Bigg Boss fame Arshi Khan shares her views on living alone; Says BB11 taught me how to manage daily chores

Arshi Khan is jumping with joy as she has recently bought her own abode in Mumbai and will be living there alone. She also talked about connections with Bigg Boss 14 contestants.
Arshi Khan Bigg Boss fame Arshi Khan shares her views on living alone; Says BB11 taught me how to manage daily chores
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Bigg Boss 11 fame actress Arshi Khan is very happy these days, as she has finally bought her own home in Mumbai. The actress feels very proud to be able to buy a house and presently setting up the house as per her needs. She was a contestant in Bigg Boss 11 and came back in Bigg Boss 14. While she took time in adjusting in the earlier season, in season 14 of the show she made use of every opportunity to make herself seen. She was often seen engaging in fights or doing some comedy stints in the house. In a recent interview with Times of India, she talked about living on her own.

She is very excited that she has finally bought her dream house and shifted to it. When asked about when she will be living with her family or alone, she said that she will be living alone. She added that her parents live in Bhopal and they have their own house over there. She feels that since she came to Mumbai, she has been living alone and now also she will continue to be on her own.

She was asked about how she is managing everything. Arshi replied that it was difficult in starting as there was no one to help. But she feels that in Bigg Boss 11 she learned to do the household chores like cleaning, washing dishes, clothes and even doing other household works. This worked in her favor when she returned to Bigg Boss 14. She also told that she has not completely unpacked yet and it will take time to settle things in her new home. She said that she is still figuring out what she has and what she needs, hence she will do things slowly.

When asked about connecting with Bigg Boss 14 contestants, she said that she is in touch with almost everyone, except a few people whom she did not name. She said that she is expecting to get some interesting work now.

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