EXCLUSIVE: Bigg Boss 11: Evicted contestant Jyoti Kumari takes a dig at Puneesh Sharma-Bandgi Kalra: I feel that they are faking to be a couple

Jyoti Kumari talks about Akash Dadlani, Arshi Khan, Dhinchak Pooja, and other BB 11 contestants.

Updated on Oct 31, 2017 10:05 PM IST  |  786.3K
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Yesterday night on weekend the vaar with Salman Khan, commoner Jyoti Kumari got eliminated from the show leaving everyone in the house shocked. On this note, we at Pinkvilla exclusively got in touch with Jyoti Kumari and asked her about her stay inside the house and her fellow housemates and boy, Jyoti has quite a lot of things to say about them. Here's an excerpt:

How was your stay at the Bigg Boss 11 house?

It was very nice and my entire journey was very nice, it was very memorable. 

What do you have to say about your sudden elimination?

I am very shocked and everybody else too is extremely shocked by my elimination. Somewhere I felt Luv Tyagi should have been eliminated and even the housemates felt the same thing, in fact, Luv and Benafsha thought that either one of them would have been eliminated. 

Who are your closest friends inside the Bigg Boss house?

Vikas Bhai, Hiten Tejwani, Hina Khan are the people I was closest to inside the house. I will really miss Vikas Gupta. 

Since you're outside the house now, which contestant are you thankful of getting rid off?

Anytime Akash Dadlani and Arshi Khan. He might be a good contestant for the show's TRPs but he is not a nice human being and not good for the housemates. It's a task to bear him 24/7 sometimes he loses his mind and doesn't let us sleep all night, he'll start shouting and screaming in the night. And handling him for 29 days is a big deal for me. 

We have been seeing the constant war between Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta, who do you think is correct?

According to me Vikas Gupta is correct, see I don't know what exactly happened outside but he always says that he is ready to mend things, but Shilpa Ji always in another zone and Vikas tells her to end the fight and give it a fresh start but she never stops fighting and maybe that's her strategy to stay in the game. I feel just to go ahead in the game she keeps fighting and if you notice the week she isn't nominated she won't fight and will stay in peace.

Speaking of fights we have Arshi Khan picking fights with almost everyone, what do you have to say about her?

Arshi Khan has made it very clear from the first day itself that she will pick fights and create fights. I would never like to keep in touch with her. 

What about the recent wildcard entrant Dhinchak Pooja?

I had never heard of Dhinchak Pooja it's only after she entered the house that I got to know who she is. When she entered the house everybody including Luv, Puneesh and all were laughing a lot and I was wondering who she is and why is everybody laughing so much and then the housemates told me that she is very popular and she is popular because of getting trolled on social media with her cringe-worthy songs. But Dhinchak Pooja does no work inside the house and she doesn't want to do anything at all she thinks of herself as a huge celebrity. 

What do you have to say about the newly formed lovebirds Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra?

I feel that both Puneesh and Bandgi are faking to be a couple on the show just to stay inside the house they might be friends but I feel they are not really a couple and are just faking it. 

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4 years ago
And this girl came in big boss to get some lime light so that she can do some tv bahus role.