Bigg Boss 14: November 16 Written Update: Eijaz, Rubina, Nikki, Jasmin, Kavita and Jaan get 'nominated'

From Kavita Kaushik getting into nasty arguments with Aly Goni and Jaan Sanu to Aly nominating Kavita, Rubina Dilaik and Nikki Tamboli, here's all that is happening in the Bigg Boss 14 house on November 16 (2020). Read on.
Bigg Boss 14: November 16 Written Update: Eijaz, Rubina, Nikki, Jasmin, Kavita and Jaan get 'nominated'
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After Shardul Pandit's shocking elimination on Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar yesterday, the tension in the house has intensified. With the show almost reaching its mid-way, contestants are worried about their survival. Amid all this, Bigg Boss will announce the nomination task, which will send shock waves in the BB 14 house. Unlike the previous times, Aly Goni, who is the captain of the house, will be vested with some 'special powers' during the nomination task. Without further ado, let's find out what drama took place in the Bigg Boss 14 house tonight, i.e. on November 16 (2020).

11: 45 PM: Eijaz and Pavitra strategize about their game, and she asks him to sort things out with Rahul as it will help them for survival. Kavita calls Jasmin 'fareb' and reveals that she has suddenly got confidence after Aly's arrival in the house. Nikki buries her differences with Rahul and says that she wants to be a 'good friend' with him. The two hug it out. Pavitra tells Eijaz that Aly is playing a game with them. Later, Pavitra asks Jaan how he thinks may leave the BB 14 house this time, wherein he takes his, Nikki, Kavita, and Rubina's name. Jaan and Pavitra also discuss the 'rift' between Rubina, Abhinav, and Jasmin's friendship. Jaan says that Abhinav has understood that Kavita is a 'fuski bomb' and Aly-Jasmin's bond is very strong. 

11:30 PM: Rahul and Nikki discuss the latter influencing Pavitra during the last nominations task. Rahul saves Pavitra and nominates Rubina. Pavitra gets the 'last chance' to save a nominated contestant and nominate another in his or her position. Aly and Eijaz laud Rahul for his decision. Abhinav and Eijaz talk to Pavitra about the nominations. Kavita, Nikki, and Rubina discuss Pavitra's decision. Pavitra returns Rahul back his favour and saves him. Pavitra then nominates Jasmin, which she very much expected. Aly pecks a kiss on Jasmin's cheek. Bigg Boss announces that Jaan, Eijaz, Rubina, Nikki, Jasmin, and Kavita have been nominated. Aly and Jasmin get into a war of words with Kavita again. Rubina taunts Jasmin for not giving her a chance during nominations, but she clarifies that she did not think much. 

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11: 15 PM: Eijaz and Jasmin talk about their previous fights. Jasmin says that Eijaz has come prepared for the game, and he tries to play the 'victim card.' Kavita and Nikki discuss who will Abhinav save and nominate in that contestant's place. Abhinav saves Rubina and nominates Rahul in her place, citing that they don't have much understanding. Next, Jasmin gets a chance to save someone, and Rahul tries to convince her. Kavita talks to Abhinav about giving Jasmin an opportunity despite knowing her fallout with Rubina. Pavitra also pitches Jasmin to save her. Kavita tells Nikki that that Jasmin's behaviour has changed after Aly's entry. Abhinav asks Jasmin to chose wisely as it is a crucial point. Jasmin saves Abhinav calling him her companion and nominates Pavitra stating that she is playing a safe game. Jasmin gives Rahul the chance to play the game, but he does not seem quite happy. Pavitra disagrees with Jasmin for her 'safe game' remarks. Nikki, Jaan, and Pavitra try to convince Rahul to save them.  

11: 00 PM:  Bigg Boss announces the nomination task, and reveals that on completion of 6 weeks, a total of 6 contestants will be nominated. He further informs that Aly, the captain of the house will get some special powers. And not all contestants will get a chance to participate in the task. Bigg Boss asks Aly to nominate six housemates according to him. He first nominates Kavita, citing their fight as the reason. Next, he nominates Nikki and says that she back-bites. He then nominates Jaan for not playing the game well. Next on Aly's target is Abhinav, calling him a tough competition. Next, he nominates Eijaz and says that he is not focussed on the game right now, and is lost. Lastly, after a contemplation, Aly nominates Rubina. Later, Abhinav gets a chance to save one nominated contestant. Nikki expresses her disappointment with Aly's decision, saying that he was influenced by Jaan. Eijaz talks to Aly about his nomination. Pavitra tries to convince Abhinav to not nominate her. Eijaz and Pavitra get into a fun-loving banter. Aly and Nikki discuss him nominating her. Amidst this, Jaan and Nikki get into a spat, and the former calls her 'cheap.' 

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10:45 PM: Pavitra and Eijaz talk about his decision to give her the 'galat fehmi ka gulaab jaamun in the WKV. Pavitra says that she does not have any 'feelings' and Eijaz tries to talk to her. She claims that there is no 'connection' between them now, and they are only friends. Nikki and Kavita talk about their 'new bond' and Pavitra teases Jaan about Nikki's changing personality. The next morning, Jaan and Eijaz get into a debate over some bathroom essentials. Rahul mocks Eijaz and his behaviour in front of Nikki. Kavita and Nikki also talk about 'chicha' aka Eijaz, and the F.I.R actress pokes fun at him for purposely picking fights with her. Nikki reveals that she felt hurt when Aly splashed water on her, but she failed to take a stand for herself at that time. In the kitchen, Rubina calls Abhinav 'kaam chor' while Jasmin backs him, and says Rubina does a lot of 'chic chic.' Later, RubiNav talk about Jasmin calling Rubina out for her 'superiority complex.' Rubina bashes Abhinav for joining Jasmin and poking fun at her. Eijaz and Jaan get into a war of words, and Pavitra tries to make fun. Aly and Jaan yet again get into a conversation about Kavita's behaviour in the house, and they call her 'fake and Made in China.' Later, Rahul and Nikki talk about the upcoming nomination task. They also talk about their 'special connection and bond.' 

10: 30 PM: The episode begins with the housemates waking up to the 'Happy Diwali' song. Nikki and Pavitra discuss Eijaz's friendship and game plan. Nikki says that Eijaz plays safe and wants to be in everyone's good book. The two beauties feel that Eijaz is being fake. In the garden area, Kavita is talking about the groups that have been in the house. However, Aly gets offended by Kavita's statements, and they get into a spat. As Aly raises his voice, Kavita calls him 'badtameez,' and he alleges that she has only 'one mudda' in the house Eijaz. Kavita declares that she is the only one playing alone in the BB 14 house, and calls Aly 'gunda.' Aly loses cool says that Kavita has started acting, calling her 'pagal auraat.' Pavitra also jumps in, and Kavita tries to explain to Jasmin her point. As Jasmin tries to calm Aly down, he shouts at her to not interfere and screams 'Shut up.' Later, she gets into a spat with Jaan and points fingers at his personality calling him a 'chamcha.' Pavitra seems to be enjoying the drama, as she laughs her heart out. Kavita talks about Aly's game plan with Nikki and calls her 'chalaak.' Jasmin tries to cool Aly down. After a few hours, Kavita and Jasmin talk about the former's fight with Aly and reveals that she is hurt. Kavita declares that she will never talk to Aly now, and the latter says that he will not apologize. Kavita opens her heart out in front of Rubina and Rubina, shedding tears. Kavita alleges that the BB 14 house has snatched away her goodness, Rahul and Rubina console her. Nikki and Kavita talk about Aly intentionally picking up a fight with the latter.

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