Did Benafsha Soonawalla accuse ex boyfriend Varun Sood of cheating and dishonesty? Find Out

Benafsha Soonawalla,who is now dating Priyank Sharma has finally opened up about her ex boyfriend Varun Sood. The Bigg Boss 11 contestant has made some shocking revelations about her past broken relationship.
Did Benafsha Soonawalla accuse ex boyfriend Varun Sood of cheating and dishonesty? Find Out Did Benafsha Soonawalla accuse ex boyfriend Varun Sood of cheating and dishonesty? Find Out
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Earlier this month, Bigg Boss 11 fame Benafsha Soonawalla broke the ice and made a big revelation. Putting end to all speculations Ben revealed that she madly in love with co-contestant Priyank Sharma and they are dating. The actor also followed suit, making his relationship with Benafasha public on social media. The duo shared mushy photos declaring their love with the world. While many showered the couple with blessings, some did not quite like it and bashed them to no limits. 

The duo's declaration of love called in for quite some trolling and criticism. However, Benafsha is in no mood to let the negative comments seek in. It looks like she is done with the 'blame game' and people pointing fingers at her for deciding to 'move on.' Ben has finally opened about her past relationship, and how things went wrong with it. Yes, she finally shared her side of the story, revealing some shocking details about her past broken relationship. 

Benfasha took to her Instagram handle to pour her heart out an unveil her story to everyone. Giving a befitting reply to all the allegations against her, Ben said that she tried her level best to save the relationship. But, ultimately after giving all, she decided to move on as she was done with her ex-boyfriends' lies. Without revealing the person's name, she accused him of cheating with other girls, being dishonest and lying to her almost every time. Ben revealed that she was tired of constantly begging for love when all he did was cheat and lie. 

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Venting her heart out, Benfasha stated that it was only after BB 13 that her ex-BF came back to her, when she had already found someone special (Priyank Sharma). However, it was difficult for her to understand if it was his love or ego that made him come back to her. 

She said that despite all the allegations and accusations against her,  she will never be apologetic for moving on from a bad relationship. She also went on to reveal that Priyank had never been in a relationship with Divya Agarwal. She said that there's a difference between attraction and being together.

On a concluding note, Benafsha said that she has come forward to speak about it now because is being defamed by her ex and his current girlfriend. Though she did not mention the person's name, Ben's post seems to be hinting at her ex beau Varun Sood. 

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My side of the story, for the first and the last time. @jyotikkamishra @samidhasinghh

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