Bigg Boss 15: Did Tejasswi fakes her illness in the captaincy task? Find out here

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Tejasswi acting
Bigg Boss 15: Did Tejasswi fakes her illness in the captaincy task? Find out here

The new episodes of the reality show Bigg Boss 15 have brought new twists and turns to the show. The first wild card entry Rajiv Adatia had changed the dynamics between the contestants as they all are seen doubting each other now. Earlier formed bonds are broken and new ones are formed. In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Bigg Boss will announce the captaincy task and the contestants will be divided into teams.

The teams are divided as such that Team A comprises Umar, Vishal, Ishaan, Akasa, Jay, and Afsana. Team B includes Pratik, Nishant, Tejasswi, Miesha, Simba, and Rajiv. Contestants Karan Kundrra and Shamita Shetty are the sanchalak of the task. All six contestants have to stand or sit in letters and the opposite team will try their best to remove them from the letters.

During the task, the actress Tejasswi Prakash inhaled powder that is puffed in her face, due to which she begins coughing unstoppably. Seeing her condition, the housemates call for medical help soon.

Karan is seen carrying Tejasswi in her arms and will rush to the medical room as her health did not look good.

But the reality of the situation is very different from what meets the eye because it seems like Tejasswi had faked being ill as she wanted Umar and or Afasna to be out of the task.

During the live feed, Tejasswi was seen talking to Karan and a few other members where she asked them how they like her performance. She also asked them that what a good actress she has been, as she started to cough and give loud reactions because she wanted to scare the Team B contestants. She did acting so that they come out of the letters but the plan failed as no one comes out of the letterbox.

The audience also sees the cute chemistry of Karan and Tejasswi. He carried Tejasswi towards the medical room and on way, he comes to know that she was faking it.

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