Bigg Boss 14: November 29 Written Update: Pavitra Punia gets 'eliminated'; Salman introduces 'new challengers'

One contestant Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla, Eijaz Khan, Pavitra Punia, or Rahul Vaidya will get eliminated tonight. To lighten the tensed atmosphere of the house, some special guests will join Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar, i.e. on November 29, 2020. Read on.

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Here's all that is happening on Bigg Boss 14 on November 29 (2020)
Bigg Boss 14: November 29 Written Update: Pavitra Punia gets 'eliminated'; Salman introduces 'new challengers'
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Salman Khan will bring in a lot of twists and turns on tonight's episode of Bigg Bos 14. One from Rubina Dilaik, Jasmin Bhasin, Abhinav Shukla, Eijaz Khan, Pavitra Punia, or Rahul Vaidya will get eliminated tonight. Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar will enter the BB 14 house to meet contestants, and play a fun-loving game with them. They will be a part of the show to promote their latest song 'Shona Shona' featuring Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill. However, SidNaaz will not be a part of the episode, and their presence will be missed by fans. On the other hand, Kamya Punjabi, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, and Sandiip Sikcand will show contestants the 'reality mirror'. So, without further ado, here's all that is happening on Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar tonight, i.e. November 29, 2020. 

9: 00 PM: The episode begins with contestants recreating their iconic characters. Jasmin goes the Naagin way. Rahul performs on Bolna Halke Halke. Aly dances to Bachna Ae Haseno. Eijaz channels her inner Shah Rukh Khan as he performs on Humko Humise Chura Lo. Kavita dons her Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala from F.I.R as he grooves to 'Dabangg's' title track. Rubina leaves everyone moved with her Shakti performance. Salman yet again talks about the BB 14 finale week being held next week, but the season will move forward with new twists. Salman invites special guests on stage, Kavita's husband Ronit, Kamya Punjabi, Sandiip Sikcand, and Devoleena Bhattacharjee. Salman asks Kavita's husband about his wife and Eijaz's equation. The panelists' discussion on Eijaz and Kavita's friendship inside and outside the house. 

9: 15 PM: Salman then introduces the special panel to the housemates. Sandiip grills Kavita about her ever-changing equation with Eijaz. While Kavita tries to explain her stance, Kamya interrupts her and clarifies that she does not know any explanation to anyone. Devoleena reveals that Kavita is the target of all housemates, especially Aly. Then Kamya questions Jasmin about her two personalities, one before Aly's entry, and one after his arrival. Devoleena also targets Jasmin for always listening to Aly. Sandiip advises Jasmin and Aly to play the game alone. Sandiip slams Kavita for calling Aly 'gunda' consistently, she is still playing her role of F.I.R, and demeaning other's shows (professions). Sandiip thinks Kavita gets targetted because she targets others. 

9: 30 PM: Devoleena feels Aly has ruined Jasmin's game, as it is an individual game. Devo also suggests Abhinav and Rubina play individually as at last, only one person will win the BB 14 trophy. Ronit questions Aly on his outburst on Kavita during their ugly spat. Amidst all this, Salman loses his cool and tries to shut everyone up, saying, 'Silence.' When Salman asks panelists if Rubina is showing her full potential in the house, Kamya disagrees saying Abhinav tries to stop her always. Devoleena asks Rubina about her bond with Jasmin, and she clarifies her stance. Kamya tells Rubina that it is high time to understand that no one is a friend in the BB 14 house. However, Sandiip feels Rubina has used Jasmin's friendship during her fight with Rahul. Devoleena bashes Jasmin that she can backstab anyone anytime. However, Kamya and Devoleena support Rubina. Kamya appreciates Rahul for her one-liners and says that she finds it entertaining. Salman lightens the mood by poking fun at Pavitra. 

9: 45 PM: Devoleena asks Eijaz why he is taking disrespect from others, especially Nikki. Eijaz's friend advises him to 'not' fall in love, hinting towards Pavitra. Kamya lashes out at Eijaz for using 'ghatiya' language like chal hatt and more. Salman also suggests Eijaz to be careful with words. Devoleena questions Nikki about her split personality, and she clarifies her doings in the house. Kamya highlights that Pavitra's game is only about Eijaz, which shouldn't be the case. Salman asks the panelists who they think will be in the finale week. They take Eijaz, Rubina, Rahul, and Kavita's name. Salman is shocked that Jasmin is not on their finalists' list. The panelists bid adieu and Salman meets the contestants with another game. Housemates have to reveal who has more 'nafrat' in their hearts - Jasmin or Rubina. Eijaz, Pavitra, and Abhinav think Rubina has a 'bad heart.' Rahul, Kavita, Nikki, and Aly target Jasmin. 

10: 00 PM:  Nikki gets into an argument with Abhinav and Rubina. Salman then reveals the 'challengers' - Vikas Gupta, Rakhi Sawant, Manu Punjabi, Kashmera Shah, Arshi, and Rahul Mahajan, who will bring new twists in the house. He then invites the Kakkar siblings, Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar on the stage. They enter the stage with their latest song 'Shona Shona' in the backdrop and they shake a leg with Salman. Salman also talks about Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill aka SidNaaz's charm. Neha and Tony have a fun-loving conversation with Salman. The host pokes fun at Neha's marriage and song, and she reveals her love story with Rohanpreet. The Kakkar siblings then enter the BB 14 house to meet the contestants. Neha then expresses her wish to find her 'bhabhi' from Nikki, Jasmin, and Pavitra. Neha requests Pavitra to perform for them, and she does a sensuous dance. Tony and Neha were swooned by her 'nashelaa' house. 

10: 15 PM: Neha then asks Nikki to have a romantic conversation with Tony. However, she leaves everyone in splits with her funny chat. Jasmin then has to decode a sentence from Tony's actions, and nails it gracefully. Well, it was like a funny dumb charades game between Tony and Jasmin. Neha picks Jasmin as her 'ideal sister-in-law' and partner for brother Tony. The two virtually do the 'varmala ceremony.' Neha then mesmerizes everyone with her melodious voice as she sings her song 'Nehu Da Vyaah.' The caller of the week asks Rahul if Disha would have been there as a couple-contestant, would he call Rubina's husband Abhinav 'nalla and sasta vakeel.' Rahul reveals that Disha is not his girlfriend, but a close friend to who he has proposed. Then he goes on to clarify his stance over anger towards Rubina and Abhinav. Salman questions Rahul about his different behaviour towards Aly and Jasmin, in similar situations. Salman then talks about the eliminations, but he informs that Bigg Boss will reveal about the eviction, and bids goodbye to them. 

10: 30 PM: Bigg Boss then opens the main door. He reveals that the door will open many times in the week, as many would be eliminated. Bigg Boss then asks the contestants to unveil which contestant do they think is underserving to stay in the game anymore. Each contestant will kick a football with the unworthy inmate's photo it, and kick it out of the main door. Aly begins the game, kicking Pavitra out of the house, as he does not understand her game. Abhinav wants Rahul out of BB 14, and Rubina also takes his name. Rahul in return kicks Abhinav out of the house, but misses his shot and slips, leaving everyone in splits. Jasmin targets Kavita. Pavitra takes revenge on Aly and wishes to see him out of the game. Nikki attacks Pavitra, and the two get into a spat. Eijaz calls Nikki 'badtameez, baddimaag and irritating,' and kicks her out of the house. Kavita takes Jasmin's name, calling her a 'negative personality.' 

10: 45 PM: Bigg Boss announces that Pavitra has been eliminated by fewer votes from viewers. Pavitra bids goodbye to everyone, and Eijaz gets emotional. Eijaz pecks a sweet kiss on Pavitra's cheeks as she walks out of the BB 14 house. 

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