Bigg Boss 15: The junglewasis choose Shamita Shetty as the first captain of the show

Updated on Oct 10, 2021 05:11 AM IST  |  77.3K
Shamita becomes captain
Bigg Boss 15: The junglewasis choose Shamita Shetty as the first captain of the show

The season 15 of Bigg Boss has started with high voltage drama and action. The new season of the show has witnessed big clash and exciting tasks. The housemates are also seen showcasing strong tactics, each attempting to outplay another and stay safe in the house with their reaction to circumstances. In the first week of the show, Shamita Shetty has been chosen as the first captain of the house. 

The options given for choosing captaincy were Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal. The junglewasis had to feed the names of the contestants they do not want as captain to the wolf. The OTT contestants are seen convincing the junglewasis to choose them as the contestants. Shamita Shetty tells them that she will give tasks as per their abilities. Nishant Bhat also tries to convince the junglewasis that he will be fair with everyone if they choose him.

Shamita Shetty shows her skills in the task and became the first captain of Bigg boss 15. The compliments for the actress began to flood the internet. Netizens have been applauding her performance and some even called her "winning material."

A user wrote, “Yes absolutely...Shamita deserves to be captain..She takes stand for right. She doesn't target someone unnecessary. She has strong voice. She is Queen Crown. She is not biased towards her friends like nishant. She is honest, real and genuine. #ShamitaShetty #BBQueenShamita”.

Another wrote, “THIS HUG between both my cutiesss was so lovely, genuine n beautiful #TejasswiPrakash was genuinely very happy for #ShamitaShetty on the latter becoming the very first captain of #BiggBoss15 Partying facePartying facePartying face Go Tejaaa, You go Shamsi”.

A user wrote, “From ott to bb her personality has not changed ...but your percepective has definitely changed ..she has dignity ,clarity in her every action from ott to bb upcoming days she will shine more and more You will love more #ShamitaShetty”.

Shamita was one of the most popular contestants on Bigg Boss OTT. She got a direct entry into Bigg Boss 15 and is playing well with her game plans.

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