Bigg Boss 15: Ahead of the launch of Salman Khan’s show; here’s a look at 5 interesting themes

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Bigg Boss 15: Ahead of the launch of Salman Khan’s show; here’s a look at 5 interesting themes
Bigg Boss 15: Ahead of the launch of Salman Khan’s show; here’s a look at 5 interesting themes

After entertaining the audience for over a decade, Bigg Boss is all set to return with its new season. Yes! Bigg Boss 15 is set to go on air tomorrow and the audience can’t keep calm about it. Interestingly, the popular reality show will be once again be hosted by Salman Khan and just like every season, Bigg Boss 15 will be coming up with new twists and surprises for the audience and the contestants including some interesting tasks and challenges in the BB house.

Interestingly, Bigg Boss is known for interesting themes and the 15th season of the show will be coming with a new theme as well. This time it will have a jungle theme wherein the contestants will have new challenges to face with the twist of sun-tree. Ahead of the Bigg Boss 15 grand premiere, here’s a look at some interesting themes from the previous season that will leave you excited for the new season of the popular reality show.

Hell or Heaven

This theme of season 7 had left everyone excited as the Bigg Boss house was divided into two segments heaven and hell. These segments were about the struggles of hell and the luxuries of heaven. While the people living in the heaven side of the house had the luxury to have a comfortable stay, the ones in hell were made to stay in a dungeon house.

Aviation theme

The season 8 came with the aviation theme wherein Bigg Boss had the interiors of an aeroplane. This isn’t all. The house also had business and economy sections and different luxuries. Besides, the BB house also had an immobile aircraft in the house, a minuscule cubed washroom and more. 

Double trouble 

In season 9, the Bigg Boss contestants were tied to each other and were made to function as a team. While it was difficult for them to use their strategies, it did justify the double trouble theme. However, the bonds were released after a few weeks and it added new twists in the show.

India Ise Apna Hi Ghar Samjho 

Bigg Boss, which was said to be a celebrity-based reality show, opened the doors for commoners in the tenth season. And while several Indiawale had entered the house, the makers gave the commoners to be the maaliks in the house, while the celebs were sevaks.

Futuristic theme 

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed a lot of things in our lives. And given the ongoing scenario, Bigg Boss 14 chose to give a tough fight to the pandemic with its futuristic theme wherein the popular reality show had mind boggling twists including a mid season finale and much more.

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