Bigg Boss 14: November 20 Written Update: Kavita beats Jasmin to be new captain; Nikki & Jaan bury the hatchet

From Kavita Kaushik and Jasmin Bhasin fighting for the captaincy to Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla getting into a spat, here's all that happened in the Bigg Boss 14 house on November 20, 2020. Read on.
Here's all that happened in the Bigg Boss 14 house on November 20 Bigg Boss 14: November 20 Written Update: Kavita beats Jasmin to be new captain; Nikki & Jaan bury the hatchet
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The 'box task' for captaincy continues tonight (November 20, 2020) in the Bigg Boss 14 house. Kavita Kaushik and Jasmin Bhasin are battling against each other to become the captain of the BB 14 house. Rahul Vaidya and Aly Goni are the sanchalaks (moderators) of the task. The housemates' true colours and friendships are put under the test. With the captaincy task, the atmosphere of the BBB 14 house is certain to get chaotic. 

10: 30 PM: Rahul and Pavitra discuss Eijaz saving Jaan or Nikki if he would have won the captaincy task. She reveals that she did not know that Eijaz will eliminate her since he thought that Rahul was biased towards Jasmin. Jaan expresses that he is deeply hurt by Eijaz's decision. Rubina, Aly help Jasmin as she wants to use the loo.  Bigg Boss orders Rahul and Pavitra to moderate the task during the task, turn by turn. Rahul advises Pavitra to be extremely careful and alert during the task. In the kitchen, Jaan and Nikki discuss their friendship. Pavitra tries to torture Jasmin by throwing a worm in her box, leaving Aly hurt by her moves. Aly takes that revenge from Kavita. Pavitra gets into a spat with Aly and Jasmin. Aly is shocked by Pavitra going against him, despite him saving her in the nominations. Pavitra drops water on Kavita since she is sleeping, leaving the latter confused about who she is supporting. 

10: 45 PM: Nikki and Rahul talk about Rubina dominating Abhinav and schooling him time and again. The next morning, contestants wake up to Katrina Kaif's song 'Kamli.' Nikki and Kavita talk about Eijaz's game plan, and him trying to create bonds with everyone, and be in their good books. Nikki tells Kavita that she has to 'win' by hook or crook. Rahul asks Kavita and Jasmin for how long do they plan to stay in the house. The two get into a war of words. Jasmin calls Kavita 'gandi and nakli.' Their spat escalates as Kavita calls Jasmin 'dhongi and badtameez.' Abhinav and Rubina discuss strategy. Rahul advises Kavita and Jasmin to come to a consensus and make a deal to end the task mutually. Amid this, Rahul gets into a spat with Pavitra for disobeying the moderation responsibility. However, Kavita and Jasmin don't pay heed to Rahul's suggestions. Abhinav and Rubina discuss a solution to make Kavita leave the box and still keep her happy. They decide to convince Kavita to leave the task and ask Jasmin to sort out her differences with her later. 

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11: 00 PM: Rubina first tries to convince every contestant one-by-one to give Kavita what she wants. Kavita does not want to win the captaincy but wants a normal atmosphere in the house, and not keep taunting her. Rubina approaches Eijaz first, but he does not give in to their plan. Abhinav goes against Rubina's plan and says that inmates will not give into her. The two get into a heated argument. However, Rubina feels that they are just being spectators in the house. But, Rubina does not listen to Abhinav's suggestions, and the two have an altercation. She then goes to talk to Pavitra. Amid this, Nikki and Jaan also talk about the spats that they had in the past. Nikki asks Abhinav who he is supporting, and he takes Jasmin's name. Nikki reveals that she is backing Kavita, and expects her to support her. Rubina tries the talk to Kavita, and the latter reveals that she wishes to be the captain. Kavita tells Rubina that she has misunderstood, but does want to become the captain. Rahul tells Aly that he is going to take a 'fair decision' and according to him Kavita should be the winner. He then talks to Jasmin about the same, as her box got lifted when she went to use the loo. Aly seems upset by Rahul's 'fairness' and shares that he will also give it back the same way in the future. Jasmin gets emotional and Aly, Rubina, and Abhinav console her. 

11:15 PM: Abhinav asks Rubina to not get into (interfere) Jasmin, Rahul, and Aly's matter. Aly tortures Kavita with powder. Jasmin asks Aly not to trouble Kavita. Jaan asks Rahul to disqualify Jasmin if he thinks that a rule is broken. Pavitra reveals that she lifted Kavita's box because she was feeling breathless, and Aly gets into a spat with her. Aly bashes Pavitra for hurling a barrage of abuses for Gauahar Khan, the Toofani senior. Aly also taunts Pavitra for changing sides in split seconds. Aly and Pavitra's spat escalates as they call each other names. Aly tags Pavitra as 'double dholki and fraud' and exposes her game plan. Aly taunts her to play on the front foot if she has guts. 

11: 30 PM: Bigg Boss reprimands housemates for not choosing their captain willingly, and stops the task. Rahul says that he has his decision is ready but wants inmates to share their opinions as well. Aly and Pavitra yet again get into a heated argument. Rahul shares that unintentionally Jasmin broke the rule while going to the washroom. Rahul declares Kavita as the captain, and Rubina expresses her disappointment with his decision. Abhinav, Rubina, Aly laud Jasmin for her endurance. Kavita jumps into the pool after becoming the captain. Aly and Jaan congratulate Kavita. Abhinav and Rubina school Aly for not standing up against Rahul's decision. Jasmin and Kavita get into a war of words. Kavita thanks Bigg Boss for giving her an opportunity to perform solo and prove herself. Jasmin intervenes in Rubina and Aly's discussion and asks them to not stretch the topic further. Rubina and Abhinav disagree with Jamsin's opinions. Kavita thanks Rahul for being a 'fair' in the captaincy. Eijaz strikes a conversation with Kavita. Later, Rahul, Jaan, and Eijaz get into a small spat. 

11: 45 PM: Bigg Boss announces the 'Goodness wali champi task.' The contestants are divided into two groups. Team A includes Nikki, Eijaz, Rahul, and Aly. Team B consists of Jasmin, Rubina, Abhinav, and Jaan. They have to guess the ingredients of the oil. After answering all three questions right, Team A wins the task. As a part of the punishment, the losing team gives the members of the winning team a refreshing head massage. After a fallout, Jaan and Nikki's bond yet again starts blooming. 

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