Dear Mom EXCLUSIVE: Urvashi Dholakia: Barely saw my kids grow; was in depression post sending them to boarding

Urvashi Dholakia in our new episode of Dear Mom opens up on being a single mother, societal taboos, being depressed, and more.
Dear Mom EXCLUSIVE: Urvashi Dholakia: Barely saw my kids grow; was in depression post sending them to boarding Dear Mom EXCLUSIVE: Urvashi Dholakia: Barely saw my kids grow; was in depression post sending them to boarding
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Urvashi Dholakia is the next to grace our episode of Dear Mom. The beautiful actress is a mother to twin sons and has been a single parent from a very young age. In the first part, the actress opens up on her journey, was it difficult to break through the societal norms and taboos, how were the kids growing up, her career, and more. Opening up on how were her kids growing up, Urvashi sighed confessing that she doesn't know as she barely saw them grow. 

"Honestly, I don't know much about it. Unfortunately, that is something that did come to my mind that I had barely been able to give them any time, and because of that, I had to send them to the boarding school. I had no other choice. I was never happy with the decision of sending them away. It put me under a massive depression but on the other hand, I had to do it for their future," Urvashi said. She added, "My mother told me that you rather have given them a disciplined life by keeping them away than keeping them hear and not being there for them. So, yeah. I did not see them grow but I am happy that I gave them time when they were back. I had to restart my work after a point and then I did Bigg Boss and that was the only time I was away from them. Then, I took a conscious decision of not wanting to work because I decided I have to see them grow because I couldn't see them grow during their childhood."

How did you make them understand this situation? "It took a lot of time. They were 8 when I put them in the boarding school. Amongst other kids, there were a lot of questions in their minds, and there was no doubt that I did not have the answer to all the questions but slowly and gradually, we started taking it a level up. When they grow, I was also growing up. Till today, they have questions about so many things, but there is no guideline on how to be a perfect mother. I think we should just go each day with them," Urvashi shared. 

Does she have any regrets about it? "It is not something I recommend you marry early and have kids early. Everyone's journey is different. For me, I couldn't fight it. It was destined and you cannot fight that. Obviously, since then to today, things have changed drastically," Urvashi replied.

But being a single mother is not taken very positively in our society. Did she face any resistance? "The picture was very different 24-25 years ago. The societal pressure, the taboo of being a single mother was obviously there but it did not bother me. Of course, within the family too, people were a bit reluctant and hesitant about it. Today, it has become a fad. Everything in my life happened very early," Urvashi recounted.

About how the industry treated her, she concluded, "Thankfully at that point, I wasn't new. Of course, there are a lot of people who came and went in the interim and said a lot of things to me, a lot. Some said behind my back, some of them said brutally on my face, very personal attacks on me, but then if I start all this affecting me, I wouldn't be where I am. I had no choice but to ignore all of them."

Check out Urvashi Dholakia's video here:

Anonymous 1 year ago

Strong woman

Anonymous 1 year ago

she could have kept them if she had parents with her...but then noone knows what were her troubles.