Ekta Kapoor opens up on complaints that her content is sometimes too regressive & also very bold

Ekta Kapoor has a hand on TV with her top shows and also has her own digital app where people can watch her other shows. In an interview, she spoke about the complaints people have with her content on her app.
news & gossip,Ekta KapoorEkta Kapoor opens up on complaints that her content is sometimes too regressive & also very bold
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Ekta Kapoor has been ruling TV screens with her shows for more than two decades. She then came up with her own app where people can watch other Balaji shows. The consumption of digital platforms has grown a lot over the years. However, recently, there was a petition to censor the content on these platforms too. It was dismissed by the Delhi HC but several PILs were filed and the Supreme Court told the Centre to look into the guidelines the platforms can follow.

Comin to Ekta Kapoor's content on the digital platform, it's nothing like we see in her TV shows. The shows on her digital app are bold and hot. In an interview with Mid Day, she defended her content on the app and said that anything she puts out there is open to criticism. Ekta added, "One day it's too regressive and on another, the complaint is that there's too much sex. This is a sad situation. The day you curb an audience from a natural need [to watch what they want], it will only create more need."

Kapoor further said that sex is a natural need and people who consume it have given their consent. Even the one who is acting in the show has given their consent to have the viewers watching them. She said that it's a two-way street and if anything including marriage is a one-way street, it's a crime.

About censoring the online content Ekta Kapoor questioned that what can one do if they decide to monitor content on digital platforms. She added, "Who are we to take a stand? They will take a stand and we'll follow, but my beliefs are very clear, I feel any prohibition in societies will cause a bigger need for it. It's human psychology."


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