Do you know who is Rupali Ganguly’s angel? Actress reveals in her latest post

Rupali Ganguly is riding high on the success of her show. Fans are eagerly waiting to see the new journey of Anupama.
Rupali Ganguly,Anupamaa Do you know who is Rupali Ganguly’s angel? Actress reveals in her latest post
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Fathers will always special for their daughters. This year June 20 will be celebrated as Father’s Day and actress Rupali Ganguly remembers her dad as she penned an emotional note. She has shared a series of her father’s pictures on her Instagram handle. The actress is also seen posing with him. To note, the actress’ dad Anil Ganguly was a popular film director. He is known for his films Kora Kagaz, Tapasya, Angaara among others. 

Taking to her Instagram handle, the actress wrote, ‘I have an Angel watching over me ...... I call him Pappa. Pappa I want u to know, I feel u watching us everywhere we go....U protect me and guide me always -that I understand, I would give up everything.... to just once more , hold ur hand .... I know now , everything u said was absolutely right. I wish I wish Pappa, just once more I could hug u tight.”

The pictures which she shared show her father getting an award. He had received National Award for Kora Kagaz and Tapasya. In one of the pictures, she is also posing with her son.

Take a look at the pictures here:


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Coming back to the show Anupamaa, viewers will witness a lot of drama. Bapuji has divided the house into three parts and one part he has given to Anupama. This decision of him has irked Kavya while all others are happy. Bapuji said he wants her to always live with them. Kavya is fuming in anger as she does not like it, but Vanraj is happy with his father’s decision.

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