Ex Bigg Boss contestant naked yoga guru Vivek Mishra meets with an accident

The fitness instructor was rushed to the nearest hospital.

Ex Bigg Boss contestant Vivek Mishra who is apparently a naked yoga guru and has claimed to train quite a few Hollywood stars recently met with an accident in Delhi. Vivek was recently spotted in a car accident while driving his Mercedes and he was injured and rushed to a hospital in Delhi. 

When a news portal got in touch with Vivek, the ex Bigg Boss contestant complained about the cops who were busy clicking pictures rather than rescuing him. Vivek said, “I'm recovering now. Thanks to my god and well wishers that I am safe and recovering. I met an accident badly last night. Got done my CT scan. My Mercedes is in pieces. Worst was that cops were busy clicking my pictures rather than helping me or getting me first aid.”

A couple of years back, Vivek was forced to shift his apartment in Delhi due to certain spooky incidents that had taken place, and he had said, “I had moved to a rented place a few months back and few incidents happening at the place really worried me. Like one of my friends who is a model came to stay with me, and to my surprise, she started behaving in a very strange way. Then my maid and driver too got unwell. And in certain places at home I was also feeling something weird,” said Vivek to the press recently."

But even getting out of the old flat was not easy for Vivek as one of the other roadblocks stopped him from materializing his plan. "My move to a new place also got delayed because I was not getting the time for registration from the court. So I started worrying but one thing was sure that whatever force or vibes were working against me in my old house wanted me to move to my new house so I can live peacefully,” revealed the celeb yoga teacher.

We wish this ex Bigg Boss contestant a safe and speedy recovery!

Credits: ABP

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