of seniors. However, Pavitra opines that he managed to survive because of Nikki.

09:55 PM: Rahul defends himself and he doesn't understand the changing equations in the house. He said that he means whatever he said and don't apologise for something just for the heck of it. Rahul and Nikki then discuss how Jaan had flipped in the show, and the singer promised her to be on her side throughout the game. On the other hand, Jaan is upset with Rahul on making a team with Nikki, but Rahul avoids a conversation with him.

09:47 PM: Housemates confronts Jaan and the atmosphere turns intense. While Nishant slams him for creating differences between him and Rubina, Nikki is upset with Jaan for not supporting her. Furthermore, Salman asks housemates if anyone can trust Rahul Vaidya blindly and no one come out in his support. He then askes the freshers about their reasons for not trusting the former Indian Idol singer. Jaan and Pavitra share their respective views in the matter

09:39 PM: Salman quizzes about Nikki's true friends in the house and soon the discussion moves to how the contestants have been changing sides and friends in a fraction of seconds. 

09:34 PM: The next to come on Salman's radar was Jaan as the superstar questioned him for ditching Nikki at the last moment and make an alliance with Nishant's team. Nikki also expresses her disappointment over the same. 

09:23 PM: Salman then talks about the chaos over 'buzzer kisne bajaya' and teases fans over the same. He questions freshers about following the footsteps of the seniors and note playing their own game.

09:13 PM: Salman interacts with Eijaz and Pavitra about their stay in danger zone. He also speaks to Rubina and Abhinav and speaks about the actress' comment about him. He clarifies his statement about calling Abhinav a samaan and gives Rubina a reality check.

09:10 PM: Salman Khan extends wishes for Navratri and Dussehra and urges the audience to stay indoors in wake of COVID 19 pandemic.

09:00 PM: Preeti and Pinky enter Bigg Boss house for Navratri celebration and the housemates are elated to have them with them. The housemates flaunt their dandiya skills as they groove to Preeti Pinky's tunes

1:30 PM: Kavita Kaushik and Naina Singh to enter Bigg Boss 14 as wild card entries

This weekend, Bigg Boss 14 is all set to witness a dhamakedar twist as the show will witness its first wild card entries of the season. As per the promo, Kavita Kaushik and Naina Singh will be seen entering the popular reality show as wild card contestants and are expected to be the game changer. In fact, the ladies will be seen setting the stage on fire with their sizzling performance during the Weekend Ka Vaar.

12:00 PM: Salman Khan to play cupid between Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia

Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia's love-hate relationship has always been one interesting element of Bigg Boss 14 and there is no denial to it. And now Salman Khan will be seen playing the role of a cupid between the two. In the upcoming episode, Salman will ask Eijaz and Pavitra to sit face to face and look into each other's eyes romantically. This will certainly change the atmosphere in the house and likely to change Eijaz and Pavitra's perception about each other.

11:00 AM: Salman Khan exposes Jaan Sanu in front of housemates

Jaan Sanu, who has been making claims about being a true friend to Nikki Tamboli, is all set to witness a big jolt during the Weekend Ka Vaar as host Salman Khan will be exposing his true face to the housemates. He will reveal how Jaan had changed sides during the captaincy task and had plans to ditch Nikki and Rahul during the task. This revelation is certainly leaving Nikki shocked.

11:35 PM: Pavitra gets angry at Rahul for character assassinating her for favouring Abhinav. Pavitra calls Rahul ‘neech’.

11:40 PM: Pavitra cries her heart out to Rubina as the latter consoles her. Everyone supports Pavitra while Rahul is isolated. Jasmin tries to cheer up Pavitra in her own way. 

11:45 PM: Bigg Boss tells the contestants that they will celebrate Navratri inside the house. Nikki and Rubina are given the dandiya challenge. Rubina and Abhinav and Nikki and Jaan dance to a dandiya number which is recorded by Rahul. The contestants will then decide who won the challenge. 

11:55 PM: Contestants get to celebrate Navratri in the presence of Preeti Pinky. Nikki gets to decide which two contestants will be excluded from the occasion.

11:20 PM: Bigg Boss reprimands Nishant for unable to fulfill his duty as the captain and for defying rules himself. Explaining that, his captaincy is taken back. 

11: 30 PM: Rubina, Abhinav, Jasmin console Nishant over losing captaincy. Later, Rubina and Abhinav discuss why did Nikki not brief Nishant on the rules of captain since she watched all the seasons.

10:50 PM: Nikki and Nishant talk their differences out where the latter tells that he is not friends with any other group but he has no problem with anyone. 

10:55 PM: Next day begins with contestants waking up with the Radha song. Pavitra bitches about Nikki and the gang, Eijaz with Rubina and Abhinav. Contestants discuss the nominations and whom will they nominate this week. Jaan says that he will nominate Rubina and Abhinav. Jaan later sings a song for Nikki making them the first couple whose love story is being talked about inside the house. Nishant and Jaan discuss that Rahul should be put in the red zone next. 

11:06 PM: Nikki, Jaan, and Nishant tell Rahul they don’t trust him and feel he can betray anytime. Later, Rubina, Abhinav, and Jasmin discuss how are the others discussing nominations when it is not allowed.

10:30 PM: The episode starts with Nikki Tamboli crying her hearts out while Jaan trying to pacify her over the captaincy task. Pavitra speaks for Nikki while Nishant tries to explain his stand to her. Nishant and Pavitra get into an argument over Nikki not being elected as the captain. Rubina and Jasmin try to make Nishant understand that there is no point in speaking with Nikki. 

10:35 PM: Rubina tells Nishant to use his powers as captain to get Nikki out of the red zone area. Nishant then tells Nikki that he will have to punish her if she doesn’t come out. As part of the punishment, Nikki’s luggage will be locked inside the BB mall for a week. 

10:40 PM: Rahul mocks Nishant in front of Nikki, Pavitra and Eijaz. Jaan tries to ask Nishant if this decision was his or was influenced. 

10:45 PM: Nishant tells Bigg Boss that he wants to speak to him. Abhinav tells Rubina to not suggest too much to Nishant and let him take his decisions.

October 23 

9:50 am: Sargun Mehta extends support to recently eliminated Bigg Boss 14 contestant Shehzad Deol; Calls it unfair and biased. 

Shehzad Deol became the second contestant to be eliminated after Sara Gurpal. After Shehzad's sudden eviction, many viewers of Bigg Boss 14 and his fans were left disheartened. The seniors Hina Khan, Gauhar Khan, and Sidharth Shukla had the power to eliminated one nominated contestant after the freshers failed to come to a consensus. The seniors voted against him, resulting in his elimination. 

Now, after his fans, TV actress, Sargun Mehta, who shares a great bond with Shehzad has come out in his support. Sargun has called the decision of Shehzad's elimination unfair and biased. She took to her Instagram story and wrote, 'Shehzad your Bigg Boss journey started off with quite a bang as you were seen to be one of the strong contenders, but has unfortunately ended on a very biased and unfair note which is upsetting for us all, including your fans who have voted to no end! Though you have been a good sport and very strong through it all, and with the way you have taken things well in your stride, it's going to take you places in life.'

10: 30 am: Anita Hassanandani OPENS UP on Bigg Boss season 14 

Anita Hassanandani, who was last seen in Naagin 4, does not seem to be impressed by Bigg Boss 14. The actress recently took to her Twitter handle to express her opinions on the ongoing season of Salman Khan's show and shared how she does not find it interesting. Anita wrote, 'Bigg Boss 14 mein voh baat nahi. Hoping for it to get better.' The expecting mother's former Naagin 4 co-star Jasmin Bhasin is a contestant in BB 14 and is touted to be a strong player. 

11:30 am: Pavirta and Rahul lock horns, Former has an emotional breakdown 

Pavitra and Rahul will get into an ugly war of words, as the former will question the singer about his personal remarks on her. Pavitra will ask Rahul on what basis did he claim that she has a crush on Abhinav, to which he gives a vague answer. The tempers will fly as Pavitra calls Rahul a 'neech insaan,' and will threaten to smash him, for demeaning her. She will get emotional as Rahul indirectly character assassinated her, while the latter feels that everyone is ganging up against him now. 

12:30 pm: Shehzad Deol REVEALS groups are formed against Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin in BB 14 house 

Shehzad Deol, the second eliminated contestant from Bigg Boss 14 house, recently spoke to Pinkvilla about his journey. During the chat, he revealed that groups have been formed against Rubina and Jasmin in the house, and other inmates will target them in the coming days. 'If they keep the housemates voting going, Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin will get evicted in the next two weeks, because there are groups against them inside the house,' said Shehzad. 

03:00pm: Bigg Boss house to witness grand Navratri celebrations tonight; Housemates to play dandiya

As the nation is celebrating the festival of Navratri, even the Bigg Boss makers didn't lack behind to show off the festive zeal. In the upcoming episode, the housemates will be getting a surprise as singers Preeti Pinky will enter the house. In the promo, the housemates were quite excited to see new guests in the house. As per the promo, Bigg Boss 14 will be witnessing a dhamakedar dandiya night with the housemates dancing to Preeti Pinky's songs and enjoying the festive vibe.

October 22 

10:30 pm: The episode begins with Pavitra and Eijaz continuing their verbal spat. The two dig old graves, as they talk about their past differences. The situation gets heated as they raise their voices, get abusive. While Eijaz claims that Rubina was the last one to come out of the house, Pavitra is adamant that Abhinav was the last one. Eijaz and Pavitra fight, Nishant and Jaan plot to go against Nikki as they feel she does not deserve to take the captain's seat. Later, Nishant, Abhinav, and Rubina plan to not let Rahul and Nikki win the task in any circumstances. 

10: 45 pm: Nikki tells Pavitra that if she does not come to conclusion with Eijaz, then the task will get radh 'cancelled' by Bigg Boss. While Nikki tries to put her point, Eijaz and Pavitra pay no heed. On the other hand, Jaan and Nishant continue to plot against others for their benefits. Later, in the kitchen area, Abhinav and Rubina are seen talking about Eijaz and Pavitra's unfair sanchalan. Rahul then tells Nishant that he is 'okay' to see him as a captain if he is not the one to take the seat. Later, Jasmin approaches to Pavitra to decide with Eijaz, if not, it may so happen that they may have to face the consequences. 

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10:50 pm: Bigg Boss then intervenes to taunts Eijaz and Pavitra for coming to a conclusion and then exclude both Jasmin and Abhinav from the race of captaincy. Jasmin seems unhappy with Bigg Boss' decision to debar her and Abhinav. Abhinav and Rubina also blame Eijaz for their exclusion from the captaincy task. Eijaz and Pavitra put Jasmin and Abhinav's dolls in the fire station, and the second round of the task begins. Though Rubina comes out last, she does not have any doll with her, so Rahul becomes Eijaz and Pavitra's target. While the sanchalaks' say that Rahul has come out last, he opposes their decision. Nikki also calls out Eijaz and Pavitra for not helping her as Rahul had her doll. 

11:00 pm: Pavitra changes her mind after Rahul's explanation, and says Rubina, whose doll was still in the dollhouse, should be disqualified. Amidst this, Nikki talks to Jaan and Rahul that she 'wants' to become the captain, and if they are not ready to help her, then she is ready to give up in this round only. Eijaz and Pavitra discuss, and they go on to tell Rubina that she has to disqualified, and her doll will have to be put in the fire station. Rubina, Abhinav, and Jasmin oppose Eijaz and Pavitra's call. Nikki tells Pavitra and Eijaz that even if they save her now, her team is not standing by her, and their efforts will go in vain. The South Indian actress further states that since she has seen their 'true colours' but Pavitra explains situations to her. 

11:10 pm: Nikki tells Rubina that she is opting out of the game as her 'friends are fake.' Nishant, Jaan, and Rahul lose their cool as Nikki calls them 'fake.' Jaan is 'hurt' by Nikki's behaviour, and expresses his anger. Eijaz and Pavitra give the final call and tell Rubina that she is in the game, but Abhinav and Rubina are pissed by their 'confusions.' As the third round begins, Jaan says that he does not want to win the captaincy, as he disheartened by Nikki calling them 'fake friends.' While Nikki sheds tears, Pavitra consoles her. Jaan loudly opines that he now does not want to clear differences with Nikki anymore. Round 3 begins, Rahul and Rubina are left with each other's dolls, but refuse to step out of the house. Nishant and Rahul get into a war of words, as the latter feels betrayed. While Jasmin tells Jaan to keep his cool, Nikki continues to shed tears. Amidst all this, Rubina and Rahul stay in the dollhouse, as they don't want to lose their golden chance. 

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11:20 pm: Rubina and Rahul are still in the dollhouse, other contestants talk about the changing dynamics. Nikki opens her heart out to Pavitra, and how bad she is feeling about Jaan and Nishant's betrayal. After a long time, Rahul comes out of the dollhouse, and Pavirta embraces him. However, Nikki seems unhappy with Rahul's decision to give up. In the fourth round Rubina's doll is out and she is disqualified. The final round is between Jaan and Nishant,  and the former willfully give Nishant the opportunity to become the first captain of the task. Bigg Boss announces Nishant as the first captain of Bigg Boss 14. Later, Nikki goes to Jaan to sort out their differences. 

11.30 pm: The first captain Nishant gets new luxuries from Bigg Boss including a bedroom, VIP bathroom. Along with this, he has to control the house and the red zone. Only Nishant will be able to use the BB Mall and Spa. Later, Jaan is seen missing his father Kumar Sanu and talks about Nikki's turnaround in front of Nishant. Next, Nikki and Rahul again talk about their bonds and team. Nikki again gets emotional, as Rahul tries to console her, but she keeps on crying. Later, while shedding tears, Nikki goes to meet Pavitra in the red zone. Jaan enters the red zone for Nikki and hugs her as he tries to convince her. Nikki shares that she is 'hurt' by Nishant, Jaan, and Rahul, and does not want to listen to them. On the other hand, Nishant is not liking Jaan again getting manipulative by Nikki. 

11: 40 pm: Jasmin and Rubina suggest Nishant to keep a decent equation with Nikki, as if she does not work (perform), it will affect his captaincy. Nikki keeps crying and asks Jaan to leave the red zone, but he does not listen. Later, captain Nishant tries to get both Jaan and Nikki out of the red zone, as it is against the rules. Bigg Boss intervenes ordering Nishant to let Jaan and Nikki out of the red zone. However, Nikki shows her childish side and does not listen to Nishant. On the other hand, Rubina tells Jasmin that Nikki is playing a smart game, and using her emotional card to influence others.

11:45 pm: The episode ends with Nishant and Nikki discussing the task. Nikki says that she was wrong to keep expectations from them, but he defends himself that it was a 'team decision.' 

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