Bigg Boss 14, October 8, Day 5 written update: Sidharth gives immunity to Nikki; Rubina is an accepted inmate

From Nikki, Pavitra, Jasmin, and Rubina fighting for immunity to Hina, Sidharth, and Gauahar discussing the freshers' hidden personalities; here's what all happened in Bigg Boss 14's Day 5 (October 8, 2020) episode. Read on to know the scoops of BB 14.
Bigg Boss 14, October 8, Day 5 written update: Sidharth gives immunity to Nikki; Rubina is an accepted inmate
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The episode continues with the task at 7.15 pm. The girls enter the second round of the task to woo Sidharth Shukla in the Garage. Nikki, Rubina, Pavitra, and Jasmin raise the temperatures with steamy, sexy, close rain dance to lure Sidharth as Nora Fatehi's 'Haye Garmi' plays in the backdrop. Well, it was certainly 'too hot' in the BB 14 house, and the fresher boys along with seniors Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan were also left awestruck. 

Hina and Gauahar praised Pavitra as they thought she 'stood out' in the task. Sidharth decides to let go of Rubina in the second round, citing that other girls paid more attention to him. It is 8.15 pm, Shehzad calls Sara cute in front of Hina as she teases him. He tells that Hina wants to favour and support Sara as far as possible, while Nikki comes last on his priority list. 

The third and final round begins at the cafe. Sidharth fills the remaining girls' glasses to the brim. While the girls try to save liquids in their glasses,  Shehzad comes and ruins Nikki's tray. Following which Nikki destroys Pavitra's tray, and she in turn targets Jasmin. The glasses of all the female freshers remain empty, brining the task to an unjustified end. Nikki and Pavitra get into a verbal spat.

At 9 pm, all the contestants are discussing the chaos created in the task. Later, Sidharth and Shehzad enter into a heated war of words, as the former calls him out for disrespecting girls, which he had said is against is personality. While Shehzad tries to defend himself, Sidharth doesn't seem to pay any heed, as he points out his double-standards of saying something, and doing something else. Hina and Gauahar on the other hand, support Shehzad as they feel he has not done anything wrong in raising his voice before a woman who herself is talking at a high-pitch. 

After all the arguments and debates, the buzzer rings and the task ends. Bigg Boss asks Sidharth to declare the winner as he feels the task was invalid since no girl had anything left in their glasses. However, Bigg Boss allows Sidharth to take the final call, and he decides to give Nikki the upper hand. Declaring Nikki as the winner he cites that she was hard-done, by the boys, leaving her emotional.

Jaan, Sara, and Shehzad discuss Nikki's behaviour, as she comes to apologize for abusing Shehzad. Rubina, Abhinav, and Nishant talk about Sidharth's decision being unfair and influenced by his connection with Nikki. 

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The next morning beings with Eijaz and Rubina conversing while making tea. Music starts and contestants wake up grooving to 'Hua Chokra Jawan Re.' Pavitra and Eijaz get chatty in the bedroom area, as she reveals that she is curious to see the 'badass' Eijaz she has always heard about. Next, Eijaz is seen narrating a story to Shehzad,   wherein he points out that people should be respected only if they respect you. Later in the garden area, Nikki is criticizing Sara for not taking her decisions independently, with Nishant and Jaan. 

Nikki and Shehzad again get into a verbal spat about seven necessities from the BB mall, while Pavitra tries to calm him down. Nishant vents out his anger on inmates for not cleaning their dishes as per discussions. During breakfast, Rahul taunts Jaan for not being considerate while eating, and he strikes back asking him to 'practice what he preaches.' 

At 02.45 pm, Hina asks the contestants to choose the seven items they want from the BB mall. For the first time, Nikki backs out from demanding anything, leaving everyone surprised. However, Pavitra and Rahul get into a tussle, as Pavitra wants three necessities. Alas, Rahul gives up his one item for Pavitra's sake, but she later denies it saying she does not like his 'fake' nature. Next, Eijaz is seen talking to the camera about the feminist rules, which he thinks are unfair. He gets emotional remembering his late mother but holds himself from shedding tears. 

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In the garden area, Rubina and Jasmin cry as they feel they're being tortured as they are deprived of basic health-related necessities. Rubina also accuses Bigg Boss of physically and emotionally breaking them by putting them in impossible situations. She complains to Gauahar of being insulted on national TV in the BB 14 house. 

Later, in the bedroom area, the Toofani seniors are seen discussing contestants. Sidharth claims that everyone is hiding under a shelve and putting a good face for the cameras. Gauahar also reveals how she was surprised by Jasmin and Rubina's cry-baby attitude despite knowing the format of the show. 

It is 5 pm, Bigg Boss scolds Jasmin and Rubina for complaining. He explains how the decisions taken in the house are dependent on the contestants, and he is in no way related to it. While Bigg Boss gives Rubina an earful, she breaks down. Later, Bigg Boss announces that there will be a final immunity task ahead, but gives Rubina to opt-out of participating in it, to become an accepted fresher and enter the house. Rubina grabs the opportunity as she happily sits on the sofa as an accepted fresher. 

In the evening, Pavitra and Rahul get into an ugly war of words. The situation heats as Pavitra accuses Rahul of not doing his bathroom duty properly by ignoring the wet tissues in the bathroom. In turn, Rahul points fingers at Pavitra's cooking skills. The argument turns into accusations, with Pavitra hurling abuses.  

The day ends with Pavitra and Nikki's war or wards, as Nikki asks Pavitra to do things on her own, and not depend on others. 

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