Dipika Kakar and Karan V Grover come together for ‘Kahan Hum Kahan Tum’ an unconventional love saga

The television audience will see for the first coming together of two of the most renowned professionals, actors and surgeons on the same platform for Star Plus’ upcoming show ‘Kahan Hum Kahan Tum’, starring Dipika Kakkar and Karan V Grover.
news & gossip,Karan V Grover,Dipika Kakar,Kahan Hum Kahan TumDipika Kakar and Karan V Grover come together for ‘Kahan Hum Kahan Tum’ an unconventional love saga
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Dipika Kakkar and Karan V Grover will be seen together as a lead couple for a new and rather unconventional show on Star Plus. These two terrific actors will be playing the roles of actress and surgeon respectively. This show has brought together medical experts in the fore front like top surgeons of the city like, Dr. Amandeep Gujral, spine surgeon, Viral Desai, plastic surgeon among others. Hum Tum actor, Saif Ali Khan will be seen as the narrator for the show.

‘Kahan Hum Kahan Tum’ will bring a fresh script and a never witnessed before love story with a new take on love and relationships in modern times. The story revolves around two characters from two different worlds, in professions very different from each other, two busiest lifestyles and hectic work schedules.Can love thrive between two extremely varied personalities in times where people are often too busy to spend time with loved ones.

The show talks about the difficulties one faces while trying to strike a balance the personal life with the professional. Yet, one has to hold onto the romance and carry on with life. Saif Ali Khan will be introducing the on-screen leads and will leave  behind a question, with their hearts as one, will they find themselves, as the two characters chose two very demanding careers and the sacrifices it will ask for from the characters. Well, we can sure say that this show has already generated a sort of stir among the minds of the audiences and everyone is looking forward to see what the story and the respective lead characters has to offer to the viewers.

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