Bigg Boss 15: Netizens support Afsana Khan after her eviction from the reality show

Updated on Nov 10, 2021 08:51 PM IST  |  234.3K
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Bigg Boss 15: Netizens support Afsana Khan after her eviction from the reality show

The recent happening in the Bigg Boss 15 house have taken a major turn as two contestants leave the house in one day. The contestant Afsana Khan be reportedly evicted from the house following her brawl with Shamita Shetty and later trying to harm herself. Apparently, the singer experienced a panic attack during the fight with Shamita Shetty and became violent in the house following which she was evicted on an immediate basis. Numerous fans of the actress have come out in the support of Afasana Khan. 

A user wrote, “Happy #AfsanaKhan leave bb house. This place is very dengerous for her health. The peoples who making fun of her condition are disgusting and zero brain.”

Another wrote, “#AfsanaKhan is A Good person by heart Red heart I hope She recover from this soonPleading faceHeart suit #KaranKundrra || #KKundrraSquad”

A user posted, “Thank you #AfsanaKhan for entertaining us. You always bring a huge smile on my face. Life always gives ups and downs and I am sure you will overcome this. You will bounce back stronger. We are not making fun of you. We know you are good person by heart. WE LOVE AFSANA KHAN”

Another said, “WE LOVE YOU AFSANA KHAN .Please don't Judge anyone bcoz u don't know what the person was/is going through ... #AfsanaKhan #TejasswiPrakash #TejasswiIsTheBoss  @OrmaxMedia”

Someone commented, “Guys please don’t make fun of #AfsanaKhan never nice to make fun of someone who is going thru something like this. People who are making fun of her mental health and emotional health - don’t do that. Be kind. Especially other fandoms be cautious in your words. #BiggBoss15”

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