Divyanka Tripathi supports Manish Naggdev after he revealed how ex GF Srishty Rode used him for career gains

Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya came out in support of Manish Naggdev as she supported him after he penned down a note informing everyone that ex-girlfriend and BB12 contestant Srishty Rode used him for personal and career gains.
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Prior to entering the Bigg Boss house, Srishty Rode was dating Manish Naggdev is a fact known to all and post the reality show, Srishty Rode and co-contestant Rohit Suchanti grew extremely close so much so that Rohit was being cited as the reason behind Srishty and Manish’s break up. Although Rohit and Srishty haven’t confirmed to their love affair, but their vacation pictures and dinner outings are proof enough. But a few days back, what shook everyone was when Manish Naggdev took to social media to pen a note informing everyone about how Srishty and now his ex-girlfriend used him for work.

In a long message, Manish jotted down how he felt Srishty for using him for career gains and post his message, Manish received a lot of sympathy and messages by fans and friends and amidst all his friends, Yeh Hain Mahobbatien fame Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya was one of the first ones to stand by Manish. Divyanka commented on Manish' post and asked him to stay positive as she wrote, “Always by your side Manish. I know you for 13 years now. I know what you are made of! Just let the bygones be bygones and keep moving ahead with your head held high like before. Best times are yet to come. Trust me!.”

For all those who don’t know, Divyanka and Manish have known each other for over a decade as they have worked together in the show Banoo Main Teri Dulhan in 2005. As we speak, Srishty is vacationing somewhere in the Europe and we wonder what does she has to say after reading ex-boyfriend Manish’s rant on social media.



It’s ok to vent it out. I hope all your questions have been answered with this. #stop

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That’s is so sad....:( I hope her career sinks like the Titanic. That is so mean what she did.

Why blame the girl always? She didn’t want to be in a relationship so what? Move on man. Being so emotionally dependent on her is your fault. Grow a spine and some individuality in a relationship. Probably that’s why she left you

Who is DT aunty to interfere every where
Has she forgotten that all her awards are Ekata Mata ki Kripa

divyanka behenji apne kaam se kaam rakh.Yeh ladke jab rejection nae le paate toh ladkion pe blame krdete hai .Wese bhi srishti is so beautiful.She dont deserve this ugly man

Shut up behenji

Some girls are just like aish who use guys and move on

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