Bigg Boss 14, October 18, Day 15 written update: Salman takes Rubina's case; Lauds Jasmin, Rahul's performance

From Salman Khan and Rubina Dilaik's stretched debate to Shehzad Deol, Abhinav Shukla and Jaan Kumar Sanu being in the bottom three; here's all that happened in Bigg Boss 14's Day 15 (October 18, 2020) episode. Read on to know the scoops of BB 14.
news & gossip,Salman Khan,Bigg Boss 14,Bigg Boss 2020Bigg Boss 14, October 18, Day 15 written update: Salman takes Rubina's case; Lauds Jasmin, Rahul's performance
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The episode begins with Salman Khan entering the stage in his 'swag' and greeting the audience. He reveals that the makers informed him that the Weekend Ka Vaar will happen on Sunday and Monday this time, so he will be there tomorrow (October 18, 2020) also at 10 pm. He talks about how the contestants are finally actively participating, especially Jasmin and Rahul.

Not only this but how groups have been formed in the BB 14 house. The host also says that it is clear that Rubina and Nikki are totally against each other. Later, Salman shares that the contestants were given a task, where they had to decide 'whose mind is filled with more garbage - Nikki or Rubina?' The Shakti actress is then seen informing the other housemates that she does not approve of the task, and is also not going to be a part of it, as she does not have clothes to dress up. While others try to convince Rubina, she is adamant about her decision. 

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Gauahar tries to explain to Rubina that this is the actual motive of the game, but the latter responds saying that she has a 'problem' with the connotation by Bigg Boss. Amidst the discussions among contestants, Salman enters the BB 14 house through the screens, leaving everyone surprised. Immediately, Salman taunts Rubina and states that she is failing in the game. He then traces Rubina's journey and points out where she went wrong. 

Salman advises Rubina that her competition is with the other contestants, not Bigg Boss himself, and by her behaviour it is evident that she has issues with the rules and regulations. While Rubina tries to clarify her stance, Salman highlights her fault to deny doing the task. Rubina shares that she found the task insulting, but Salman points out that she took it for granted. Later, Gauahar jumps in the conversation saying that contenders did have problems in the past also, but nobody outrightly has 'refused' to participate in a task. Salman and Hina second Gauahar's views. Hina claims that if Rubina thinks that way, then she is in the 'wrong' show. 

Salman then lightens up the mood and jokes about Abhinav being Rubina's 'samaan.' He also advises Rubina to be careful, and not indulge in such discussions with him as he is not a contestant of the house. Rubina shares that she found the title 'kachra' derogatory, while Salman explains that the names are given for entertainment purposes. The discussion goes, and Rubina states that she did not expect Salman to 'scold' her for keeping her point of view. Salman clarifies saying that he is not scolding her, but explaining things to her respectfully, as it will backfire her in the long run. 

After a stretched debate, Salman finally manages to convince Rubina that her decision to back out from the task was completely wrong, and he is just helping her out by showing the right path. Later, Rubina understands Salman's POV and agrees to do the task. Nikki and Rubina then prep up for the task. Eijaz, Rahul, Nishant, Jaan, and Pavitra target Rubina, as they point out her mistakes.  Abhinav, Jasmin, and Shehzad attack Nikki for her bad behaviour of abusing, showing others inferior, and having an ego as they fill her garbage bin. 

Salman then pokes fun at Rubina saying that her strategy is to irritate others - baal ki khaal nikalna. The host then tells Rubina that she was fabulous throughout the week, but she messed up things with her refusal today. Later, Salman talks to Nikki about the previous days' task (confirmed fresher task) wherein she reveals that she does not agree with Jasmin and Abhinav's points. Salman then asks Nikki about her abusing contestants. While Shehzad tells that Nikki abuses a lot, Salman highlights him using the wrong word. Salman clarifies that they are here to sort out all the matter, and not show them as bad people to the world.

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Later, Salman jumps to Jaan and taunts him for being the most confused contestant. Salman questions Jaan about the rumours about being influenced by others.  He then pokes fun at the young singer's behaviour. Then, Salman questions Jaan about his camaraderie with Nikki. Jaan shares that while Nishant was his first friend, Nikki became his second friend and he is close to her. 

Jaan also chooses to hold Nikki's hand and hug her when given a choice by Salman. The host then reveals that there is a hashtag spreading on social media 'Tambora' where people are shipping for Tamboli and Rahul. Nikki gets into a war of words with Jaan for not showing her the right direction as a 'good friend.'  Salman then praises Nikki for playing her own game as she has become the talk of the town, and the week was exciting because of her. 

Salman then reveals that Jasmin is looking 'real' in the house, and praises her for showing her 'actual personality.' Jasmin talks about her experience and sheds tears again while sharing how she felt bad as Nikki abused her. Salman suggests Jasmin to play her game the way she is right, as it will take her a long way. 

Next, Salman also praises Rahul for showing a positive turnaround in his personality. Salman lauds Rahul for entertaining everyone. Salman then pokes fun at housemates. He shows some clips of Abhinav and his unusual conversations in the BB 14 house, leaving everyone in splits. Next, Salman introduces the 'katghara' (witness box) and asks contestants to openly reveal their problems with the person standing in witness. 

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The task begins with Rubina as Eijaz accuses her of not being welcoming towards him, despite many efforts. Rubina admits that she has a personal problem with him, for having double-faced. Further, Rubina explains that she feels that Eijaz will flip at any moment. She takes a stand for hubby Abhinav and slams Eijaz for provoking them. 

Next, Pavitra takes over the witness box as Rubina talks about her issues against her. Rubina accuses Pavitra of trying to digress her and Abhinav, as she points out the debate she had a day before. Pavitra clarifies her stance, and Salman seconds her views. Hina and Gauahar also tell Rubina that she has to play individually and let Abhinav also play individually. 

Rahul is the next contestant in the witness box, as Rubina shares her issues with him. They discuss the style task, where Rahul gave her the 'confused' task. Rahul tries to clarify the misunderstanding. Hina, Sidharth, and Salman get bored with Rubina's baseless arguments and stretching things unnecessarily. 

Later, Jasmin puts her point and calls Eijaz in the katghara. Jasmin accuses Eijaz of physically intimidating her during the task. Eijaz makers clear that it was his tactic, and had no intention of intimidating her. However, Jasmin says that she felt very uncomfortable. Salman suggests Jasmin to take a step back whenever she felt uncomfortable. Jasmin and Eijaz's misunderstanding is cleared by Salman. 

Lastly, Salman comes to an important point - elimination. He announces the bottom three - Shehzad, Abhinav, and Jaan, leaving everyone shocked. Not only this, but Salman also leaves freshers in a fix as he reveals that they will have to decide who will leave the house this week. Salman advises everyone to take a wise call and says that he will meet them tomorrow, and the episode ends. 

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