BB 14 Live Updates: October 30 Episode Latest News and Update: Rubina, Jasmin, Nishant, Kavita get nominated

All the Bigg Boss 14 contestants except Naina Singh will fight against each other to be the new captain of the house. Here's all that happened in Bigg Boss 14 house tonight. Read on to know the scoops of BB 14.
Here's all that happened in the Bigg Boss 14 house on October 30 (2020) BB 14 Live Updates: October 30 Episode Latest News and Update: Rubina, Jasmin, Nishant, Kavita get nominated
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After the first two aggressive rounds, the captaincy task 'BB world tour' will continue today in the Bigg Boss 14 house. kavita Kaushik, Rubina Dilaik and Naina Singh have been out of the game. Eijaz Khan, Abhinav Shukla, andShardul Pandit will try to save their travel bags from red zone members Jaan Kumar Sanu, Rahul Vaidya, Pavitra Punia, and Nikki Tamboli. Naina Singh is the sanchalak (moderator) of the captaincy task. 

October 30, 2020 (written update): 

11: 50 PM: Jasmin and Nishant talk about eliminations. Nikki expresses her angst again Rahul for his unacceptable behaviour. Jaan calls Rahul cheap. Nikki plans to clear out things with Rahul in front of everyone, and show him his place, and call out his 'disrespect' towards others. Nikki feels that Jasmin and Rubina were right that Rahul is a 'ghatiya' aadmi. 

11: 40 PM: Eijaz opens his heart to Pavitra about their equation. Pavitra tells that she is attached to him, while he says that he is not in the BB 14 house for love. Later in the night, Bigg Boss gives Jaan, Shardul, and Abhinav the 'Garnier Men challenge' task. The task begins with the boys clearing the obstacles. Jaan is the first one to take tasks, followed by Abhinav and Shardul. As Shardul takes a lot of time, Bigg Boss asks Abhinav and others to help him. Jaan Kumar Sanu becomes the winner of the Garnier Men Challenge and wins a hamper.

11: 30 PM: After Pavitra lashes out at Abhinav, Kavita tells that she keeps yelling, while Rubina says that she is doing it for footage. Pavitra is hurt by the red zone members' behaviour and sheds tears. Nishant, Jasmin, Rubina call the previous red zone contestants (Pavitra, Nikki, Eijaz, Jaan, and Rahul) 'janwar' aka animals.  Later, in the afternoon, Eijaz flaunts his abs, leaving Pavitra blushing. Kavita feels Eijaz is obsessed with himself, and the show. Nikki and Jaan get flirty, and Kavita calls them fake. 

11: 20 PM: The next morning, the housemates wake up to the 'Sauda Khara Khara' song as they groove with enthusiasm. Eijaz goes to the red zone to ask Jasmin if everything is 'okay.' Jasmin replies in a sour tone and asks him to not do things for formality. Kavita and Rubina call Eijaz double dholki. Jasmin says that Pavitra has started playing a new track 'Mein prem ki deewani hu,' and others agree. In the kitchen area, Eijaz and Shardul get all goofy and have fun. Nishant says that Eijaz is acting like a villainous politician. Later, Pavitra and Nishant get into a spat on some of her clothes that are still in the red zone. 

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11: 10 PM: Pavitra talks about Kavita's advice regarding Eijaz and her equation as she gets chatty with Nikki. However, Pavitra does not buy Kavita's suggestion and feels it was unnecessary as she is not a college student anymore. On the other hand, Kavita also discusses Eijaz and Pavitra's equation with Rubina, Jasmin, and others. She also talks about how Eijaz ruined a beautiful relationship in his past. Shardul and Eijaz also get chatty about his personal life and reveals that he had undergone therapy for his bad past. Eijaz reveals that he took decisions during the task only because of loyalty, and is not happy to send Kavita and Jasmin in the red zone. Nishant talks about Jaan's friendship and how he backstabs his pals. He further adds that Jaan is a 'hopeless' person and does not have a brain.

11:00 PM: After a lot of heated discussions, Eijaz gives his decision. Though Eijaz feels that Rubina is a strong player, but keeping his humanity intact, he wants Pavitra to be in the green zone. The task ends. The nominated contestants for the week are Rubina, Jasmin, Nishant, Kavita. The new red zone members are disappointed with Eijaz's unfair decision. 

10:50 PM: Nishant talks to Eijaz and calls him the 'biggest fraud.' Nishant, Rahul, and Jaan get chatty. Jaan advises Rahul to not pass personal comments on garments or clothes. In the red zone, Jasmin opposes Eijaz's decision to save Rahul. Nishant states that Eijaz is making a 'team' for his convenience, as he is not strong enough to play alone. Kavita and Pavitra talk about Eijaz, and Kavita calls Eijaz 'mad' during the game. Kavita advises Pavitra to not get used by Eijaz. The two ladies have a heart-to-heart talk. Lastly, Pavitra nominates Rubina and taunts her for bringing up the topic of 'violence (hinsa)' unnecessarily. Rubina tries to clarify her stance, she blasts Pavitra for 'betraying' her and Abhinav during the captaincy task. 

10: 40 PM: Nikki and Jaan tease Eijaz with Pavitra, but he clarifies that he has no romantic feelings for her. Nikki advises Eijaz to clear this matter with Pavitra. In the red zone, Nishant talks about how situations changed so soon. Next, Rahul nominates Jasmin, sharing his strengths to be in the show. He also targets Jasmin and her friends (Rubina, Abhinav) picking unnecessary fights. He also expresses his disappointment with the words that Jasmin used for him during the task, and also abused him. Jasmin comes out in her defense, stating that she is real in the house and performs duties and tasks on point. She also talks about her fight with Rahul during the captaincy task. Eijaz takes the call to support Rahul and send Jasmin into the red zone. 

10:30 PM: The episode begins with Eijaz Khan expressing his anger over Kavita's sharp words. Eijaz is angry and upset over Kavita's allegations of him 'using' her for fame and his career. On the other hand, Kavita talks to Abhinav and Rubina about Eijaz not having any friends during his successful career in the industry. While Nikki, Naina, and Shardul try to calm Eijaz down, he gets emotional and sheds tears. Later, the tabadla task resumes with Jaan nominating Nishant. Jaan expresses his fury over Nishant's take during the recent captaincy task. Nishant clarifies his stance saying that he was always on his side, but he did not understand. The two get into a heated argument. Within moments Eijaz shares his opinion on the two, and presses the swap button, sending Nishant in Jaan's place in the red zone. 

October 29, 2020 (written update): 

11: 45 PM: Eijaz expresses his anger over Kavita's 'used me' comment, and says that he does not need anyone for success. Naina, Nishant, and Nikki try to understand his point of view. The episode ends. 

11: 25 PM: Abhinav, Rubina, Nishant talk to Kavita about the other teams game plan, and how Eijaz is wrong. Bigg Boss announces the first 'tabadla' task Eijaz gets a 'big responsibility'.  The red zone members will get a chance to save themselves from nominations and nominate the green zone contestants for their benefit. They have to prove why they are better than the green zone contender, and why he or she is more deserving. The final call for 'swapping aka switching' will be with Eijaz. The task begins with Nikki and she nominates Kavita. Nikki calls Kavita not interesting and alleges that she did not use her brain during the task. Kavita defends herself. Eijaz is hurt by Kavita questioning his friendship and says that he has not 'used' Kavita. Kavita and Eijaz get personal. After a lot of discussion, Eijaz sends Kavita to the red zone and saves Nikki. Eijaz gets emotional about Kavita's sharp words, and sheds tears. Nikki consoles him. 

11: 10 PM: The housemates wake up to the peppy number 'Zingaat.' Kavita and Shardul bury their differences, Nikki and Rahul call her a split personality. Kavita regrets her fight with Eijaz and confesses about the same in a chat with Naina. Jasmin and Rubina talk about the groups that have been formed in the house. Eijaz asks Jaan, Nikki, and others to be a group and play as a team. Jasmin talks to Shardul about Rahul and her fight. She reveals that she is very affected by whatever happened, and cannot take that thought from her mind. She again sheds tears. Abhinav, Rubina talk to Kavita about Eijaz's game plan and say that he has not a man of his words. 

11: 00 PM: Shardul and Pavitra have a heart-to-heart talk. Kavita continues ranting, taunts Eijaz for triggering her repeated. She abuses her and walks off out, screaming. Kavita is 'pissed and irritated' with Eijaz's captaincy within some hours. Kavita reveals her friendship with Eijaz outside the house. Pavitra fumes with anger over Kavita's unexpected behaviour. Their drama continues, and Jasmin tries to lighten the moment with a joke. Later in the night, Abhinav, Rubina, talk to Kavita about her spat with Eijaz, and she reveals their equation outside the house. 

10: 50 PM: Kavita taunts Eijaz for having an attitude after becoming the captain, while she tries to talk to him. However, Eijaz tries to clarify his stance. Kavita and Eijaz then talk about their misunderstanding. Later, Kavita asks Pavitra if she 'actually has true feelings' for Eijaz, and she confesses. Nikki, Jaan, Kavita tease Eijaz. Kavita then talks to Eijaz about Pavitra's feelings and asks him to give her a chance. However, Eijaz says that he does not want to get the 'love angle' here and focus on the game. Later, in the night, Kavita and Eijaz get into an ugly verbal spat, as the new captain kept asking Kavita to adhere to the rules. Kavita asks Eijaz to leave her alone and not trigger him. Pavitra, Jaan, and Nikki are agitated over Kavita's double-faced nature. Eijaz keeps his cool and understands that people breakdown. Rubina and Abhinav discuss Eijaz, Kavita's fallout, and feel that it was staged.  

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10: 40 PM: Rahul apologizes to Jaan and reveals that he did not know that his parents were separated. Rahul says 'I'm sorry Jaan,' and forgives him. Jasmin opens her heart out to Rubina and expresses that she is scared. Next, Bigg Boss asks Naina whose bag was out of the red zone, and she takes Eijaz's name. Eijaz Khan becomes the captain of the house. Nikki, Jaan, and Rahul express happiness. Pavitra embraces Eijaz warmly for winning the captainship. Then, Eijaz discusses house duties with Kavita, Abhinav, Rubina, and others. The green zones members discuss the 'partiality' that happened in the task. Naina expresses her disappointment with housemates blaming her for being unfair.  

10: 30 PM: The episode begins with contestants continuing the captaincy. Rahul snatches away Eijaz's bag, Abhinav tries to convince him, and Naina taunts him for following the rules. On the other, Pavitra puts in all force to take away Shardul's bag.  Later, Rahul and Pavitra plan to target Abhinav together, as Rubina yells that Abhinav is the 'clear winner' and is the captain of the house. Rahul and Naina get into a tiff over rules. As Rahul and Pavitra attack Abhinav, Nishant tries to protect him. Bigg Boss reprimands Naina for moderating the task, not being a part of it. Rahul and Pavitra apply force on Abhinav, drag him to snatch away the bag. As Abhinav fights the two, and Bigg Boss clarifies that once the bag is out of the basket, it belongs to the red zone members. Pavitra loses cool over Runbina's allegations of violence. Abhinav and others ask Naina to be 'fair.' Abhinav and Eijaz get into an argument. Later, Pavitra expresses her anger over the 'upbringing' comment. 

October 28, 2020 (written update): 

12:00 AM: The round begins with Abhinav, Shardul, and Eijaz fighting for the captaincy at last. Since Rahul, Pavitra, Jaan, and Nikki decide to support Eijaz; Pavitra, and Rahul 'attack' Abhinav. They get into an aggressive tiff as they try to snatch his bag. Naina and Rubina call out Rahul and Pavitra's violent actions. The episode ends with their battle.

11: 50 PM: Nikki plays the game and wisely takes away Abhinav's bag while everyone is chilling in the room, Naina objects to her move. Abhinav taunts Nikki that she should use her brain. However, Bigg Boss orders Nikki to keep Abhinav's bag back. Pavitra clarifies in front of Abhinav that she is supporting Eijaz this time. The green zone contestants plot to get the game in their favour and go against Eijaz, Rahul and others. 

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11: 40 PM: Rahul tries to snatch away Kavita's bag, but she manages to save it. Abhinav tries to convince Rahul to help him be the captain, and he will return the favour. Kavita adds a dose of entertainment and with her mimicry skills. Rahul Vadiya takes away Rubina's bag, while Jaan snatches Kavita's bag. Jaan sheds tears as he cannot betray Eijaz Khan. Nishant, Naina and Abhinav are upset with Jaan's move of not taking Eijaz's bag. 

11: 30 PM: The task begins and the contestants looked very enthusiastic. Bigg Boss reprimands Jaan and informs him about hurting the Marathi community over his comment two days ago. The singer sincerely apologizes for hurting the Marathi people's sentiments. 

11: 20 PM: Nikki reveals to Eijaz that Pavitra likes her and is emotionally attached to him. Nikki suggests him to clear it with Pavitra, as Eijaz says that he does not have 'any feelings' for her. Next, Pavitra cooks a heart-shaped roti or paratha for Eijaz for breakfast. Nikki and Jaan tease Eijaz, leaving him blushing. Later, Bigg Boss announces the beginning of the captaincy for today. However, now the red zone members will snatch away two bags at a time. Pavitra talks to Kavita about her 'aise logo ko ghar ke vahan khada nahi rakhti' comment. Kavita clears the air, and apologises to Pavitra for hurting her.  

11: 10 PM: Pavitra talks about her equation with Eijaz about Jaan, and she feels an attachment with Eijaz. Jaan tells that their bond is very pure. The next morning, contestants wake up to 'Ghungroo' song. The contestants begin planning about the captaincy task again. Later, Kavita asks Rubina to cut fruits for her, but they get into an argument. Kavita tells Rubina that she is behaving like Nikki, and dragging issues. Rubina states that it is not her task to cut fruits for her, even as a captain. Next, Jaan and Nikki lock horns over duties. Rubina is then seen discussing her spat with Kavita while chatting with Jasmin. 

11:00 PM: Rahul gets emotional over housemates targetting him, Nikki consoles him. Rahul reveals that he does not show his weak side, as people will take undue advantage of it. After shedding tears for some time, Rahul gets normal and expresses his gratitude towards Nikki. Nikki, Jaan, and Pavitra talk about the task, and how they will get saved. As Nikki and Jaan put their point of view, Pavitra walks out. Later, Eijaz suggests the red zone contenders to play together, and not fight individually. Jaan, Pavitra, and Nikki favour Eijaz and plan to make him the captain.  

10: 50 PM: The discussion about Rahul's aggression and violent behaviour continues by Jasmin. Jasmin reveals that during the buzzer task, Rahul wanted to use knives for protection. Nishant asks Rahul to clarify about this weird strategy, and he shares his stance. Jasmin and Rahul again get into a nasty verbal spat. Later, Abhinav tells Eijaz that the housemates should eliminate Rahul because he has is clearly wrong and has lost his mind. Abhinav calls Rahul's actions 'criminal.' While Rahul tries to clear his stance, Abhinav dismisses the discussion. Bigg Boss announces the end of the task for the day.   

10: 40 PM: Jasmin sobs inconsolably, as Shardul tries to console her. Nishant, Naina, and Kavita support Rahul for not giving Jasmin a 'dhamki' and doing the task. While Jasmin and Shardul continue the discussion, the red zone members continue strategizing for the game. Nikki also advises Jaan to be wise and not get influenced by Nishant. Naina blasts Jasmin for not understanding the game and wanting to play it as per her rules. The buzzer rings, and the third round begins. The red zone contestants put their best foot forward to snatch away the contestants' bags. After a lot of discussions, Nikki takes away Nishant's bag. Pavitra snatches Kavita's bag.

10.30 PM: The episode begins with Jasmin and Rahul continuing their spat. While Rahul claims that he did not give any warning to Jasmin, in a fit of anger, the actress throws water on her. Abhinav, Shardul lash out at Rahul, but he defends himself. Jasmin keeps shedding tears, while others try to calm her down. Rahul is disappointed with Jasin throwing water on him. The tiff gets ugly and Jasmin calls Rahul 'tucha.' While everyone is against Rahul, Nikki and Pavitra support him. Rahul calls the gender bias pointed out by Rubina. Naina and Kavita try to explain to Jasmin that Rahul's aggression was during the task, and it was not physical intimidation, but she refuses to buy their explanations.

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Nikki so annoying Eijaz is phsco, Pavitra is women of no Moral hunting men. What a low standard. Educated sophisticated people like Rubina Abhinav are not good enough what a cheap thinking of Big Boss. Respect them . Get rid of Phsco Nikki Pavitra cheaper