Bigg Boss 14, October 19, Day 16 written update: Shehzad becomes 'not confirmed' contender; Seniors form teams

From Abhinav Shukla and Jaan Kumar Sanu getting saved to contestants choosing to be in Hina Khan, Sidharth Shukla, or Gauahar Khan's team; here's all that happened in Bigg Boss 14's Somwar Ka Vaar, Day 16 (October 19, 2020) episode. Read on to know the scoops of BB 14.

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Here's what happened in Bigg Boss 14 Somvaar Ka Vaar episode with Salman Khan
Bigg Boss 14, October 19, Day 16 written update: Shehzad becomes 'not confirmed' contender; Seniors form teams

The Sombaar Ka Vaar begins with Salman Khan taking the stage and greeting welcoming the viewers to Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar. He reminds about the twist of giving freshers the power to eliminate one from the bottom three - Shehzad Deol, Jaan Sanu, and Abhinav Shukla. Salman reveals that after the revelation, the atmosphere in the BB 14 house heated up. 

Shehzad tries to convince the inmates that he deserves to be in the game. Nishant, Eijaz, Pavitra, Rubina, Abhinav, and Jasmin back Shehzad. However, Nikki targets him, and they get into a heated discussion. Next, Jaan puts his point of view before the housemates. Nishant, Rahul, and Nikki support Jaan, while Jasmin and Rubina suggest him to play his game. While Jaan and Shehzad try to convince the freshers, Abhinav takes a step back and asks everyone to take a fair and wise decision. 

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Salman meets the housemates virtually, and immediately talk about their decision over the eviction. Then, Salman asks the freshers to one-by-one reveal who they want to eliminate among Shehzad, Abhinav, and Jaan. The discussion begins, Shehzad, Jasmin, Rubina, and Abhinav take Jaan's name for elimination. Jaan, Nikki, Rahul, and Nishant point out Abhinav's name. Eijaz and Pavitra vote against Shehzad. 

Since there is a draw (tie) between Abhinav and Jaan, the seniors get involved in the task and pick one name among the three for eliminations this week. Gauahar and Hina take Shehzad's name for eviction and reveal that he has been quite lost this week. So, the final decision goes to Sidharth. Initially, Sidharth says that he doesn't think that anyone of them deserves to go this week. But, when Salman prods him to take one name, he also votes against Shehzad. 

Ultimately, Shehzad gets five votes against him and becomes the highest voted fresher for elimination. However, later, Salman announces a 'new twist.' Salman tells Shehzad 'I'm sorry, apka game over ho chuka hai,' but he will not leave the house until further notice by Bigg Boss. Clearing Shehzad's confusion, Salman reveals that he will stay as a  'gayab' (invisible) housemate, wherein he will do all the chores, but will not participate in the house decisions and matters. Then Rahul brings attire from the storeroom, and Salman unveils that  Shehzad now is a ' 100% not confirmed' contestant of BB 14. 


Later, Salman drops another googly says that the next two days are going to be very crucial for them. He asks them to be very careful and play the game wisely. Salman shares that the war to become a confirmed contestant and remove the TBC batch. He then introduces a task. The freshers have to choose one inmate that they don't see in the confirmed list and spray foam on their faces. 

The task begins with Eijaz targeting Rubina, as he pays her back for her doings. Nishant calls out Abhinav and highlights that he lacks the passion to be there in the game. Rahul also follows Nishant's footsteps and attacks Abhinav. Nikki sprays foam on Abhinav as they get into a heated argument. Jaan also targets Abhinav, and Salman pokes fun at him for being in 'foam (form).' 

Abhinav and Rubina take revenge on Rahul and spray foam on him. Jasmin wanted to attack Nikki, but later targets Eijaz. Lastly, Pavitra sprays foam on Jaan. Salman questions Pavitra about being confused in her decision, and she clarifies her stance. However, Salman does not buy Pavitra's clarification and states that she is baffled. 

Salman then pulls Pavitra's leg for complaining about not having a decent guy in the BB 14 house. The host then gives her a task to rate the men of the house from 10 points. Rubina then shares that Pavitra had confessed about wanting to go on a date with Abhinav if he was not married. The host shares that a wild-card contestant is going to be introduced, but brings a twist by welcoming a mannequin. 


Later, the caller of the week asks a question to Pavitra, wherein he points out her confusing personality. Pavitra clarifies her stance in front of Salman, and he suggests her to put her point of view firmly. Salman also highlights how Pavitra does not battle with the opposite team during tasks but rather fights with her own team. 

Salman then asks gives a task to the seniors, wherein they have to choose one fresher from a pair, who they want to see ahead in the BB 14 game. The first pair to come up is Eijaz and Rubina. Sidharth picks Eijaz for being entertaining and tags Rubina selectively dumb. However, Hina differs from Sid's views and says that Rubina is more entertaining that Eijaz. Gauahar seconds Hina's views and chooses Rubina. 

Next up are Pavitra and Jasmin, and Salman asks the seniors to have 'aapsi sehmati.' Hina and Sidharth pick Pavitra, while Gauahar chooses Jasmin, but later changes her decisions. Later, Jaan and Nishant stand each other. Sidharth picks Jaan. Gauahar disagrees with Sidharth but later chooses Jaan. Hina seconds Gauahar's decision and picks Jaan. 

Lastly, we have,  Abhinav vs Rahul, Gauahar chooses Rahul, while Hina goes with Abhinav and Sidharth agrees with Hina's choice. However, Gauahar disapproves of Hina, and Sid's decision, but gives in to their call for 'aapsi sehamati.' According to the seniors, they want to see Rubina, Abhinav, Jaan, and Pavitra in the BB 14 game ahead. 

After the seniors' task, Salman announces a 'big' opportunity for the freshers. He reveals that in the upcoming two days it will be clear who will be in the game, and who will be out. Salman shares that seniors will play a huge role in the same, as it is about being confirmed or getting their game over. Salman then asks the freshers to choose one senior, and decide in whose team they want to be - Hina, Sidharth, or Gauahar, as 'ab scene paltega.' 


Eijaz, Nikki, and Pavitra decide to be on Sidharth's team, while Gauahar's team as Rahul and Jaan. Hina's team consists of Nishant, Abhinav, Rubina, and Jasmin. Later, Gauahar and Jaan are seen talking about the game. On the other hand, Sidharth is also seen strategizing with Nikki, Pavitra, and Eijaz. Hina suggests Rubina and Abhinav be careful in choosing their problems in the house. 

Later in the night, Pavitra and Shehzad indulge in the conversation over the eviction task, as the latter expresses his disappointment with Eijaz for deceiving him. Shehzad claims that Eijaz will do anything for the game is not loyal to anyone, and he will try to bring out his real personality. Pavitra says that Eijaz is following somebody's footsteps, but Shehzad says that he will get cornered in two days. The episode ends with Salman claiming that now the dynamics of the house will change as these three teams have been formed. 


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