EXCLUSIVE: Anupamaa's Paras Kalnawat REVEALS he calls Rupali Ganguly 'mummy'; Opens up on breakdown scene

Anupamaa actor Paras Kalnawat got in a candid conversation with Pinkvilla and spoke about his bond with co-star Rupali Ganguly and the show.
EXCLUSIVE: Anupamaa's Paras Kalnawat REVEALS he calls Rupali Ganguly 'mummy'; Opens up on breakdown scene EXCLUSIVE: Anupamaa's Paras Kalnawat REVEALS he calls Rupali Ganguly 'mummy'; Opens up on breakdown scene
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Star Plus’ Anupamaa has been taking the number one spot ever since it premiered. The show starring Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey in the lead role is focusing on the new development in the life of Anupamaa and is being loved by everyone. Paras Kalnawat, who plays Samar, recently spoke with Pinkvilla on Anupamaa doing well, the emotional breakdown scene which got everyone talking, and his bond with Rupali. Over to him:

Anupamaa has taken the number one spot for the longest time. Does it add pressure on your shoulders as an actor?

Yes, Anupamaa is doing very well and is number 1 currently and I am very happy about it. I really don’t feel any pressure because whatever we are showing is reality and we are not introducing unnecessary drama into it. People are hence able to relate to it. The shows I have till now had a bit of drama and unrealistic drama into it but this is in real space and I am loving it. We are giving 100% and can only hope and pray that people keep loving it.

Samar has multiple shades to him, he is emotional and vulnerable yet strong when needed. Do you find anything difficult?

I won’t say that playing Samar was difficult because I believe Samar’s happiness and joy and angst is something I can relate to as Paras, so everything comes naturally. I have grown as an actor since day 1 on this set. I am grasping Samar’s shade more and more every day. It is not a difficult task because I put in every emotion naturally and with Rupali Ma’am, everything happens naturally, I call her mummy on sets as she is like my mom and I am very attached to her. She also treats her like my son, she calls me an elder version of Rudranksh, her son. That really makes me feel so good. Samar is the best character I have played till now.

Recently the emotional breakdown scene got everyone talking. Was it a particularly difficult scene to portray?

I gave 100% to the emotional breakdown scene. I cry naturally and don’t use a substitute for it. I had hurt myself emotionally by playing all the scenes which led up to this emotional scene which is a technique I use to portray emotional scenes. It was a single take scene. But then adulation which I have been getting from family, friends, is overwhelming. My family told me that they cried watching that scene.

Your bond with Rupali Ganguly?

I am very close to Rupali Ma’am. We share the closest bond. Apart from us, Sudhanshu, Baa, and Ekta we have a group where we chat a lot and make lots of fun. Even on my off day, we call each other. We are even planning a trip together if we have an off day. I have even met her family and it is a nice bond we share. I believe the bond will only grow stronger.

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mummy? seriously 40 something actresses are playing mothers to 30 something actors..India needs change.