Bigg Boss 14's Sonali Phogat says 'Jasmin Bhasin understands her feelings for Aly & never made things awkward'

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Bigg Boss 14's Sonali Phogat says 'Jasmin Bhasin understands her feelings for Aly & never made things awkward'

Sonali Phogat, who entered Bigg Boss 14 as a wild card entry, has been in the news for confessing her feelings for fellow contestant Aly Goni. During, her stint in the popular reality show, the actress turned politician admitted having feelings for Aly. Many trolled Sonali on social media for liking a boy "much younger" than her. In a recent interview with the Times of India, Sonali revealed that even after three months of the show, she gets trolled by Aly Goni's name on social media.

Talking about expressing her feelings for the actor on National television, the politician asserted that when she shared her feelings for Aly Goni, people started trolling her. “They made fun of me, passed remarks, and questioned my thinking. I was shocked that we are in the 21st century. My feelings were pure, I didn’t have any malice in my heart. I did not pretend to be something else inside the Bigg Boss 14 house, I showed my true personality. I did not lie about my feelings nor tried to fake anything,” Sonali was quoted saying.

She added that even after three months when Bigg Boss 14 got over, people tried to troll her by taking Aly Goni’s name. She mentioned that even today whenever she posts a picture or video on Instagram, trollers write Aly Goni’s name in the comments.

Further, Sonali showered praise on Aly’s ladylove Jasmin Bhasin and said she "handled everything very maturely, adding that the Naagin actress understand her feelings for Aly."

“I really appreciate Jasmin Bhasin, initially I thought she is a kid but she is very mature. She understood my feelings for Aly Goni and never made things awkward for me. In fact, I’ve known Jasmin for a long time and she has always been in contact with me. She has been part of my happiness and sorrows and we are in touch with each other through messages," Sonali concluded.

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