Bigg Boss OTT: Karan Johar bashes Divya Agarwal for ‘Neither Salman nor Karan can influence my views’ comment

Updated on Aug 23, 2021 04:33 PM IST  |  144.2K
Bigg Boss OTT: Karan Johar bashes Divya Agarwal for ‘Neither Salman nor Karan can influence my views’ comment (Pic Credits: Voot Instagram)

The latest Sunday Ka Vaar episode in Bigg Boss OTT was packed with shocking moments, entertainment, and high-voltage drama. One such moment was when host Karan Johar responded to a comment made last week by contestant Divya Agarwal. In the last Sunday Ka Vaar episode, Divya had said that if she considers someone her friend, she will try to clarify any misunderstandings between them, and that neither Salman Khan nor Karan Johar can influence her views. KJo did not particularly like Divya’s statement and he had quite a mouthful to say in response. 

Karan lashed out at Divya saying that even though she would like to eliminate him, she cannot do so, as she is just a contestant and Karan Johar is the host of the show. He further added that he is a fair player and is not related to any of the contestants on the show. Karan was not yet done. He went on to tell Divya that if she cannot give him respect, she should stop taking his name altogether. Divya, on the other hand, had her defense ready.

She said that the housemates boycotted her because of what Karan said in the last weekend episode. She further said that not everything Karan said was true. The filmmaker then interrupted her and told her that he said as he felt, and that if Akshara misunderstood him, it’s not his problem. Karan also stated that both Salman and himself have earned a lot of respect over the years in the outside world and that if Divya cannot respect them, she should stop taking their names. 

In another instance, Karan told Divya to watch her words. She responded by saying that she is not in the show to interfere in others’ fights. She would rather fight for herself, she said. 

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