Eijaz Khan OPENS UP about being approached for Bigg Boss 14, his birthday plans, lockdown, and more

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Eijaz Khan OPENS UP about being approached for Bigg Boss 14, his birthday plans, lockdown, and more


Eijaz Khan is counted amongst one of the most talented and versatile actors in the entertainment industry. With his acting prowess and performance, Eijaz has not only made a special place in the Indian Television industry but also in Bollywood. With a career spanning for almost two decades, Eijaz has established himself as an actor who can pull off any role with ease and perfection. Today (August 28, 2020) is a special day for him, as he has turned a year older. Yes, it is Eijaz Khan's 'Happy Birthday' today, and in a candid chat, he spoke about his birthday plans, him doing a reality show, lockdown situation, and more.  


Rumours of Eijaz being a part of Salman Khan's much-awaited reality show Bigg Boss 14 have been doing rounds for quite some time. Several media reports claimed that the actor is likely to be locked inside the BB 14 house. So, when asked about participating in Bigg Boss 2020, Eijaz said, 'Almost every year, I get approached for almost every reality show. And don't you think we have been locked in enough this year? I don't think I'm going to subject myself to that anymore.' Well, with Eijaz's reply, it looks like he is not very keen to feature in BB 2020. 


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Like many, birthdays are special for the Bepanah Pyaar actor also. When asked what special meaning do birthday's hold for him, Eijaz reiterated, 'Birthday's generally mean, a lot of attention that I can't handle. Especially on days like this, I kind of cringe, which makes me a little awkward, and I end up saying things which I shouldn't (giggles). More often than not, my birthdays are dictated by a few close friends, who decide what to do. I have a different bunch of friends. Then it is a series of get-together or meetings or parties.' 


Ask him how he is planning to celebrate his birthday this year amid the pandemic, Eijaz revealed, 'My birthday plan this year is quite fluid, I'm not sure of anything this year (giggles). I think I will try to meet my dad, and share greetings. I plan to bake a cake for myself, and if the cake does not come out well, then I know how to make very good pancakes. I have my own special recipe of pancake variants. Also, I'm going to go for a motorbike ride, which I've been missing a lot. Though not a long ride, just going to feel the breeze and atmosphere.' 


Here's a Eijaz Khan's recent post as he turns 45: 





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Not only this, but Eijaz is all set to do something that he has never done before, and has challenged himself this year. Sharing about his special wish, the actor said, 'U don't do long-distance running, so I want to run 21 kms tomorrow. I haven't done it before, I don't know how successful it will be, but I will not quit before I touch the 21 km mark.' 


While talking about this birthday plans, the actor went all nostalgic and recalled how he used to celebrate his special day, when things were 'normal' and COVID-19 wasn't a thing. He shared, 'When I was living in Bandra, I had a 'special group' of friends of kids who used to sell artifacts and stuff. So we used to go to the Khau Gali on carter road, enjoy and have a good time. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, this time I can't do that. This year, it is going to be different, I'm going to be alone. This year I'm challenging myself with the run, and I hope I succeed.' 


Lastly, sharing how the Coronavirus crisis has affected him and cut down his meetings with people, Eijaz said, 'We are bored of the pandemic, we are bored of staying at home. But the pandemic is not really bored with us, I don't think we have even peaked. I am paranoid, and I want to respect my health and everyone else's, so I'm going to stay away from everyone.' 


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