Bigg Boss 14, October 16, Day 13 written update: Hina, Gauahar CLASH with Sidharth; Jasmin beats Nikki in task

From Nikki Tamboli and Jasmin Bhasin's cat fight to the toofani seniors Hina, Gauahar and Sidharth locking horns here's all that happened in Bigg Boss 14's Day 13 (October 16, 2020) episode. Read on to know the scoops of BB 14.

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Here's what happened on October 16 (2020) of Bigg Boss 14.
Bigg Boss 14, October 16, Day 13 written update: Hina, Gauahar CLASH with Sidharth; Jasmin beats Nikki in task
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The episode begins with the housemates waking up and grooving to the track 'Lucky Tu Lucky Me.' Sidharth then complains to Nikki about the toilet is dirty, and she points out towards Eijaz. Nikki reveals that on the first day of Bigg Boss 14 she saw the restroom unclean, but he clarifies that he has OCD, and has never done that. 

Nikki and Rahul talk about Jaan, wherein she reveals that about their friendship. Nikki calls Jaan childish, and shares that she initially found him funny so befriended him. Rubina, Abhinav, and Jasmin talk about kitchen duties, and how others keep bickering. It is 11.15 am, Nikki and Jaan get into a candid conversation. She calls him 'bhai jaan,' she says that he protects her as a brother. But, Jaan replies saying that he wants to protect her as a boyfriend. Nikki keeps on teasing him continuously. 

Later, Nikki challenges Jaan to sing her favourite song, and if he does, she will declare him as his 'friend.' After lots of fuss, Jaan learns the song from the seniors Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan, and finally croons the song 'Haste Haste Kat Jaye Raste' on Nikki's demand, leaving her elated. Nikki and Jaan embrace each other, and she promises never to hurt him again.

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Gauahar tells Nikki to keep an eye on the housemates and if they are completing the kitchen duties, or not. Gauahar asks Nikki to take the chain of command in her hand. Rubina and Abhinav enter the conversation, and Nikki blames them for targeting her unnecessarily. Later, Gauahar scolds Rahul for not completing his chopping duty on time and threatens to 'lock' the kitchen in case of such behaviour. Nishant, Jaan, and Nikki discuss Rubina-Abhinav's compatibility, and call them a 'weird couple.' Later, Jasmin and Hina advise Jaan to not become Nikki's 'remote control' aka sidekick, and have his own opinions. 

At around 4 pm, Bigg Boss announces that the samaan task (bouncy task) resumes as Abhinav and Jaan fight for their personal items. The two collect the balls and chase each other. However, the buzzer rings and Abhinav wins the task with a 'great margin.' Later, Bigg Boss informs that the final round will be between Jasmin and Nikki. While Hina and Gauahar motivate Jasmin for collecting the balls properly, Sidharth cheers for Nikki. 

After enough collection, the two beauties get violent to rip each other's baskets apart completely. They lose control and get high on aggression. Not only physical aggression, but they also get into an ugly verbal spat. Amidst this, Gauahar and Pavitra lock horns as Gauahar tries to guide Nikki and Jasmin. Later, the buzzer rings, and the tasks get over, with Nikki being enraged. 

The sanchalaks - Hina, Sidharth, and Gauahar deliberate the results. While Hina and Gauahar side Jasmin for having more balls in the basket, Sidharth seems confused and calls it a 'draw.' Abhinav tries to explain the whole situation, creating more chaos. Hina and Sidharth get into a heated argument as the former calls her biased. The two seniors yell at each other, while Hina asks Sidharth to 'mind his own business.' 

The debate between the three seniors continues. While Sidharth says that he wants to call it a draw, but clarifies that if Hina and Gauahar want to declare Jasmin as the winner, he will be by their decision. Rubina then takes help from a milk pouch to clear the confusion about the 'torn apart basket.' 

Hina and Gauahar taunt Sidharth for yelling and not having a calm conversation. After a lengthy altercation, Hina, Gauahar, and Sidharth announce Jasmin as the winner of the final round. Next, Bigg Boss congratulates Jasmin and asks her to take all her personal items from the BB mall. 

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Rubina cheers Jasmin and says 'I'm proud of the women power,' leaving Sidharth infuriated. Abhinav, Rubina, and Sidharth get into a heated discussion over the concept of 'women power'. Gauahar,  Hina, Jasmin, and others try to calm Sidharth down. Sidharth then closes the discussion and calls it a difference of perspective. 

Later, Nikki and Nishant are seen talking about the biasness in the task. Nishant reveals that Hina and Gauahar had already decided to make Jasmin win. Nikki goes to congratulate Jasmin, but the latter tells her that they cannot have a conversation with her due to her filthy speaking style. Soon after, Hina and Nishant are seen discussing the 'women power' debate with Sidharth. Hina reveals that they have also given-in when they did not agree with Sidharth's discussion. Shehzad joins in their conversation and puts his views. 

In the night, Nishant asks Sidharth about using cuss words in the BB 14 house, and also continue about the 'women power' debate. Sidharth says that Rubina lies through the nose, but it least bothers him. Later, Eijaz talks to the camera about Rubina's smirk while getting into loggerheads with Sidharth. 

Hina and Gauahar talk to Nikki and reveal about their game of supporting Jasmin. Hina yet again advises Nikki to not use abusive language. Nishant, Rahul, Sidharth, Nikki, Sidharth again discuss Rubina's behaviour, and logic, revealing that they find her irritating. Sidharth and Hina get into a flirty banter in the bedroom area. Rahul begins Rubina and pokes fun at her, leaving everyone in splits. 

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It is 10. 15 pm, Bigg Boss gives the female freshers a new task, where they have to participate in a beauty pageant. The girls have to style their hair and walk the ramp. The fresher boys Rahul, Eijaz, Jaan, and Shehzad have to give the fresher girls titles from - Ms drama queen, most desirable, most confused, perfect khiladi and ms nautanki. The toofani seniors will be the judge of the task and announce the winner. 

At 10.30 pm the fun-loving task begins. Nikki gets the drama queen title from Jaan. Eijaz gives the 'perfect khiladi' tag to Pavitra. Jasmin gets the 'miss nautanki' tag, and Rubina is given the 'miss confused' titled. The girls' prep up and do their make up as per the titles given. 

It is 12 am, the girls are all set to walk the ramp in their avatars. Rubina is the first one on the ramp, and grooves to 'Kisi ke haath naa aayegi yeh ladki' on the ramp, leaving everyone stunned. Rubina gives a befitting reply to Rahul's title and refutes the 'confused' tag. Next up is Pavitra Punia who flaunts her moves on 'Dhadak.' Nikki is the third female fresher as she dances to 'Drama Queen.' Last up is Jasmin as she does a bubbly dance on 'Tarefaan.' Jasmin calls herself as a 'nautanki' as it defines entertainment. 

Later, the three seniors talk to decide about the winner, and zero down on Pavitra. Gauahar announces Pavirta as the 'Style icon' leaving her elated. 

The next day begins at 11.30 am, with Gauahar, Sidharth, and Rahul again getting into a discussion about the cooking duties. Gauhar explains to Abhinav that Rahul cannot chop all the vegetables alone. The episode ends with Sidharth, Rubina, Abhinav, and Gauahar fussing over chopping and cooking duties. 

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