Bigg Boss 14's Pavitra Punia SLAMS ex Paras Chhabra's cheating accusations: Don't need a character certificate

Pavitra Punia, who recently got evicted from Bigg Boss 14, has opened up on her ex-boyfriend Paras Chhabra's claim that she was dating him while she was married to someone else. Here's what she has to say about his allegations.
Bigg Boss 14's Pavitra Punia SLAMS ex Paras Chhabra's cheating accusations: Don't need a character certificate
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Pavitra Punia recently got eliminated from Bigg Boss 14. Though she was considered to be one of the strongest players of BB 14, just a few days before the finale week, Pavitra had to walk out of the show. Her love life has always been in the news, whether it was inside the BB 14 house or outside. Her romantic link-ups have always caught attention. 

The actress got mired in controversy when her ex-boyfriend Paras Chhabra had accused her of cheating and claimed that she was dating him while she was already married to someone else. Paras made these claims when Pavitra was stepping into the BB 14 house. However, in a recent chat with the Times of India, Pavitra has denied all the allegations put by Paras and lashed out at him. Reacting to Paras' allegations, Pavitra stated, I don’t need a character certificate from anyone. I know very well whatever I was doing.' 

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She further added that even if she was in a relationship with two men simultaneously, how does Paras know at what age she was dating them. Pavitra claimed that she did not share those details with Paras. 'It was from my young days and I have no qualms admitting that I was a naughty girl,' shared Pavitra. However, the actress also claimed that when she was dating Paras, she was not with anyone else. 'When I left him (Paras) and entered another relationship that person also knew about my past relationship and that I was with just him and no one else,' revealed Pavitra. 

Reacting to Paras' claim that she kept her marriage hidden while being in a relationship with him, Pavitra said, 'For now, I won’t comment on it. Very soon I will be coming out with my statement on the entire matter.' She reiterated that she does not wish to comment on it now, and all that happened was in her personal life, and she would not allow anyone to enter her personal space. However, Pavitra taunted people who are trying to be in the limelight because of her. 'If someone wants to ride on my success and use my name for publicity, you may continue to use my name till the time you want. I will decide when to stop you and get you down,' she expressed. 

Recently, Sumit Maheshwari (a hotelier), claimed that Pavitra is still married to him. He accused her of cheating on him four times and hiding their marriage. When asked about Sumit's claims, Pavitra refused to comment on it. She said that she will talk about this matter very soon, but does not wish to have a word on it right now. 'I would say that I will talk about it very soon and I don’t want to comment right now on these stupid people,' concluded Pavitra. 

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Anonymous 4 months ago

Where’s the proof? Being engaged and getting married is 2 different thing