Decade Ender: From Sidharth vs Rashami to Hina vs Shilpa; Bigg Boss 'Fan Wars' that created storms

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Decade Ender: From Sidharth vs Rashami to Hina vs Shilpa; Bigg Boss 'Fan Wars' that created storms
Decade Ender: From Sidharth vs Rashami to Hina vs Shilpa; Bigg Boss 'Fan Wars' that created storms

Bigg Boss, one show that can make someone's career and even mar it. From 2006, every year we witness this controversial show coming back with a bang. While the show has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment, its prime element remains to be the 'massive and ugly fights.' The last decade has also been full of surprises for the reality show as it made a mark on Television and hooked audiences with its eye-popping content. As we kiss this decade a goodbye, we list down some fan wars from Bigg Boss that created a storm all over the internet and will be remembered for the times to come. 


1) Gautam Gulati vs Karishma Tanna


Anyone who is an ardent fan of Bigg Boss can never forget the ugly spat between BB 8 contestants Karishma Tanna and Gautam Gulati. It all started during the mirchi task where Karishma tried to provoke Gautam, as she began smearing red chilli powder over his body. The young man could not bear it any longer and in a fit of rage hurled abuse towards Karishma. It was the first major fight of the season. Karishma demanded his disqualification from the task, Gautam readily apologized for his.




While all the housemates stood by Karishma Tanna and preach the woman card, viewers connected with Gautam and he soon rose as the hero of the house. This so-called rivalry was carried till the finale episode, where Gautam beat Karishma and emerged as the winner, making #WeLoveGauti a massive trend.


2) Gauhar Khan Vs Tanisha Mukherjee


These two beauties of Bigg Boss 7 shared cold vibes from the day on the season, but things took a drastic turn during the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task that preached individualism. The dormant dislike between them finally exploded and the animosity came out in the open. While Tanisha accused Gauahar of being biased and mocked her frail health condition, Gauahar hit back saying, “Do not guide me."




This cold war did not stop until the final day, where Twitter and the ex-housemates seemed divided in supporting the two female contenders. Eventually, the decision was made and dusky beauty Gauahar Khan walked home with the trophy.


3) Dipika Kakkar Vs Sreesanth


Known as the 'Brother-sister' duo of Bigg Boss 12, the two stood by each other throughout the season, despite their ups and downs. The even battled together for the trophy, wherein the actress emerged as the winner. While things were smooth until the season, situations got worse later. Soon after the show, Sreesanth unfollowed Dipika on Instagram, after which everyone sensed trouble between the two.




Clarifying on the same, Sree agreed to the fact and said it was because she unfollowed his wife. He also revealed that Dipika's fans had been abusing his family and she never took a stand for them. Well, it is sad to see that a true bond got broken because of fan wars.


4) Hina Khan Vs Shilpa Shinde


The two Telly town actresses had an on-off relationship in the BB 11 house. From Hina blasting at Shilpa for using tap water while cooking to the latter accusing Hina of treating her as a servant, the two were constantly engaging in cat-fights. But, if we recall, it was Hina targetting Shilpa more as she called her unhygienic, chawl girl and also accused her of not performing tasks. Their fights created an uproar on social media with some backing Hina and others rooting for Shilpa. 




After many struggles and fights, Shilpa Shinde finally beat Hina Khan and emerged as the winner of the season. But, even after the show, the fire in them did not get calm, as both were seen bashing each other in several interviews. 


5) Shilpa Shinde Vs Vikas Gupta


Theirs was not a fallout that happened in the Bigg Boss house, but personal past problems that only worsened further. Shilpa was known for constantly creating issues for Vikas. From verbal wars to hurling abuses, Shilpa did everything she could to annoy and irritate Gupta. After Shilpa dropped tea on Vikas, he lost his cool and poured some tea Shilpa's clothes that were kept in the suitcase. Things soon went out of control as Vikas also picked up one of the suitcases and threw it on the ground, calling Shilpa a 'madwoman'.




While some viewers felt bad for Mastermind Vikas to have to go through all this, others connected with Shilpa for venting out her justified anger. A social media battle between the fans of the two was constantly on a raise during their stint.


6) Sidharth Shukla Vs Rashami Desai


What happens when old rivals come face-to-face again? Do they try to sort out things? No, things get uglier to no limits. This is exactly what is happening between Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai in the Bigg Boss 13 house. The two who have had a bad fallout in their personal life in the past, are only making it worse now. From hurling abuses to getting physically aggressive to digging out the past, the Dil Se Dil Tak co-stars have stooped down to unexpected levels.




While viewers loved their chemistry in the show, their fans have been at loggerheads with each other from day one. Some blame Shukla for his aggressive nature, others feel Rashami is provoking him purposely. Every passing day, we see the two trending on social media, #StayStrongRashami and #WeStandByYouShukla. Well, we don't know when these two fights, the one going inside the house, and the one outside will end. 


7) Sidharth Shukla Vs Asim Riaz


Tagged as the 'Ram-Laksham' jodi of BB 13, the once best friends have now turned ugly foes. Just like their friendship was unexpected, their enmity also came as a shocker. Not only do we see them getting into a nasty war of words, but the two have also engaged in physical violence, time and again. Though some blame Asim Riaz for instigating Sidharth Shukla to lose his calm, others think Shukla has no control over his hands and anger. While initially, their fans couldn't stop praising their friendship, now they are seen constantly playing the blame game.




Two fan groups have been formed on social media, one supporting the Kashmiri model, and the other the Dil Se Dil Tak actor. Recently, after Rohit Shetty confronted the two, fans initiated a war on Twitter. Some stood by Asim and said #StopBullyingAsim, others extended support to Shukla and said #AlwaysByYourSideSid.


Which Bigg Boss fan war made your heads turn? Also, are you enjoying the current BB 'tedha' season? Drop-in your suggestions in the comment section below 

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