Bigg Boss 15: Simba Nagpal gets offended due to Afsana Khan’s allegations during a task

Updated on Nov 05, 2021 12:53 PM IST  |  130.4K
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Bigg Boss 15: Simba Nagpal gets offended due to Afsana Khan’s allegations during a task

The recent episodes of Bigg Boss 15 saw a lot of action and verbal fights. Simba Nagpal was seen losing his cool over Umar Riaz and pushing him in the swimming pool. In the previous episode of the show, it was seen that singer Afsana Khan had put allegations against Simba Nagpal and Pratik Sehajpal which shocked housemates. Pratik Sehajpal was seen losing him calm over the allegations and Simba was also hurt by the allegations.

Afsana Khan, who was in the opposite team, accused Simba Nagpal and Pratik Sehajpal of inappropriately touching her. After the second round came to an end, she came in the bathroom area and started yelling at Simba for inappropriately touching her during the task. She warned him to stay away from her otherwise she would break his head. Simba shouted back at her and said, "Koi shauk nahi hai tumhe haath lagane ka, tere muh bhi nahi lagna chahta tu ja yahan se."

Soon, the matter went out of hand as Shamita, Jay Bhanushali and others spoke in Pratik and Simba's favour. Shamita adds that if Afsana is hiding the fake coconuts inside her T-shirt and sitting defending it, then it is her choice and she can't play a woman card because of it. She further says there are chances that someone can put his/her hand inside and try to take the coconuts.

Karan Kundrra takes Afsana’s side and says that if a girl has addressed the issue, one can't ignore. Karan even gave an extreme example which made the matter worse. He told Shamita, "If a girl goes in a dangerous area and if she gets molested, you can't say it is her fault." When Pratik learnt about it, he was furious. He confronted Karan and said, "You were my mentor once but you've compared the situation with a very extreme example. It is a very disgusting and stupid thing I've ever heard."

Karan had an emotional breakdown as Pratik spoke to him very rudely and says Afsana is like a sister to him, hence he will stand by her side. Shamita Shetty was seen consoling him.

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