Bigg Boss 14: November 23 Written Update: Rubina, Abhinav, Rahul, Jasmin, Pavitra and Aly get nominated

From Pavitra Punia taking her revenge from Jasmin Bhasin to Eijaz Khan nomination Abhinav Shukla to Rahul Vaidya turning against Eijaz, a lot of drama will take place in the nominations special tonight on Bigg Boss 14. Read on to what all happened on November 23 (2020) in the BB 14 house.
Bigg Boss 14: November 23 Written Update: Rubina, Abhinav, Rahul, Jasmin, Pavitra and Aly get nominated
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After Jaan Kumar Sanu's eviction last night, Bigg Boss 14 contestants will have a tough start to the new week. Bigg Boss will pit them against each other in the nominations task. Yes, tonight atmosphere in the BB 14 house will heat up as bonds will get tested during the 'nominations special.' At this crucial stage of the show, housemates will leave no stones unturned to ensure their survival and get their competition eliminated. So, without further ado, let's see what understand what all happened in the BB 14 house on November 23, 2020. 

10: 30 PM: The episode begins with Jasmin and Abhinav talking about the captaincy task early in the morning. Aly and Eijaz also discuss the same topic. Rubina joins Abhinav and Jasmin in their conversation, as the Naagin 4 actress asks them to play their game on their own. Pavitra and Nikki discuss strategies to move forward in the game. Later in the afternoon, Kavita talks about Aly's game plan in the house. In the evening, Pavitra opens her heart in front of Kavita, as she reveals details of her broken engagement. Pavitra also confesses she misses her man. Later, Kavita discusses how Aly is showing Eijaz as' weak' before everyone. Rubina and Jasmin mock Nikki's 'new bond' with Kavita. Late in the night, Eijaz steals (robs) coffee from Nikki while she is sleeping. Aly and Rahul are left in splits with Eijaz's 'daredevil act.' Then, Eijaz also steals 'fizz' from the box, Aly and Rahul talk about Eijaz eating too many eggs. The trio quickly enjoys the aerated drink and threw the can out of the house. 

10: 45 PM: Next morning, the housemates wake up to a peppy song and dance their hearts out. Jasmin and Abhinav talk about Nikki and others planning against them. Kavita reveals that Abhinav has suddenly stopped talking to her, and Nikki says that it is because of Rubina. Next, Bigg Boss asks Rubina if she wants to use the power of her 'immunity stone' in today's nominations task or not. But Rubina refuses it, citing she will use it when the game gets tougher. Bigg Boss announces the nomination task, wherein the inmate will have to reach the theater first, as the buzzer will ring six times. The contestants will have parrot toys of other inmates, and thus they have the power to nominate or save them. The housemates plan to and plot to save themselves and their friends. Amidst this, Pavitra and Jasmin get into a spat. Eijaz tries to Abhinav convince to not nominate Rahul, as the latter will then not him. However, Abhinav refuses to obey, revealing that he wants to nominate Rahul for disrespecting his wife Rubina. Eijaz is pissed with Abhinav's decision and reveals that he is scared of eliminations. Rahul and Eijaz also get into an argument. Rubina tries to convince Abhinav to play smart. 

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11: 00 PM: Eijaz then approaches Rubina for help and requests her to convince Abhinav to not make this move. Rubina tries to explain things to Abhinav and the risk that will follow. The first buzzer rings and Pavitra nominates Jasmin, calling her 'judgemental.' Eijaz yet again tries to convince Abhinav, but that goes in vain. Kavita and Nikki talk about nominations. Rahul also reveals that he will also nominate Eijaz if Abhinav nominates him. Next, Rahul reaches the theater room for performing the nomination task, but before that, he gets into an 'ugly spat' with Eijaz. Rahul nominates Eijaz, leaving him miffed. Nikki reveals that she and Jasmin have made a mutual deal and will not go for nominations. Kavita asks Eijaz and Jasmin to complete the task, as six contestants have to go anyhow. Abhinav and Eijaz talk about Rahul's 'flipper' side. Eijaz reveals that he will not nominate Abhinav as she is not vengeful, but Kavita assures him that she will save him if he goes to complete the task. 

11: 15 PM: Kavita and Abhinav about their bond. She reveals that she will save Eijaz. On the third buzzer, Abhinav nominates Rahul for disrespecting Rubina. Next, Rubina nominates Pavitra. Then, Eijaz and Aly discuss entering the theater to nominate the other. It is decided that Aly will go on the fifth spot and Eijaz on the last one. Aly enters the nomination room and nominates Rubina. Lastly, Eijaz goes into the room to nominate Abhinav, citing that he wants to survive in the BB 14 house. Eijaz's last damage control line leaves everyone in splits.

11: 30 PM: Bigg Boss reveals Jasmin, Eijaz, Pavitra, Rubina, Rahul, and Abhinav. He also gives captain Kavita a chance to save one nominated person, and nominate one safe person. Kavita saves Eijaz, but her reason does not go down well with the housemates. She nominates Aly, giving their personal differences. Kavita's non-stop task cracks up housemates. Before Kavita comes out of the room, the inmates disperse from the living area.  Nikki gives Kavita a warm hug for respecting the show. Jasmin, Rubina cannot get over Kavita's 'mahila mitr' word. Bigg Boss reveals the final nomination list - Rubina, Abhinav, Rahul, Jasmin, Pavitra, and Aly. Kavita and Nikki get into a conversation about the captaincy task. Kavita and Rahul get into a war of words, over saving Eijaz. As Nikki jumps in their spat, Rahul calls Nikki 'vice-captain.' Rahul regrets his decision to save Kavita. The two also call each other names. 

11: 45 PM: Abhinav talks about Kavita saving Eijaz as she gets chatty with Jasmin, Rubina, and Aly. Kavita tells Nikki that if Abhinav had asked her to save him, she would have put her efforts. Abhinav and Aly then steal 'fizz' as Jasmin and Rubina protect them from Kavita. Abhinav, Jasmin, and Aly relish the drink and enjoy it to the fullest. Kavita shows concern towards Eijaz, and Jasmin taunts him for the same. Jasmin talks about Kavita's 'fake concern' towards Eijaz as she gives him a head massage. Aly calls Kavita the 'fakest lady' in the world, while Jasmin calls her 'girgit.' 

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