Drashti Dhami to return with an extramarital affair drama opposite Shakti Arora and Aham Sharma?

Drashti Dhami is rumoured to be a part of an extramarital affair drama which will reportedly also feature Shakti Arora and Aham Sharma. Drashti was last seen in Pardes Main Hai Mera Dil.
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Drashti Dhami, who was last seen in Pardes Main Hai Mera Dil, is currently on a sabbatical from work. However, here's some good news for her fans. 
If the latest buzz is to be believed, the Television beauty might play the female lead in an extramarital drama opposite Shakti Arora and Aham Sharma. Recently, Drashti was seen sharing a few sneak peek from sets and we wonder if that was from her look test for the show? Hmm, well, we will have to wait for an official confirmation on this. 
Meanwhile, Drashti is enjoying some quality time with her husband, Neeraj Khemka and family. 
Recently, during an exclusive interaction with PINKVILLA, when asked if any project is in pipeline, Drashti had said, "Honestly, not really. Nothing as of now. Of course, how much ever I want to come back to work, I do want to pick up something nice and sensible so I am in no hurry. At the same time, I wouldn't mind if something nice comes my way. I have really not thought what I would like to do, I am just waiting for something nice to happen."
She had added, "Also, at some level, I am liking this break that I have had for some while now because for the first time in many years I think I have been able to enjoy weddings, I have been travelling, I have been spending time with my friends and nephews, mum-in-law and my family. Neeraj actually told me that for the first time I think you are married to me as finally, I am spending some quality time with him. (laughs) So we go out for workouts together, we are this 'Netflix couple' now, so once he is back from work, the only thing we are doing is watching Netflix. I am liking and enjoying this. (laughs)"
Well, we hope to see Drashti back in action at the soonest. 

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Prettier than half of the Bollywood brigade

TV ladies are prettier than movie girls. TV girls have none to minimum work done, the have this wholesome Indian persona that is endearing... i would watch more movies if the heroines were like Sanaya Irani or Darshti Dhami.

Don't compare sanaya with drashti aunty . It would be like insulting sanaya's talent

Don't compare sanaya with drashti aunty . It would be like insulting sanaya's talent

Worser news than even Donald trump chosen as president.

Acting is not everyone's cup of tea ,she should realize that and give up on acting and settle with husband

Not gonna watch her

We will waiting for u beautyy

She will look older than Shakti Arora

She hasn't age a day since her music video days! Gorgeous beauty...

Gosh! Why this over acting queen has to come back on television

Why ?

TV is so better off without her

Everyone will celebrate drashti if she comebackwith vivian and vivian only this the fact

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