Bigg Boss 14: November 26 Written Update: Nikki throws tantrums amid task; Rubina & Jasmin's fight intensifies

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Bigg Boss 14: November 26 Written Update: Nikki throws tantrums amid task; Rubina & Jasmin's fight intensifies

10.00 PM: A few of the housemates including Aly, Eijaz, and others have a tiff regarding the changing of batteries, serving food, and other related matters. Jasmin tries talking to Aly but he bursts out at her in return. 

10.15 PM: Nikki and Kavita have a discussion on Pavitra. The former says that she can’t sleep outside as she wants to be on her bed. Nikki asks for a blanket from Eijaz which he gives her. Pavitra and others reprimand him because of the same but he pays no heed to them. In the midst of all this, he also has a tiff with Rahul. Later on, Nikki and Kavita have a discussion with each other regarding a fair game. Her words hurt Kavita post which the latter calls it a terrible and demeaning conversation. 

Abhinav agrees to provide only quilts to Nikki, Jasmin, and Aly. Jasmin asks him about the pillows but he denies giving her. Eijaz, Pavitra, and Abhinav talk about Nikki calling inside as she has a fever. He goes and informs them about the same. Abhinav and Pavitra confront him for not waiting for a few minutes before calling her inside. They tell him that the rules have been broken and it leads to a tiff between Eijaz and Abhinav. Rahul interrupts in between and gets into an argument with Eijaz.

01.00 AM: Nikki takes a few makeup items for herself but Abhinav and Rubina stop her from doing so. They remind her that she inside because of medical reasons. They call Eijaz Khan and ask him to find a solution for the same. He then asks Nikki about it post which she denies taking back anything with her. Abhinav and Jasmin have a tiff about the same. He goes against the rules and goes to make tea inside the kitchen but she tries stopping him. Some of the housemates including captain Kavita herself try convincing Nikki to step out but she is adamant about staying inside. 

8.00 AM: The next morning, housemates wake up and dance to an energetic song. Nikki tries to open the door and go outside but Rubina and Abhinav lock her. Jasmin tries convincing Rubina about letting her go. Later on, Rubina, Jasmin, and Aly get into an argument over the same matter. Jasmin asks Abhinav the logic behind keeping Nikki inside. Rubina says that the latter could have politely asked them for the same. Finally, they let her outside after some time.

Later on, Abhinav and Rubina have an argument over her tiff with Jasmin, Rahul, and others. Nikki tells Aly that her items have been stolen. He teaches her to threaten them with throwing their items into the toilet if she doesn’t get back hers in return. She goes and tells them the same. Nikki breaks down and says that she can’t do the same to them. Kavita comes and tries talking to her but she pays no heed to the former. Rubina tells Jasmin that Nikki has been damaging their items. She goes to check on the same. Later on, Rubina tries entering inside to check for herself but is stopped by Jasmin. Kavita bursts out at Nikki for trying to damage Bigg Boss’ property. 

9.30 AM: Rubina and Eijaz discuss Nikki’s fever. The latter admits that he made a mistake and won’t repeat the same. Jasmin comes and asks them about the food that they will be having. Abhinav and others answer her but Rubina replies in the negative. Later on, she takes a sarcastic jibe at Abhinav for the same and this leads to an argument between the two of them. He reprimands her for talking to Jasmin for around 25 minutes despite saying that she won’t do so. 

Eijaz and Aly try to clear things out regarding Nikki’s tantrums during the night. Rubina keeps on bickering about Jasmin and the parathas that she made. Abhinav has an argument with Jasmin and Aly about the food that they are serving them. Later on, he asks Rubina to have some food as she has a sinus infection. Eijaz tries talking it out to her. Both the couple including Eijaz and Pavitra have a discussion about the game of Jasmin, Aly, and others. 

12.15 PM: Eijaz and Aly talk about Nikki and the former says that she hasn’t slept for long. He has a discussion about Rahul with Abhinav and Rubina. Meanwhile, Aly and Jasmin talk about Rubina’s behavior. Eijaz has his food later on post which Abhinav also convinces Rubina to have some. 

Later on, Rubina complains to Kavita about the meager amount of food that they were served the other night. The latter says that she is going to talk to the other team as a captain. Kavita talks to Jasmin about the same and says that she wants nobody hungry inside the house. Jasmin goes to talk to Rubina about it but ends up talking to Abhinav. This only leads to a further argument among them. Rubina and Jasmin’s fight intensifies later on. Abhinav tries explaining to Kavita whatever happened over the night until then. 

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Anonymous : I stopped watching Big boss because of Nikki, she is so irritating, I cannot digest her,I used to like Jasmine but now I don't like at all,the way she is behaving ever since Ali has entered bigboss.
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Anonymous : Jasmin is a real idiotic character in the house.. She does not have a sense of her own and has an IQ less than her dollu. She looks so stupid on national tv. I did not like Rubina earlier but she is at least true to herself and does not change colors every episode like Jasmin does. I think Jasmin has taken wrong meaning from Salman's weekend ka vaar when he said Jasmin is Rubin's puppet and lost her game completely. She used to cry even in Khatron ke khiladi.
REPLY 4 7 months ago
Anonymous : Nikki gets favored time and time again, she breaks rules nothing is done, she makes comments others get scolded for she gets away with it Scott free, she is 100 % favored in the house and things always seem to line up to her favor, yet Bigg Boss steps in on everyone else.... Not sure if Bigg Boss is afraid of the backlash as she is the only South Indian celeb... Make up your mind Bigg Boss, treat everyone THE SAME.
REPLY 3 7 months ago
Anonymous : What rule did Nikki break ? Also fyi shes marathi not south indian, such a weid comment
REPLY 0 7 months ago
Anonymous : Very unfair with Rubinav. Aly and Jasmine are so abusive they really need to be kicked out. Kavita is very biased she is trying to support Aly an Jasmine who really insulting and insulted her. Rahul Nikki use a very offensive languge. Bigboss consider public message and try to repair it. Don't be biased.
REPLY 6 7 months ago