Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Var: Rubina Dilaik REVEALS she has had 'suicidal tendencies’

Previously, Rubina Dilaik mentioned that her marriage was on verge of divorce as she and Abhinav Shukla were having issues. Now she has made another shocking revelation.
Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Var: Rubina Dilaik REVEALS she has had 'suicidal tendencies’
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After Rakhi Sawant’s shocking marriage revelation, Rubina Dilaik who has opened up about her past on Bigg Boss 14. In the recent Weekend Ka Var episode, host Salman Khan was seen bashing contestants for showing unreal emotions just for the sake of content. Salman lashed out at Rubina for her inappropriate behaviour. Following the turn of events, the show has released a new video with Rubina in the spotlight. In the video, Salman asks, “Rubina, aisi hai ya iss show ke liye ek roop hai?”

Rubina replied, "8 saal pehle, main exactly aisi thi, aggressive. Mom-dad ke saath relationship was not that great. I had suicidal tendencies. Relationship tutne ka bhi yehi wajah tha.” The revelation is bound to leave fans returning for the episode tonight to hear the full story. Her sister Jyotika, who is entering the show as her connection, was also seen in the clip shared. Jyotika defended Rubina, “Sir vo itne bure nai hai.” Both the sisters were seen weeping as they recalled the past. Abhinav was also seen supporting his wife.

The video captions, “@rubinadilaik ke mann ki baat aayi @beingsalmankhan ke saamne, toh unki behen ke aankhon mein bhi aa gaye aansu.”

Check the video here:



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Recently, Rubina was involved in a nasty fight with Rakhi after she called Abhinav "tharki". Irked over her comment, Rubina threw a bucket of water on Rakhi. Salman has schooled Rakhi and said, "The door is open if you want to go." Rakhi apologised to Salman and promised not to repeat this again.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

Salman Khan is biased because all the things Rahul does he don't tell him anything. It seems like he doesn't like Rubina and Abhinav

Anonymous 2 months ago

Bigg Boss is biased. When Rahul. V chips into other people's affairs nothing happens to him. He is always after Rubina n Abhinav n calls them nullan bundaria It seems like Salman does not like Rubina n Abhinav Salman is biased