Bigg Boss 14: November 19 Written Update: Eijaz gets into a tiff with Rahul & Pavitra amid captaincy task

Bigg Boss 14's latest episode witnessed the beginning of the captaincy task. However, it was held only between the previous captains of the house.
Bigg Boss 14: November 19 Written Update: Eijaz gets into a tiff with Rahul & Pavitra amid captaincy task Bigg Boss 14: November 19 Written Update: Eijaz gets into a tiff with Rahul & Pavitra amid captaincy task
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8.00 am: The housemates wake up and dance to the tunes of an energetic song. 

11.45 am: Nikki Tamboli and Jaan get into a tiff and pass comments on each other. He accuses her of throwing tissues into a bucket without a polythene bag. He also threatens to put them on her bed but is intervened by Jasmin. 

2.00 pm: Pavitra and Rahul have some discussion with each other about a few contestants. 

5.15 pm: Eijaz and Aly have a discussion on Jaan Kumar Sanu. The latter even mimics Nikki. 

5.30 pm: Bigg Boss reprimands the housemates about the earlier captaincy task that was cancelled because of their fault. They are given another chance to choose the captain of the house. However, only the previous captains are given the opportunity to fight for the same. The other housemates will be either supporting or opposing the candidates. The one who remains the most inside the box will be the captain of the house. Eijaz is asked to choose a substitute for him as per the recommendations of the doctor. He pleads for doing the task himself but is denied. 

Eijaz has a discussion with Pavitra about the same. He asks for help from Abhinav who seeks time to think and decide it. Later on, he nominates Pavitra to be his substitute. Rahul is assigned the ‘sanchalak’ of the house. He also gets into an argument with Nikki over spreading dirt amid the task.

Rubina and Abhinav discuss the task and so does Eijaz and Pavitra. Nikki and Rahul continue to hurl abuses at each other. Aly Goni comes out of the box too soon and is out of captaincy race. Jaan tries putting a liquid into Kavita’s box but is intervened by Nikki. He then puts cooking oil into her box. He continues disturbing Kavita through various means. 

What shocks everyone is when Rahul (who happens to be the sanchalak) indirectly takes part in the task and tries every means to get Pavitra out of the box. Everyone complains about the same to Bigg Boss while Eijaz tries convincing him not to do so. However, that only leads to further arguments between the two of them. Meanwhile, Jaan and Aly continue disturbing Kavita post which Nikki walks away in anger. She accuses Jaan of being influenced by Aly.

Later on, Rahul gets into an argument with Abhinav. Nikki tries to convince Jaan not to disturb Kavita but he is adamant with his decision. She keeps encouraging Kavita who expresses her gratitude towards her.

7.15 pm: Jasmin gets into an ugly tiff with Eijaz amid the task. Rahul accuses him of selective judgement. Aly later goes and tries disturbing Kavita again. Eijaz then removes Pavitra’s box thereby cancelling his candidature that leaves everyone shocked. 

8:00 pm: Kavita accuses Jaan of hitting her on the face. Later on, Jaan and Rahul have an argument regarding his preferences. He makes it clear that his first preference was Eijaz followed by Jasmin. Rahul chides him for not telling him about the same. Aly and Rubina have a good laugh about it. Eijaz tries to talk to Jaan but he loses his cool and walks away. 

8.15 pm: Jaan breaks down and Aly tries consoling him. He complains about not having any good friends inside the house. He also adds that no one stands for him. Jaan also talks about the allegations being hurled on him that he gets influenced in the house. Eijaz bursts out at him and asks him to calm down. But this leads to an argument between the two of them. 

9.00 pm: Rahul and Aly have some discussion with each other and so does Rubina and Jasmin. The latter duo has a discussion about Eijaz and Pavitra’s game. Jasmin accuses them of mixing friendship with the game. In between all of this, Pavitra gets into an argument with Jasmin. 

9.45 pm: Abhinav confronts Rubina over her discussion with Jasmin. He asks her the reason behind revealing in front of Jasmin that she wasn’t the first choice for captaincy. Jaan and Eijaz try to clear things out. Pavitra reminds the latter of the time when she talked to him about saving Jaan which he denies. She accuses him of lying on her face. This leads to an argument between the two of them. 

10.45 pm: Eijaz loses his cool and Rahul continues passing comments on him. Their tiff continues for some more time. 

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