Bigg Boss 14 November 13 Written Update: Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla sent to jail; Kavita and Eijaz fight

A lot of drama is going to take place in the Bigg Boss 14 house tonight on November 13, 2020. Find out how Rubina and Abhinav landed in jail instead of others.
Bigg Boss 14 November 13 Written Update: Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla sent to jail; Kavita and Eijaz fight
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After Naina Singh's eviction, a lot is going to change in the Bigg Boss 14 house. Since it has been over one month of housemates being locked in the house, they will finally come in their form and decide to play on the front foot. While some housemates will plan strategies, some will lose their cool. However, overall the dynamics will change, cause as Salman Khan and Bigg Boss said 'Abhi Nahi Toh Kabhi Nahi!' It's time for survival in Bigg Boss season 14 now. 

10:30 PM: Nikki and Pavitra discuss Eijaz and latter’s relationship. Pavitra confides in Nikki that she is a little scared that Eijaz is considering their affection and camaraderie as love. Nikki advises her to make it clear in front of Eijaz that she doesn’t feel the same way. Pavitra too advises Nikki to make things clear with Jaan. Nikki confides in Pavitra that she really likes Aly and felt guilty about troubling him in the morning. 

10:45 PM: Eijaz and Pavitra discuss their relationship where the latter tells him that she has gotten enough heartbreaks in life and hence is not ready to reciprocate the love he has. 

10:50 PM: Next morning, two jails are seen inside the house. Kavita and Eijaz get into an argument before Bigg Boss announces that the contestants have to nominate two people who they think need punishment and must be inside the jail. Heated arguments follow when Nikki takes Jaan’s name claiming that he kissed her against her will which she didn’t like. The task continues. Shardul and Jaan get the majority votes. 

11: 05 PM: However, Bigg Boss changed the game as he scraps the task and instead himself nominates Rubina, Abhinav, and Jasmin to go inside the jail for introspection. He tells Aly as the captain can save one from going inside. Aly chooses Jasmin which means Rubina and Abhinav are sent inside the jail. 

11: 15 PM: Rubina and Abhinav go inside the jail. Later Kavita and Shardul get into an argument. Kavita again locks horns with Jaan over kitchen duty. 

11:35 PM: Eijaz comes to Pavitra and tells her that he won’t take any step forward if she is uncomfortable. Pavitra tells him that she is afraid of commitment. Eijaz explains to her that he likes her but that doesn’t mean that they are taking the relationship forward.

10:30 PM: The dance battle task continues. Aly and Rahul strategize on the former becoming the captain. Abhinav tells Aly that if he votes for him then he should save Rubina from nominations but the latter is unable to promise. The discussion continues. Later, Pavitra and Rahul get into an argument over the same. Rahul tries to make Pavitra understand but the latter shrieks. 

10:45 PM: Aly tries to pacify Pavitra and calm her down but she continues to rant over wanting to be captain. 

10:50 PM: Nikki is out of the task and the contestants strategize on whom to vote out next. Later it is decided that they will vote out both Rahul and Nikki from the task. The dance continues. Shaan comes next to sing. Shardul promises to step out of the game if it comes to him and Aly. 

11:10 PM: Eijaz and Pavitra are seen sharing some cozy moments amid dance. Shardul disobeys the rules of the task despite his promise to Aly which irks Rahul. Pavitra also disobeys the rules and voluntarily opts out of the captaincy race. Abhinav too opts out in the next round as per their decision. Jasmin and Aly are the last two to stand and face the final round. 

11:30 PM: Aly is the new caption of the house. Bigg Boss alarm is heard after Nikki is seen sleeping. Eijaz and Pavitra get chatty as they lay on the grass in the garden area. 

11:35 PM: It is the next morning and Nikki tries to trouble Aly by not waking up. Aly and Rahul discuss Nikki’s strategy. Aly tries his best to wake Nikki but she doesn’t. Nikki refuses to accept Aly as captain.

November 9, 2020 (Written Update): 

11: 45 PM: Jasmin is the next one to take the podium, and Farah teases her with Katrina's name. Farah asks her to be entertaining and she is losing her plot. Jasmin clarifies that she 'switches off' when contestants try to poke her. Farah says that she was 'upset' by Nikki becoming the first confirmed contestants, however, Jasmin shares that she was disappointed by Nikki's abuses. Farah advises her to be strong and play the game. Jasmin and Eijaz talk about their spat and eventually hug it out. Next was Nikki and Farah points out that her game has turned weak, and she agrees to the fact. Nikki says that she cannot befriend Rubina and Abhinav. The episode ends abruptly with Rubina and Nikki getting into a debate. 

11: 30 PM: Next to take the panel's question is Aly. He is being asked about Jasmin's game, and he says that she is being real in the house. However, Aly reveals that Jasmin's game got a little uninteresting after the first two weeks. Aly says that he and Jasmin are playing individually. Later, Aly reveals that Rahul, Eijaz, and Abhinav are playing the game strongly, while Jaan and Shardul are not playing well. Later, Pavitra takes up the witness box, and the first question asked by Farah to her is that if she was 'jealous' when Eijaz gave the immunity to Jasmin. She clarifies that she was 'hurt' by Eijaz's move. When asked who she trusts in the house, she takes Eijaz, Aly, Shardul, Kavita, and many others. Farah says that the show is getting boring as people are fighting on 'idiotic topics.' Pavitra also clarifies that her pitch has always been high. 

11: 15 PM: Rubina then gets into the katgharah. Charul asks Rubina if her fight with Bigg Boss is over or not. She clarifies her stance and reveals she has now adjusted. Farah compliments Rubina for being very extremely in the angles and devils task. When asked who she thinks will win BB 14, Rubina takes her name. The BB Adalat panel teases Abhinav and Rubina for their chemistry. Farah opines that if Abhinav wouldn't have been in the game, Rubina would have formed bonds with others too. She asks RubiNav to play their game individually. 

11: 00 PM: Farah Khan enters the house and housemates give her a warm welcome. Bigg Boss welcomes Farah, Charul Malik, and Amit Tagyi to grill the housemates as they introduce 'BB Adalat.' She also reveals that Charul and Amit will 'nominate' one contestant. Eijaz is the first one to stand in the witness box, and Charul questions about his image outside and inside the house. Farah lauds his 'patience level.' Amit asks about Pavitra and Eijaz's chemistry. Pavitra gives clarification about her changing equations with Eijaz, the two get into an argument eventually. Farah declares that Eijaz and Pavitra's relation is not 'fake' but they are just 'confused.' Farah then lashes out at Kavita for her fight with Eijaz, and she gives her clears the air. Kavita and Eijaz's ranting continues, and the former says that the actor is playing a 'victim card.' But Farah backs Eijaz, but Kavita refuses to buy anyone's opinions. Farah tells Eijaz that only Pavitra 'understands' him in the house. Farah calls out all the contestants for their 'ageist remarks' against Eijaz. Farah and Charul say that Eijaz is looking good outside, and people are loving him. Farah asks Eijaz to chill and sorts out his differences with Pavitra.

10: 45 PM: Eijaz and Rahul talk feel pity about Aly's condition. Jasmin tries to calm Aly down as it is a game. Bigg Boss schools Aly for his behaviour, and not co-operating with them. BB reveals that his COVID-19 test was done at 11 am a day before, and it takes 24-hours for the test results to come. However, Aly lost his cool before a day's time. Bigg Boss expresses his disappointment with Aly and reveals that his reports are negative, his quarantine period is over. Aly then steps into the house after receiving bashing from Bigg Boss. He later apologizes for his over-reaction and anger. Jasmin is happy to have Aly in the house, and he makes her hair. Rahul is happy to see Aly and Jasmin's cute friendship but also expresses to Nikki that he is sad to not have a true friend in the house. Nikki and Rahul discuss their friendship and behaviour with each other. The two clarify their differences, and Rahul pecks a kiss on Nikki's cheeks, as she gets emotional. Nikki opens her heart out in front of Rahul. She reveals that she was hurt by him calling her 'neutral' friend, and Nikki sheds tears, and Rahul consoles her. Jasmin teases Aly that she is 'possessive' about his friendship and he should not try to make female friends here. Later, Pavitra apologizes to Eijaz about her ugly fight with her, and he appreciates it. 

10: 30 PM: The episode begins with Jasmin talks to Eijaz about him asking Jaan to put his hand in the toilet seat during the task. Bigg Boss announces a 'new change' in the house and reveals that there will be 'no red zone' concept from now. However, BB clarifies that it does not mean that there is no danger, as it will always linger around. BB also tells the housemates that it is a 'wake-up call' as five weeks have already passed. Nikki and Eijaz get into a spat over the angels' Vs devils' task. They also involve Jaan in the conversation and a debate erupts. Abhinav and Eijaz talk about how Nikki and Jaan are being foolish (kiddish), as it was his strategy. The 'toilet seat' conversation is dragged, with Nikki and Jaan expressing their anger. Later in the night, Rahul, Pavitra, and Shardul talk about Kavita's behavior in the house. The next morning, housemates wake up to the peppy track 'Gandi Baat.' After grooving to the song, Aly expresses his wish to be let out of the quarantine room. He refuses to wear the mic, eat food, and disobey rules. Aly loses his cool and starts abusing. He threatens to break the BB property and starts shouting. In a fit of anger, he bangs the door and says that he can break it in two minutes. 

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