Bigg Boss 14, October 15, Day 12 written update: Pavitra, Eijaz & Nishant win their stuff during bouncy task

In this new episode of Bigg Boss 14, the housemates got a chance to win their stuff back during the bouncy task and each one of them gave a tough fight to others.
Bigg Boss 14, October 15, Day 12 written update: Pavitra, Eijaz & Nishant win their stuff during bouncy task Bigg Boss 14, October 15, Day 12 written update: Pavitra, Eijaz & Nishant win their stuff during bouncy task
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The new episode began with Nikki Tamboli talking about Jaan with Rahul Vaidya and Nishant Singh Malkani and how she felt for the latter two during the immunity task. Soon Nishant and Jaan get into an argument after the former calls him a paltu master. On the other hand, Jasmin Bhasin is also discussing the task with Sidharth Shukla. Shehzaad Deol seems to be upset with Nikki for supporting Eijaz and team and discusses the same with Jaan as he was a close friend with her. Jaan is quite upset with Nishant’s argument and comment of calling him a ‘paltu master’ and says that he is done being friends with them but Nikki tries to console him.

While Nikki tries proving her point, Jaan calls her biased. Meanwhile, Nikki says she will be not doing the household duties as it isn’t mentioned what all the confirmed contestants are supposed to do in the house. On the other hand, senior Sidharth Shukla remembers his late father and shares an adorable anecdote from his school days. Jasmin, Rubina and Abhinav are discussing Nikki’s decision to not do the household chores. They decide to raise voice against him. Meanwhile, the seniors are discussing Nikki wherein Gauahr calls her a soft-hearted person.

The new day begins on a full of energy note with Govinda’s song ‘Meri Pant Bhi Sexy’. Sidharth Shukla and Hina Khan are seen talking to Pavitra about Eijaz and his past relationship. Sidharth advises her to stand out and not be among the pack. Rubina Dilaik and Nikki Tamboli get into an argument over household duty. Soon Pavitra gets into the argument and slammed Rubina saying nobody understands the responsibility. The housemates are in a confusion about household duties. Rahul Vaidya tries convincing Nikki not to mix up duties with privilege but the latter is adamant about not doing the household duties. While the duties have chaos in the house, Hina speaks to Nikki but the latter is adamant. On the other hand, Gauahar and Sidharth favour Nikki during the argument. The Bigg Boss 7 winner then once again decides the household chores between Eijaz and Rubina and the two gets into an argument.

Later in the day, Abhinav and Rubina ask Jaan not to give her keys to anyone and start taking his stand, especially against Nikki. Next, the freshers get a chance to get hold of their personal stuff in the bouncy task wherein two freshers will be competing in every round. While the winner of each round will get his/her stuff, the loser will lose the stuff forever. Jasmin is quite concerned about the task as she feels she might not be able to beat the other contestant. However, Sidharth tries to boost her morale. The first round is between Pavitra and Rubina. It was indeed a tough fight with Pavitra winning the round and her personal stuff from the BB stuff. The next round is between Rahul Vaidya and Eijaz Khan and the latter ends winning the game. Eijaz gets emotional after getting the pics of his dogs and recalls how his ex-girlfriend had stolen them from him. The actor even stated that the girl used to torture him emotionally by not giving him the dogs for three years until he managed to free them.

The next round is between Shehzaad and Nishant. While Nishant collects his balls, he climbed up the tree following which he was asked Bigg Boss to get down. On the other hand, Shehzaad had hidden his balls in the pool and left no stone unturned to save them. But Nishant ended up winning the game. Later in the evening, Nikki, Rahul and Nishant were seen discussing Eijaz’s game. The task is halted due to rain.

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