Bigg Boss 15: Devoleena warns Abhijit Bichukale for his disgraceful comments towards her; Latter unaffected

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Devo and Abhijit fight
Bigg Boss 15: Devoleena warns Abhijit Bichukale for his disgraceful comments towards her; Latter unaffected

The wildcard contestant Abhijit Bichukale has been in limelight in Bigg Boss 15 for his controversy with Devoleena Bhattacharjee. Host Salman Khan had also scolded him for his disrespectful comments. After this, things were sorted and the actress again became friends with him. But Abhijit has not mended his ways as he is seen making lewd comments on her which makes her uncomfortable around him.

The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 15 witnesses Abhijit flirting with Devoleena. As they talked about the weather, the former told her to get dressed in Western wear and enacted Shah Rukh Khan’s popular scene with her. He then joked about not being able to imagine himself in Salman Khan’s feet because he doesn’t have abs.

Devoleena tried to change the topic and said that it’s quite cold in the day. Reacting to this, Abhijit said, “To fir Emraan Hashmi wala kar le kya?” On realising what he was talking about, Devoleena got up and told him to apologise.

During the day, Abhijit once again made a flirtatious comment towards Devoleena. It was when he was talking with Pratik Sehajpal and she walked in. Pratik noticed and took Devoleena aside. He asked her if she’s fine with his remarks and comments. He tells her to speak up if she is not comfortable. Pratik suggested that he can only take a stand for her if she doesn’t feel comfortable and added that he won’t say anything if she is fine with Abhijit’s behaviour.

After listening to him, Devoleena shared that she isn’t too comfortable and will talk to Abhjit. “Honestly, I’m not comfortable,” she said. Later, she spoke to Abhijit and told him that he should mind his words as she isn’t comfortable. She further mentioned that she’s comfortable with Pratik’s touch but not his. However, Abhijit refused to listen and told her to stop talking about all this.

Abhijit continued with the same behaviour. He was seen teasing Devoleena during the task too. “You’re in love with him (Pratik) but not me, because I’m married,” he told her.

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