Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin asks Karan Kundrra to not follow her like a puppy & a coward; Tejasswi gets upset

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Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin asks Karan Kundrra to not follow her like a puppy & a coward; Tejasswi gets upset

In the recent episode of the show Bigg Boss 15, it is seen that Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi are having a conversation. She tells him that Neha Bhasin wants to tell her something about him, since the day she had entered the house. Karan asks, "Maine aisa kya kar diya yaar?" He tells Tejasswi that he'd spoken about Nishant Bhat, but had told it to him. Tejasswi assures Karan Kundrra that she won't believe what Neha Bhasin says and spoil their equation.

Later, Karan Kundrra goes to Neha Bhasin in the kitchen area and asks her about the thing wants to tell regarding him? He warned her to be careful and said, "I haven't made any fake relationships over here."

During Umar Riaz and Shamita Shetty's fight, Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash were seated away and were laughing. Neha tells him that they ignite the fight between people, then go in the corner and laugh. Neha said that this is what they always do and have been doing. Neha Bhasin goes towards Karan Kundrra and asks him to not laugh. She called him a "fattu," who is pretentious and asks him to remove the mask from his face. Neha asks him to come on the forefront and play. Karan kept smiling as she talks to him.

Neha warned him to not go behind and follow her like a "puppy" and be a "fattu" (coward). Tejasswi Prakash was shocked to hear all of this, while Karan and Nishant had a hearty laugh for irritating Neha by not reacting at her words.

Later, at the dinner table, Tejasswi warned Karan to not go and talk to Neha. She said that if Neha continued to torture him, she will not let her be happy. Tejasswi warns Karan to not go and make the first move with Neha. Karan teases her and asks her to assume that he's already gone to talk to Neha, then what would she do? Tejasswi replies that she will slap him.

Karan teases her further and asks what would she do after slapping him. Vishal Kotian, who is also seen sitting there asks them to let him eat peacefully and not start their romance here.

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