Bigg Boss 15: Housemates fight as they gear up for task ‘Daaku Ka Kabza’

Updated on Oct 13, 2021 08:08 AM IST  |  29K
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Bigg Boss 15: Housemates fight as they gear up for task ‘Daaku Ka Kabza’

After getting a reality check on nomination rounds in the previous episode, the contestants are ready to take on any panga that stands in their way of surviving the jungle. Today's episode comes with a new task where the 'Junglewasis' turn into terrifying daakus. The task is called 'Daaku Ka Kabza', which has many challenging layers. The contestants awaken the 'Gabbar Singh' inside them as they get into their daaku mode and get up. Some of them even practice 'Sholay's' famous dialogue - "Kitne aadmi the?" 

Afsana brings out her own gundi as she thunders “Kisko marnaa hai mere haathon se?”  Meanwhile, Tejasswi dials up the flirt quotient with the gundas with her humour and charm. "Aapka focus sirf mujhpe rahe!", she quips, as Jay plays along with her suggestive act. Meanwhile, the 'Gharwasis' receive a letter and start plotting to finish off the daakus. This battle gets intense as they create all kinds of strategies to eliminate the gunda gang by hook or crook. 

On the other side, Karan plans to keep their rivals away from each other by all means. Fights begin in the house as Shamita takes a stand against getting violent in this contest. As the tasks become more arduous, the game becomes more competitive.


Meanwhile, love is in the air for Ieshaan and Miesha with Jay and Simba pulling their legs. As Miesha plays with Ieshaan's hair, Jay quips, "Kaccha naariyal abhi ghisna band karo!" which makes Simba roar with laughter. It will be interesting to see how contestants manage to end the task.

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