Bigg Boss 15: VIP contestants’ positions in danger as others fight for being one of them

Updated on Nov 18, 2021 01:09 PM IST  |  86.6K
pratik & karan fight
Bigg Boss 15: VIP contestants’ positions in danger as others fight for being one of them

The upcoming episode of the reality show Bigg Boss 15 will be full of entertainment and excitement as the VIP members fight to maintain their spot in the VIP zone. In the episode, it will be seen that non-VIP members Rajiv Adatia, Jay Bhanushali, Neha Bhasin, Simba Nagpal and Pratik Sehajpal will get a chance to become the VIP members. In the promo, it is seen that Karan Kundrra and Pratik Sehajpal get into a fight during the task as latter tries to create obstacles.

As they fight, Tejasswi Prakash also stands up against Pratik. She holds Karan, so that their fight doesn’t get physical. Karan tells her that he will make sure the task gets dismissed. During their argument, Pratik tells Tejasswi to keep quiet to which she strikes back saying, "Tu hota kaun hai mujhe chup rehne bolne wala?" Jay Bhanushali is seen enjoying the task as he says, “Ab aaya oont pahad ke niche”. 

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In the previous episode, Bigg Boss announced Rajiv Adatia, Neha Bhasin, Pratik Sehajpal, Simba Nagpal and Jay Bhanushali are nominated as they are not the VIP members.

Rajiv also complained that none of the VIPs deserve to be in the position as they are the ones to create the most nuisance in the house. He says, “Bigg Boss why are we even here. Give them all the food, give them all the power.” Neha agrees saying, “Seriously, I don’t know why I came here now.”

On the other hand, Karan was seen talking to Rajiv and assuring him that if he comes to the VIP zone, it will be beneficial for them. Karan says that he does have a couple of reasons about why he will be beneficial to them but he won’t reveal it.

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