Bigg Boss 14: November 27 Written Update: Jasmin, Rubina get into a dispute; Nikki, Rahul fight for captaincy

From Jasmin Bhasin and Rubina Dilaik getting in an ugly verbal spat to Nikki Tamboli and Rahul Vaidya fighting for their chance to be the new captain, here's all that happened in the Bigg Boss 14 house on November 27 (2020). Read on.
Bigg Boss 14: November 27 Written Update: Jasmin, Rubina get into a dispute; Nikki, Rahul fight for captaincy
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Bigg Boss 14 house is on fire, courtesy, the interesting 'batwara' task for captaincy. Ever since this new task was announced, it has created 'huge havoc' in the BB 14 house. Housemates are leaving no stones unturned to prove themselves right, and their opponents wrong. In tonight's episode, team Jasmin Vs team Rubina will continue to take control of the parts of the house from the 'mukhya' of Kavita Kaushik. It will lead to a lot of scuffles and tussles, ultimately deciding, who will be the new captain of BB 14. So, without further ado, here's all that is happening in the Bigg Boss 14 house on November 27 (2020).

10: 30 PM: The episode begins with Abhinav, Rubina talk to Kavita about Jasmin not offering them enough good, Aly defends him and his teammates. Jasmin overhears their spat from the living area and expresses her disappointment with Rubina. Rubina reveals that she is on 'bhook hadtal' for her self-respect. Abhinav explains that they are comparing pillows with food, the latter being a necessity. Kavita talks to Jasmin about the same and says that Rubina is lying. Jasmin gets into an altercation with Rubina saying 'I've seen your real personality.' The 'paratha' chaos continues. Jasmin tells Aly that she did not expect such things from Rubina and Abhinav. Rubina also expresses her anger towards Jasmin. As Pavitra gets emotional, Eijaz consoles her. Bigg Boss announces that the next panchayat will be to claim over the bathroom area. Jasmin's team starts plotting points for their appeal. 

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10: 45 PM: The round begins, with Rubina putting her points before. Jasmin counters Rubina's allegations against her team members. Jasmin highlights how Rubina and Abhinav have misused more space in the luggage area. As Jasmin points fingers at Eijaz for not maintaining hygiene, he comes out to defend himself, but Nikki feels that he is lying. Eijaz reveals that he has an OCD problem, and thus is very particular cleanliness. As Rubina tries to give it back to Jasmin over her allegations, the latter threatens to expose her 'dirty personal stuff.' Rubina continues to justify the accusations put on her teammates and her, she calls her 'muddas' baseless. Kavita shares her opinions saying that Eijaz complains a lot, while Rahul is understanding. So, the bathroom area goes to Jasmin's team. Rubina tells Abhinav that many real faces will be exposed to this task. Abhinav tells that Aly is 'bol bachchan' and does not do anything because of his confusion, and is a 'bheegi billi.' The 'batwara task' ends. Kavita shares that Jasmin's family (team) has won the task, as they have more control over the house. Abhinav and Kavita discuss the past nominations task and their friendship. 

11: 00 PM: Kavita and Nikki discuss Jasmin and Rubina's ugly fallout, and their real personalities have now been exposed. Pavitra sheds tears as she feels she will get eliminated. Kavita teases Nikki about Jaan. Nikki discusses with Rahul, Jasmin, and Aly that she feels that Eijaz and Pavirta are not meant for each other and Pavijaz will not meet after the show. The next morning, the housemates wake up to the song 'Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte.' Abhinav offers Kavita tea, but she jokingly refuses, leaving Rubina pissed. Kavita and Rubina get into a spat, as the latter asks her to 'stop overacting.' Rubina drags Nikki into the war of words, and she gets into a spat with Pavitra. Aly and Jasmin talk about the ruckus created early in the morning. Kavita tells Nikki that Abhinav is dancing to Rubina's tunes, as Rubina is the most controlling and irritating. Nikki and Kavita make fun of Eijaz as he talks to himself while sitting alone. Then, Pavitra talks to Eijaz about their bond and asks if he will meet her outside the BB 14 house. Rubina and Abhinav talk about Jasmin not giving them food again, and the latter says it is Aly's influence. 

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11: 15 PM: Bigg Boss then announces that Jasmin, Rahul, and Nikki are in the captaincy race. BB asks the trio along with Aly (who was debarred due to his punishment) and Kavita to choose a captain with 'aapsi sehmati.' They all discuss and put their strong points in front of each other. Kavita supports Nikki and calls highlight how strong she is. But, Jasmin and Rahul disagree, calling her stubborn and immature. Rahul calls Kavita 'biased' towards Nikki. Jasmin backs Rahul for captaincy, but Nikki does not agree. Rahul and Nikki get into a nasty verbal spat over the captaincy. Jasmin advises Rahul to convince Nikki to give her consent and offer her immunity. But Aly and Rahul disapprove of Jasmin's suggestion claiming it will backfire. Nikki and Rahul's fight continues in front of Kavita, and the singer walks off after being annoyed by Nikki's behaviour. 

11: 30 PM: Nikki pokes fun at Jasmin and asks if Rahul will give her consent to Jasmin. But Rahul refuses it citing that Nikki is playing with their minds. Nikki talks to the camera stating that Rahul is not taking a stand for himself. Nikki reveals to Rahul that she was testing his stance, and he failed. Kavita asks Nikki to come to consent with Rahul, but she refuses it. Jasmin then tries to convince Nikki to let her be the captain, but she again refuses. Aly, Jasmin, Rahu, Nikki, and Kavita could not come to a consensus and Bigg Boss informs the task is 'radh'. Thus, there will be no captain in the BB 14 house now. Pavitra vents out her anger calling her 'cheap' for mocking her. Pavitra taunts Nikki for using people. Rahul and Jasmin sitting near the pool say that Nikki is an 'attention seeker.' As Nikki continues her rant, she gets into an argument with Rubina and Eijaz. Kavita asks Nikki to calm down.  

11: 45 PM: Bigg Boss gives housemates a task to prepare jingles for 'Chings Chinese.' They are divided into two groups - Team A includes and Rahul, Aly, Jasmin, and Kavita, while Team B has Eijaz, Pavitra, Rubina, Abhinav. Nikki is the judge of the task, and the teams have to impress Nikki. Team A performs taking a jibe at the members of the opponent team, leaving Nikki excited. Team B also gives their best. Nikki finds Team A entertaining and announces them as the winner. After the game, Rubina asks Kavita why she tried creating a misunderstanding between her and Jasmin. Jasmin reveals that she was hurt and felt bad due to Abhinav's behaviour as she is attached to him, and is not affected by Rubina. 

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Seems like the fight is scripted