Bigg Boss OTT: Pratik Sehajpal's fights to Shamita Shetty revelations; Top 5 incidents from the first week

Published on Aug 16, 2021 04:10 PM IST  |  74.8K
Bigg Boss OTT: Pratik Sehajpal's fights to Shamita Shetty revelations; Top 5 incidents from the first week

Bigg Boss OTT was in the news ever since its promo was released. The makers managed to keep many things under wrap and then on premiere they revealed many new things. Well, the first week has passed away. And the first contestant has also got eliminated. Urfi Javed was the first to leave the house. However, apart from this, the first week in the house was very interesting. Viewers got to see many fights between contestants and also some shocking revelations. 

Pratik Sehajpal was grabbing all the limelight from day one. He was seen picking fights with everyone including Divya Agarwal, Shamita Shetty, Akshara Singh, Zeeshan Khan. The actor called them fake. But these contestants were also silent. They were seen giving him back. In fact, during Sunday Ka Vaar, Divya and Pratik were seen getting into a verbal spat in front of Karan Johar. Apart from them, Moose Jattana and Neha Bhasin were also seen fighting during the task. The reality show is winning the hearts of the audience. 

Here are the top interesting incidents from the first week of the reality show. Take a look:

1. Pratik Sehjapal fights: The contestant was seen picking up fights with everyone. He first started with Divya and called her fake. They fought over kitchen duties. Then again he was seen fighting with Shamita Shetty over food. Both were seen screaming and the actress also said he does not know how to speak to a woman. But this does not stop here. Then he was seen fighting with Zeeshan Khan.

2. Akshara Singh & Moose Jattana: Bhojpuri actress had a breakdown on the show after she had a small altercation with Muskaan Jattana, popularly known as Moose Jattana.  As reported the actress said, “I was asking Moose to look for Millind Gaba for dinner and she replied in foul language. I felt bad. She also commented on my work saying ‘Ye jo tum Bhojpuri gaana waana gaati ho…That is how she speaks about my work." The Bhojpuri actor added, " She has no right to comment on my occupation. I earn my bread and butter because of the Bhojpuri industry. That’s my profession.” 

3. Neha Bhasin & Ridhima Pandit: In one of the tasks Punjabi singer Neha Bhasin kissed TV actress Ridhima Pandit on her lips. Her act left everyone including the actress surprised. As per the task the other team had to distract the members of another team. 

4. Shamita Shetty suffering from Colitis: A fight took place between Shamita and Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh after the latter complained that she was not getting proper food. Then the Mohabbatein actress said she cannot eat normal food as she has a Colitis problem.  Colitis is inflammation of your colon.  

5. Urfi Javed: To save herself from elimination, the actress was seen making a dress from garbage bags. She had attempted to entertain them but still was eliminated.

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