EXCLUSIVE: Bride-to-be Mohena Kumari on her arranged marriage, YRKKH, bond with Mohsin Khan & RiMoRav

In an EXCLUSIVE chat with PINKVILLA, Mohena Kumari Singh opened up on her arranged marriage with Suyesh Rawat, bond with Mohsin Khan, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, and RiMoRav. Read the exclusive story.
EXCLUSIVE: Bride-to-be Mohena Kumari on her arranged marriage, YRKKH, bond with Mohsin Khan & RiMoRav
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Mohena Kumari Singh of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame is all set to marry fiance Suyesh Rawat today in Haridwar. Mohena, who played the role of Keerti on the show, is very excited for this new chapter in their life and will be moving base to Dehradun post-wedding. In an EXCLUSIVE chat with PINKVILLA,  Mohena opened up on her arranged marriage with Suyesh, bond with Mohsin Khan, YRKKH, and RiMoRav. 

About having an arranged marriage with Suyesh, Mohena exclaimed, "I always had this feeling that I will have an arranged marriage. I was inspired by the movie Vivah, I liked the system. I realised that in this industry you don't have time and I somehow enjoyed this process also. My mother asked me to see the guy and I agreed. I found the process very cute." She also added that her in-laws are happy people and that is what she likes about them. "I like happy people and this family, and my fiance are those. I don't know, I couldn't say No. Suyesh was very honest and very transparent. I look through people, and seeing people, seeing somebody so honest and pure, I couldn't say no to this beauty."

Mohena even shared what made the duo connect. "Suyesh and I connected over mountains, hence I wanted a mountain engagement but the beach one happened and it was very beautiful."

Coming to YRKKH, Mohena recalled her first call for the audition and shared, "I remember the first call I got for Yeh Rishta. I was with my friends and none of us watched daily soap. I did not take the call too seriously. When I told my Nani, one of my masi that I am going for YRKKH auditions and they shrieked saying that they love the show and it is a huge opportunity. When I gave the audition, I felt it is okay. But I got to know the popularity of the show when I went for outdoor promotion and people were present in hoards. YRKKH was a learning experience and I have learnt everything I could before the wedding in YRKKH."

Speaking about her bond with Mohsin Khan, Mohena recalled, "My first shot was with Mohsin. He was really trying to help because I was not used to this system and obviously, I was a little nervous. I was very nervous. He really calmed me down. I went with the thought that he is my brother and I always feel that. He is always there for me, very concerned and we are of the same age. We understand each other well."

Lastly, about RiMoRav, Mohena fondly remembered the good times and reiterated how did it all start. "Rishi, Gaurav and I became friends in Greece and people started enjoying our friendship because we were getting feedback on the story we were putting up. We did not know that. Somewhere Rishi and I had YouTube inspirations. In fact, before YRKKH, I was trying to open my channel but I was not technically strong. I was creatively strong while Rishi was technically strong and Gaurav was our comedy king, so it all worked. We all learnt a lot during those times. Those were wonderful times, for sure."

Here's wishing Mohena, a very happy married life!

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