EXCLUSIVE: Ashish Gokhale REVEALS how his acting skills are helping COVID 19 patients during counselling

Doctor-actor Ashish Gokhale, who has won hearts with his acting prowess shows like Kumkum Bhagya, has been on COVID 19 these days and has been serving the patients in the hospital during the lockdown.
EXCLUSIVE: Ashish Gokhale REVEALS how his acting skills are helping COVID 19 patients during counsellingEXCLUSIVE: Ashish Gokhale REVEALS how his acting skills are helping COVID 19 patients during counselling
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The COVID 19 outbreak has left the entire world in a state of anxiety and every country is making its efforts to battle this pandemic. And while the Indian government is also making efforts to curb this outbreak, several celebrities have also come forward to extend help in this crisis situation. Amid these, television actor Ashish Gokhale, who is also a doctor by profession, has also been on a COVID 19 duty these days and is serving, treating and counselling the patients during the lockdown.

While the Kumkum Bhagya actor is already winning hearts with his noble gesture, Ashish, in an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, shared his experience of serving the COVID 19 patients, the ground level reality check about the anxiety among the patients and how he is missing shooting and he is yearning to get back on the sets. In fact, Ashish also asserted that he has been using his acting skills to entertain the patients during the counselling sessions as it gives them a ray of hope in this crucial situation.

Here are the excerpts from Ashish Gokhale’s interview:

It’s been 54 Days you are at the hospital. How does it feel? Is it tiring?

Yes, it's been 2 months now. Things have been pretty challenging, but that challenge has been accepted and we are sure to win this war against virus. Yes, it is tiring. We do get exhausted sometimes. But then suddenly I am filled with this amazing energy and get back to work immediately with new zest and strength to serve my patients.

How are patients reacting now?

Patients are too worried right now. They are afraid and confused as well. Actually, many people aren't yet properly aware of the symptoms of corona. And so, it's very disturbing painful and shocking for them when they are tested positive for COVID 19. Also, there is a lot of load on us as there is an increase in the number of patients suffering from various other things like anxiety, depression, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, etc.

You have also cured COVID 19 patients. Tell us something about the experience?

Yes, I have seen and treated Coronavirus patients. They are getting healed. They are responding well to the medicines given to them. Many of the patients have been recovered from COVID 19 by now. The virus won't affect much, especially younger people. However, patients who are on dialysis, or those who are suffering from hypertension, diabetes mellitus, kidney or any other major diseases are taking a bit more time to recover, but gradually they are recovering as well. In allopathy, we have to give symptomatic & prophylactic treatment as there aren't any other treatments or vaccines. In homoeopathy, there are good preventive medicines for Coronavirus and people are getting some really good results from them. And even allopathy medicines are giving good results. All the (Pathys) treatments are working very well with patients.

Do they need a lot of reassuring while treating them?

Oh Yes. A lot of counselling is required nowadays. Sometimes people are worried just too much. Many just think they have been infected by the coronavirus, but all their tests are negative and they are totally fit. And those who are tested positive are going through a lot already. We have to convince them a lot that it's not that horrifying, and that you will be alright, so you need not get so tensed about it. These counselling sessions are quite a time consuming but gradually people are my understanding this, that it's curable. Especially people with hypertension, BP issues, kidney diseases specifically need to take care of themselves. And as I always say, your body is a servant of your mind. So, if you are strong and positive mentally, then your body will surely heal. Just be mentally strong. It's taking a lot of time to counsel patients. People are too afraid, worried and anxious. I just want to tell them, please don't be afraid. This disease is not that dreadful or life threatening. Just if you notice any symptoms like fever, cough, cold, loose motions, then immediately go to the doctor.

What are the precautions you take while handling these cases?

I am taking a lot of precautions like wearing a new PPE kit every day, even if I am working three different shifts continuously then also changing PPE kit after every 8 hours also using face shield and double face mask. I also use double hand gloves. I wear the latex & nitrile ones first and then examination gloves on top of it and change the examination gloves after seeing every individual patient. Even if I am changing my gloves, I make sure to sanitize my hands before treating every patient. All the metallic biomedical instruments are being sanitized & fumigated regularly. The area surrounding the patient's beds are being fumigated and sanitized regularly. So, all the necessary precautions are being taken.

You might be missing acting. How are you managing that part?

Yes. I am totally missing acting. It can't be expressed in words; I am missing it so much. But many times, even during patients' counselling, I have to act to give them hope. I just want them to be mentally strong. So sometimes to convey this to them, I have to act. But I do miss acting very much. That environment on the set, all the fun, those sips of tea on sets, the entire family vibe. It's totally different, out of the world feeling to be on set and I am missing that too very much.

Once life will be back to normal will you run for shoots?

As soon as my shoot starts, I am immediately going to run to the shoot. Whenever, wherever it is, I am going to be there, sure shot.

Which shoots are pending? How do you think acting, films and TV will change now?

Yeah, I was doing a web film. Its shoot was about to commence but it came to a halt. I was also doing a TV show, that's also on a standstill as of now. I was out, at Lonavala for an ad shoot, but had to return immediately due to this Coronavirus outbreak. That too will be completed once everything gets back to normal. There won't be any change in acting or actors. Also, there won't be any drastic changes in film and TV shoots. I think, slowly and steadily, we will get back to routine, once everything starts normally again. Yeah, but we will have to take certain precautions on set like maintaining physical distancing, thermal scanning, use of sanitizers. And I know for sure that all of us in this industry are very clever, so they will take care of it and make things work really well. I have an immense trust that once the shoot starts everyone will follow all the rules strictly and faithfully. Everyone right from our Spot Dada's, to actors, directors, Camera Team, Make-Up Dada's, Light Department, Set Department, Other technicians and producers, everyone will be obeying the rules and work really well. Everyone is creative and now everyone is really eagerly waiting to get back to work. So, everyone will maintain physical distancing and abide by the rules so that they continue to work like before. I hope everything will be back to normal like before and there won't be any major changes in the industry. We will continue to entertain our audiences through mediums of films, web series and television like always.

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Salute to this real life Hero !!!

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