Bigg Boss 14, October 21 written update: It’s game over for Sidharth Shukla’s team; Shehzad Deol gets evicted

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Bigg Boss 14, October 21 written update: It’s game over for Sidharth Shukla’s team; Shehzad Deol gets evicted

The episode starts with Bigg Boss asking the seniors to explain individually who according to them lost the task. Gauahar explains and takes a stand in front of Bigg Boss and reprimands Sidharth Shukla for interrupting. Sidharth then explains his stand in front of Bigg Boss. Hina is then told to explain her stand and her vote is the deciding factor. Hina, Gauahar then yet again gets into an argument with Sidharth over the decision as Shukla counters Hina’s vote. Later everyone is asked to sit in the living room. Gauahar assures her team to not worry and apologizes if they get eliminated. Sidharth also encourages his team. Bigg Boss then announces that Sidharth’s team loses and it is game over for his team. 

Nikki is saved because she is a confirmed contestant while Pavitra, Eijaz, and Shehzad along with Sidharth are asked to leave the house. Housemates bid adieu to Sidharth and his team. In the evening, both the teams discuss the task. Nikki and Jaan discuss Nishant. Nikki berates Nishant and other contestants during the conversation. Bigg Boss then thanks Hina and Gauahar for their two weeks' contribution and they are asked to exit the house. Rubina thanks Hina for supporting her. Nikki apologizes to Jasmin for abusing her.

At 5:30 PM, Bigg Boss starts a buzzer wherein a few strangers enter and the red zone is revealed. Pavitra and Eijaz enter the house blindfolded but will be restricted to the red zone only. The house is now divided into a red and green zone. Jaan later shares his conversation with Pavitra with other contestants. Nikki yet again gets into an argument with Nishant and Rahul. 

Rubina and Jasmin chat with each other about Nikki’s strategy and Pavitra’s flipping. Jaan then starts a conversation on the confirmed contestants' list and gets into an argument with Nikki over the chores.

Nikki, Pavitra, and Eijaz bitch about Nishant and Rahul. The next day, the contestants wake up to Beedi Jaleliye. It is early afternoon, Eijaz vents out his frustration over losing the task. It is early evening, Bigg Boss announces the first captaincy task. The task involves a dollhouse that will be set on fire and the contestants have to rescue dolls from the house. Rubina, Jasmin & others strategize for the task. 

Eijaz tells that Rubina was the last one to come out while Pavitra feels Abhinav came out last. Eijaz and Pavitra get into an argument over the same.

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