Bigg Boss 14: November 22 Written Update: Jaan Kumar Sanu gets eliminated; Rubina Dilaik wins 'immunity stone'

Ekta Kapoor will bring in lots of drama, action, and fun as she gives housemates some fun-loving tasks on Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan. Read on to know what all happened on BB 14 tonight (November 22, 2020).
Here's all that happened on Bigg Boss 14 on November 22, 2020 Bigg Boss 14: November 22 Written Update: Jaan Kumar Sanu gets eliminated; Rubina Dilaik wins 'immunity stone'
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Jasmin Bhasin, Nikki Tamboli, and Kavita Kaushik were saved from eliminations yesterday. Today, special guest Ekta Kapoor will yet again bring some new tasks, adding some spark and fun in the Bigg Boss 14 house. She will judge contestants based on their performances, and hand one contestant the 'special immunity stone.' Salman Khan will keep grilling the inmates on their behaviour in the house. Lastly, one from Rubina Dilaik, Jaan Sanu, and Eijaz Khan. So without further ado, let's see what all happened in Bigg Boss 14 house on November 22 (2020) on Weekend Ka Vaar. 

9:00 PM: The episode begins with Ekta Kapoor giving the housemates another revengeful task, wherein they have to decide which contestant should leave the house in which week, i.e. Week 7, Week 11, or Week 13 and final week The inmates target their enemies. Contestants feel that Jaan and Kavita will survive only till Week 7, while they feel Nikki and Pavitra. Abhinav and Rahul will get eliminated in Week 13, paving the way for Eijaz, Jasmin, Rubina, and Aly to enter the final week. Salman Khan enters the stage and greets everyone. He talks about one contestant being eliminated. Salman welcomes Ekta Kapoor on stage to reveal who deserves the immunity stone in the BB 14 house.

9: 15 PM: Ekta and Salman then meet the housemates. Ekta reveals that she has tested contestants on three qualities - 'bebaaki, dabangg and junoon.' She says that she is very impressed by them, and pokes fun at Aly and Jasmin's bond. She then announces a task, where contestants have to play the roles of other housemates, basically, role play. Eijaz and Ekta greet each other, and Salman pokes fun at him. Ekta gives the first acting challenge to Rahul and Ekta, wherein they have to recreate Eijaz and Kavita's recent nasty fight. While Aly plays Kavita, Rahul disguises himself as Eijaz. The two sink into their characters completely and even recreate the 'push' moment. Salman and Ekta are impressed by the performance, but Kavita feels that they were 'overreacting.' Ekta then asks Kavita to play Eijaz and Rubina to play Pavitra as they play out the nominations scene, where Eijaz sacrificed his personal item for her. Salman and housemates are left in splits, and he calls Rubina 'outstanding.' Ekta then requests Salman to imitate Pavitra. 

9: 30 PM: Next up, Ekta wishes to recreate Jasmin's outburst after her fight with Rahul. Nikki plays Jasmin, Eijaz gets into Abhinav's role, while Pavitra disguises himself as Rubina. The trio hilariously performs the scene. Nikki's overdramatic performance leaves Ekta impressed, and she feels Nikki could be a Naagin. Then, Jasmin does a solo performance as she plays Abhinav, the gyaani baba. Ekta compliments Jasmin asking her to win BB 14 and come. Next, Jaan and Nikki's 'confused' bond is depicted. While Abhinav plays Nikki, Jaan plays himself as Ekta taunts Jaan for changing colours every time. Ekta shortlists two contestants, Rubina and Nikki, and has a heart-to-heart conversation with them. Ekta then steps into the BB 14 house and has a conversation with Rubina first. She questions Rubina for getting overshadowed by Abhinva's opinions and asks her to stand up for herself. Ekta also reveals that Rubina is her favourite. Ekta compliments Nikki for understanding the game well. Nikki reveals that she has no connections or friends in the BB 14 house, and Aly is faking his friendship with her. Ekta alleges that Nikki has no clarity in her game now, but she clarifies how she will play in the upcoming weeks. 

9: 45 PM: Salman once again welcomes Ekta on the stage, after her candid conversation with Rubina and Nikki. The immunity stone is brought stone from the storeroom, and Salman pokes fun at it. Ekta hands on the immunity stone to Rubina Dilaik, and she can use it once during her journey. Salman pulls Nikki's leg for losing to Rubina, and Ekta consoles her. Salman then calls Divyendu and Sumeet Vyas to the BB 14 stage to promote 'Bicchoo Ka Khel' and 'Dark 7' respectively. The two actors talk about their web series and perform a small stand up act for Salman and Ekta. As Divyendu and Sumeet crack jokes on Salman and Ekta, the superstar and TV Czarina take in spontaneously. Salman and Ekta make Divyendu and Sumeet's fun and ask them to stop. Divyendu and Sumeet do a 'naagin dance' on Ekta's demand, as the trio bids adieu to the show. 

10: 00 PM: Salman then meets the contestants and pokes fun at Rubina for calling Abhinav as Abhishek. The host then invites Darshan Raval and Heli Daaruwala to entertain fans with their singing and dancing. Salman then pokes fun at Eijaz and Pavitra and mimics Eijaz for shedding tears every time. Darshan and Heli then announce the 'verbal dangal' task. It is Nikki Vs Aly as they reveal why they are better than the other. Then Pavitra and Jasmin come face-to-face. The two beauties get 'crazy' as they reveal why they are better than their opponent. All the housemates then groove to a peppy song as they bid goodbye to Darshan and Heli. After the happy time, Salman talks about the eliminations. He gives Kavita a  golden opportunity to take revenge on others and asks her to reveal why the others are not her 'competitors' in the BB 14 house. 

10: 15 PM: Rahul is the first one at Kavita's target, but Jasmin disagrees with her. Kavita calls Rahul 'matlabi,' however, he says that he did not expect this from her despite supporting her in the captaincy task. Next, Kavita bashes Aly, as he laughs. Jasmin mocks Kavita, leaving Salman in splits. She then vents out her angst against Eijaz, and following him is Pavitra on Kavita's radar. Kavita then subtly points fingers at Nikki. Later, Kavita reveals she is 'hurt' by Abhinav not respecting their 'strong friendship.' Kavita taunts Jaan for being Aly's 'chamcha.' She then calls Rubina a 'cold skinned.' Lastly, Jasmin is at Kavita's target but she takes in spontaneously and mocks the latter while she speaks. Jasmin then gives a befitting reply to Kavita. Jasmin ends her monologue by saying, 'Jai didi ki, mahan ho aap.' In a shocking move, Salman reveals that Rubina has received the least number of votes and is eliminated, but housemates don't believe it. Abhinav and Rubina get emotional. Then, Salman reveals that Rubina is not evicted, but he had to do it to make Abhinav understand the game. Salman then shares that Rubina is safe and finally asks Jaan to come out of the house. 

10: 30 PM: Salman reveals that Jaan is eliminated. He asks the young singer to sing a song and bid adieu to the housemates. Jaan sings 'Channa Mereya' and cries as he bids inmates a goodbye. Salman also compliments Jaan for playing the game well and his journey in the house. Nikki and Jaan share an 'emotional' moment, and she pecks a kiss on Jaan's cheeks. Jaan shares that he sees Eijaz in the finale. Nikki breaks down for hurting Jaan and sheds tears. Kavita consoles Nikki and asks her to meet Jaan outside the house. Nikki continues crying and keeps Jaan's photo on her side table. She reveals that she will take time to get over Jaan's elimination. Kavita and Nikki talk about their bond and the former promises to save the latter whenever it is possible. Jasmin pulls Kavita's leg and greets Kavita saying 'goodnight yoga teacher. Rubina, Abhinav, and Aly are left in splits. Aly and Jasmin get into a conversation about their Kavita, and they get into an argument. 

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