Bigg Boss 14 PROMO: Jasmin attacks Rubina for OPPOSING Kavita during a task; Nikki fights with Pavitra, Eijaz

Jasmin Bhasin and Rubina Dilaik are going to get in a war of words during the 'panchayat' task tonight in Bigg Boss 14. On the other hand, Nikki Tamboli will also get into an ugly spat with Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan. Take a look at the BB 14 promo here.
Bigg Boss 14 PROMO: Jasmin attacks Rubina for OPPOSING Kavita during a task; Nikki fights with Pavitra, Eijaz
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Bigg Boss 14 house is going to turn into a battlefield as yet a new 'captaincy task' will test bonds and friendships. Tonight, Bigg Boss will 'literally' divide the house into two parts, during the 'batwara' task. The house will turn into a 'panchayat' giving viewers a rural feel as captain Kavita will be the mukhya, housemates will be divided into two teams. Jasmin, Aly, Nikki, and Rahul will form one team, while Rubina, Abhinav, Eijaz, and Pavitra will make the second team. 

Jasmin and Rubina will play sisters, who want to divide their ancestral property and are fighting for the same. So, yes, it is going to be Jasmin VS Rubina in the captaincy task tonight. The two will first fight to capture the 'kitchen area.' During the task, Jasmin will attack Rubina for going against captain Kavita and disrespecting her captaincy. Jasmin will point out she deserves the kitchen as Rubina tries to create fights over kitchen duties always. Moreover, Jasmin also highlights that Rubina refused to cook for venting out her anger on Kavita, ruining her captaincy. 

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Rubina hits back saying Jasmin is doing 'dhong.' She tries to defend herself from the allegations put on her. She brings up Aly Goni's topic during the previous task where he said, 'Now I will not let Kavita be peaceful in the house' as Jasmin supported her. While Rubina tries her best, she fails to please Kavita, and the control of the kitchen area goes to Jasmin and her team.

Take a look at the BB 14 promo here: 

Later, as Eijaz steps into the kitchen area Nikki asks him to go out, but her words 'Chal Nikal' agitate Eijaz. While Pavitra tries to console Eijaz, Nikki also gets into an ugly verbal spat with her. Well, it would be interesting to see who becomes the next captain of the house. What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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Anonymous 2 months ago

RUBINA Should win the the Captain Kavita Jasmin Rahul Aly should be out of Big Boss house everybody want to win instead they play fair someone has to win i only love Rubina and her husband they are only decent person

Anonymous 2 months ago

Anonymous Jasmin and Nikka are same Jasmin is.jusdas and Nikka is a Judas when Judas betrayed christ they hang their mouth where it leak Jasmin always bestray Rubina i use to Jasmin not anymore

Anonymous 2 months ago

Who the hell are you ? Watch your mother first before talking about others