Bigg Boss 14 PROMO: Salman Khan LASHES OUT at Jaan Sanu for hurling abuses: You've suddenly become 'badtameez'

Updated on Nov 09, 2020 03:56 AM IST  |  1M
Salman Khan SLAMS Jaan Kumar Sanu for being abusive towards Eijaz Khan
Bigg Boss 14 PROMO: Salman Khan LASHES OUT at Jaan Sanu for hurling abuses: You've suddenly become 'badtameez'

Salman Khan is all set to show his 'sour mood' tonight on Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar, as promised in yesterday's episode. The host is going to pick up every contestant's case who created a ruckus and spread negativity throughout the week with their behaviour. Salman will take Jaan Kumar Sanu's class for hurling abuses at Eijaz Khan during the 'devil and angles' task. 

While usually Salman is seen advising Jaan about his game, but tonight, Salman will 'slam' Jaan for using cuss words against Eijaz. 'Using such dirty words for someone. Suddenly the sweet boy has become the most badtameez boy of the house right now,' Salman is heard bashing Jaan. The host is also seen asking Jaan, 'On which level are you going?' Further, putting his point across to explain Jaan where he is going wrong, Salman tells him that here, he is showing his 'bad side' not the others. 'With all of this, his (Eijaz) personality is not getting affected, but your personality is turning bad,' says Salman as Jaan gets emotional as sheds tears. 

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For the unversed, during the luxury budget task, Eijaz had gone all out against Jaan. From asking him to put his hand in the toilet seat to removing his clothes and shaving his beard, Eijaz puts Jaan in 'tough' spots. Jaan takes everything sportingly. However, when Eijaz crosses limits, he bursts out and a huge fight erupts between them. 

Jaan and Eijaz call each other names. The singer also hurls a barrage of abuses at Eijaz, and they also get into a physical fight, leaving everyone shocked. Later, Jaan had also apologised to Eijaz for his reaction. But Salman seems to be 'unhappy and angry' with Jaan's behaviour. What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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Anonymous : Salman khan is biased and favor Aijaz khan. what reason or story is behind, dont know.
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